The causes of domestic violence in varying cultures

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The instance of Sabina Akthar is a tragic instance, which shows carelessness of the Crown Prosecution Service ( CPS ) .

Sabina Akthar and Malik Mannan had married through arrange matrimony in Bangladesh. When Akthar found out that her hubby had a kept woman, jobs occurred in their matrimony. Akthar had faced domestic force from her hubby and as consequence made ailments to the constabulary. Mannan was arrested and about a month subsequently he was released on bond. Mannan ‘s bond conditions included clauses such as ; he was non to reach his married woman or see her place. After Mannan had broken his bond conditions on several cases he was re-arrested. However on this juncture he was released without charge and besides his bond order was dropped. After Mannan was released he carried on directing Akthar text messages in which he threatened to kill her.

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Few yearss after these messages Mannan had stabbed Akthar from her bosom, which caused Akthar ‘s decease. After the immature adult female ‘s decease the Crown Prosecutions Service accepted that they were negligent in the manner they have handled the instance and apologised to Sabina Akthar ‘s household ( Guardian 2009 ) .The British Crime Survey ‘s ( BCS ) measuring of the civilization consequence on domestic force is different to the constabulary statistics. Harmonizing to statistics the civilization consequence on domestic force plays an of import function here.

The purpose of my research is to specify how civilization has an consequence on domestic force in the United Kingdom amongst the white ethnicity. Due to the experience I have gained through volunteering in the Coventry Refugee Centre I have gained knowledge about different states and the civilizations those states have.In the United Kingdom victims of domestic force are chiefly adult females and kids. For many adult females their place is where they suffer maltreatment at custodies of person who is truly close to them. Most victims of domestic force face long term physical and psychological amendss. The individual who abuses them does non give them any opportunity to do their ain determination ; hence after a while some victims believe that there is no manner out of their agonies and gives up on seeking to get away.

This research seeks to find the impact of cultural consequence on domestic force in adult females and kids in United Kingdom.

Cardinal literature

Harmonizing to the Mamas survey in the 1980s in London with the adult females ‘s refuge motion and community administrations of over 100 black adult females from around 21 different states and found that there is no difference between black adult females ‘s and white adult females ‘s experience of domestic force ( Parenti 2006 ) .There was a fright of exile and Mama found that in all domestic force instances the constabulary tend to concentrate on their in-migration position instead than to react to domestic force. This shows the negative consequence of patroling on domestic force.Harmonizing to the survey ( Jensen 2006 ) of 60 adult females in West Yorkshire half of whom were of Asiatic beginning born and half white of local beginning found that whatever the cultural differences the adult females had in common lay waste toing relationship with work forces that whatever the race, civilization, faith or ethnicity they do non bring forth basically different gendered experiences of force. ( Loue 1998 ) . For illustration adult females from all cultural groups are subjected to the whole scope of domestic force. It is necessary to divide gender subjugation from race and faith subjugation in order to see the violent male and to hold on as a cardinal and overarching place truth that racism as Mama ( Feder 1999 ) puts it does non take up the manus of the black adult male oblige him to crush up his spouse.

Mooney found 27 % of adult females stating they had stayed with violent work forces for grounds of economic dependance, 27 % in the hope he would alter. 26 % because they had nowhere to travel, 20 % concerned about the consequence on the kids of interrupting up the household place and 19 % out of fright of farther force. These informations are corroborated and elaborated in assorted ways in the book ( Hoyle 2000 ) .Husbands who beat their married womans are much likely to use for lasting abode for their undocumented married womans than hubbies who do non crush their married womans. Therefore in-migration position appears to be another manner in which opprobrious hubbies control their married womans in the UK ( Aldarondo 2007 ) . Abusive hubbies frequently threaten their married womans with exile if they do non follow with the hubby ‘s wants. Frequently undocumented abused married womans are afraid to collaborate with child protection governments for fright that their hubbies might revenge by turning them into in-migration governments.

Womans who cooperate with probes of kid maltreatment and or domestic force have remarkably good entree to legal lasting residence but they are improbable to be cognizant of this. Battered immigrant adult females face several hindrances to seeking protection and services. These hindrances including linguistic communication barriers, negative perceptual experiences of the jurisprudence enforcement and legal system, fright of exile, cultural and spiritual issues and favoritism ( Gabriel 1994 ) .

Harmonizing to the statistic the media has been considered one of many lending factors in domestic force. It has been criticized for its portraiture of force in films, telecasting and printed signifier ensuing in the desensitisation of people with respect to their tolerance of force. On the other manus the media has besides been used as a modern communicating tool in increasing public consciousness of domestic force and increasing support for ongoing research, funding instruction and bar and intervention plans and support for betterment in the Torahs the condemnable justness system and the public policy.The impact of income inequality and societal construction may besides make more domestic force towards adult females. Men ‘s unemployment or portion clip employment has been associated with increased rates of domestic force. ( Natalie, Sokoloff and Pratt 2005 ) . Recent survey found that unemployment was a important forecaster of force. This suggests some work forces might comprehend employment as a critical constituent of their masculine individuality and resort to force as an attempt to recover lost position.

The in-between category Asiatic adult females are more likely to see domestic force than white in-between category adult females among some cultural and racial minority groups are attributable in portion to poorness ( Chambers 2008 ) . Some research has suggested that the disagreement between employment and income topographic points adult females at hazard. When adult females earn more than work forces or have a higher instruction making and employment accomplishments, many work forces feel psychologically threatened and some use force to confirm power in their relationship.Many immigrants coming to England to happen a better life to populate for themselves and for their kids but the barriers the immigrant face are truly enormous.

New civilization that they face every bit good as linguistic communication barriers their hubbies take advantage of this and get down adumbrating their spouse ‘s that their hubbies may describe their positions to the UK in-migrations service. ( Carens 2000 ) Different states and civilizations may hold their ain values and attitudes toward a adult female topographic point household, matrimony, sex functions and divorce and adult females may non detect that the domestic force is against the jurisprudence they may non cognize that they have the legal option to stop the opprobrious relationship.Domestic force can happen in households from all cultural and cultural group and beliefs and intercession policies and patterns in handling beat-up adult females should suit their diverse cultural backgrounds. One in five adult females has experienced domestic force in their life style and many of these adult females ended their relationship because of opprobrious relationship ( Shipway 2004 ) .

Woman chose to remain in opprobrious relationship because of fright if the adult females efforts to go forth they will be tracked down and crush or killed because of this the most adult females think that any prison clip would be impermanent and the subsequent and effects even worse ( McCue 2008 ) .


My research attack will reflect a subjectivism. I believe this position is most appropriate for my probe because people got their ain thoughts and it will be in subjectivism manner the consequence that I will acquire in the terminal it will non be based on one interview.

My methodological analysis will be based on interviews, qualitative, subjectivism and interpretivism. Every interview that I will make will hold different position and different thoughts in it.I will be covering with human positions instead than stuffs. In order to complete my thesis I need to understand how adult females are expected to act within different civilizations, believes and faiths. For illustration as I have spent two old ages at the Coventry Refugee Centre as an translator and a instance worker this has given me a good cognition about diverse people and I understand their sentiments and feelings. Therefore I believe the experience that I have gained within that work environment will be really helpful to me while I am carry oning my interviews.To update my actual reappraisal I will besides utilize secondary informations.

As my secondary informations resources I will utilize books and modern-day articles. This will enable me to widen my cognition and apprehension of the general theory facets on civilization consequence on domestic force. I will besides acquire some aid from the Coventry Refugee Centre by traveling on their web sites and besides by speak to them face to confront when needed. This secondary information will assist me to plan the interview inquiries in order to acquire the best replies.For my research I will besides make face to confront semi-structured interviews to understand the consequence of civilization on domestic force. I will besides utilize internet hunts.

I have applied to volunteer within the victim support strategy. I am trusting that the experience I will derive from this work arrangement will give me the chance to happen out more information about victims of domestic force which will assist to complete my thesis. I will make some interpretivisim to measure the significance of domestic force. This will supply me a good feedback about the domestic force and the trust in the constabulary and Criminal Justice System. These inquirers will supply me some quantitative informations. In order to acquire replies that are representative and non-biased these inquirers will be given to randomly selected adult females.

The qualitative consequence that I have gained from the interviews will be used in two ways. First of all I will compare them to the secondary information which is the theory facet of the research. Second I will compare the questionnaire consequences ( pattern ) . Through comparing these informations I will analyze the positions on domestic force.

As the consequences that are gained through the interviews will be qualitative, which means these statistics will give me an chance to analyze the consequences in order to make some charts, graphs and pies. As I worked as an translator and a instance worker at the Coventry Refugee Centre it is easy for me to entree into the Centre and acquire the support that I need. I have decided to take my participant through my work experience topographic point, because my subject is based on civilization consequence on domestic force and there are many adult females who been victims of domestic force in their place states. I will hopefully make my interview at the Refugee Centre and I will inform my participants that everything that they say throughout the interview will be confidential and that no 1 will be allowed to see the replies that they have given in the questionnaires.

However there are some troubles to make this interview for illustration some of the participants may non talk English. Therefore I will besides seek to set up an translator for them where needed in order to complete my research proposal.

Cultural issues

Researching about domestic force is non easy. While I am making my research there are several ethical issues which I need to pay close attending to non to do farther hurt to the participants.

For illustration some inquiry may do hurt to participants if they are asked in a certain manner. Therefore I will necessitate to plan my inquiries in a manner which my participants will non experience uncomfortable to reply them. Conducting a research on domestic force might be a nerve-racking probe. This is because the subject is a really sensitive subject as it is non psychologically easy for people to speak about their tragic experiences. Therefore this survey might do possible or farther hurting and injury to the person who have or still sing maltreatment by reminding them events that they do non wish to retrieve. It may besides expose implying information and expose single to put on the line.

Consequently I need to be to the full prepared to cover with the likely effects of the research. For illustration the effects of my research on participants on their households and on the research workers themselves ( conductivity such research may be straitening ) may be defeated by a debriefing session at the terminal of the research. In this debriefing session participants will be able to talk to professional head-shrinkers about their experience within the research. During this session participants can discourse any peculiar concerns they have about the research.Another illustration of a sensitive issue is false memory and cured memory.

This is a argument which has been traveling on over the past 20 old ages. A celebrated memory psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has written about the cogency of cured memories of childhood maltreatment. Harmonizing o Loftus ‘s surveies these memories normally come to visible radiation merely after curative Sessionss with people who use techniques such as guided imagination to research early life experience.

This domestic force research is socially sensitive because there are possible effects for people who have claimed to hold recovered memories and for their households. Therefore to finish my research I need to see including some cultural guidelines papers. I will subscribe this papers and included in my proposal to province that I have tried to cover with ethical issues every bit best as I could.Besides the inquiries that I will inquire during the interview have to be approved by my coach. I will besides inquire my participants to subscribe a consent signifier which will province that the interviews done are wholly confidentially and that they are willing to take portion in this research. Data that will be collected through the interviews will be confidential therefore I will be maintaining this information with me at all times until my research is complete and I will non allow anyone else to see it.

I will be covering with adult female with cultural positions, being sensitive to other civilizations is easier said than done. Cultural sensitiveness has nil to with the art and music of a civilization and about everything to make with regard, shared determination devising and effectual communicating. Too frequently researches ignore these values, the life manner and the cognitive and affectional universe of the topic.


I have learnt excessively many things about the research method and technique that are used in it. Having completed this research that is based on civilization consequence on domestic force improved my statement accomplishments in a paper. Through utilizing and roll uping informations and with illustration of statistics my statements have become much better than how it was used to be.My researching accomplishments besides improved in a positive manner during this research proposal.

In old researches for my survey I used to acquire stuck on how to garner information but now I am able to utilize mostly different resources I can now understand the subject more widely and it besides helps me to do a better statement. In my sentiment this research is my best research paper that I have done in my life. The class that I will acquire for it might non demo a good class but what I learned from it will profit me for my hereafter researches. I spent approximately two yearss merely for making the existent research. It will be utile for the following twelvemonth when it come to the thesis by utilizing these new techniques that I have learnt from this research proposal, hopefully so I will be able to set my points across more efficaciously and clearly.

How to compose a research proposal will profit me in future lessons in my life. Due to the experience that I have gained while fixing this proposal I will be able to give good illustrations about the subjects that I will be fixing a proposal for in my hereafter academic life. I will besides be able to give and make a better statements and counter-arguments in my future research proposal.To make my thesis I have to remain focus on my chosen subject in order to finish it by utilizing different accomplishments that I have learned from this research proposal.

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