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In the past 30 old ages Mauritius has developed from a low income economic system depending on agribusiness to a in-between income diversified economic system. It is a fact that much of this development and economic growing has been due to the part and enlargement of the epicurean touristry sector in Mauritius. Our state had about 18 000 visitants in 1970 and between 1985 and 2000, the addition in arrival grew approximatively by 340 % ( Wikipedia )Harmonizing to the Central Statistics Office ( CSO ) , the entire reaching of tourers for the twelvemonth 2010 during the period of January to September 2010 numbered 879,833 which represent an addition of 7.3 % over the figure of 819,741 of 2009 ; January to September 2009.

Tourism is one of the most of import pillars of the economic system as it presently contributes to the Gross Domestic Product which is expected to lift by 26.5 % for the twelvemonth 2010 and it is besides a occupation bring forthing industry which is expected to lift by 28.5 % of entire employment ( World Travel and Tourism Council ) .The features of touristry development are such that it can hold both positive and negative impacts on the local economic system, natural environment, on the society and host community. Hence touristry development can be good to economic system, society and the environment. On the other manus if a touristry development is non good planned, it can be harmful to the economic system, society and the environment. Specific programs and actions can increase the positive impacts and helps to diminish the possible negative impacts.

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This survey will measure the impacts of touristry development at Cascavelle and nearby parts such as Tamarin. Cascavelle is situated in a strategic topographic point that links Flic en Flac and Tamarin. Furthermore apart from Le Tamarina Golf, Spa and Beach club hotel, there is Akasha Villa undertaking which will be an Integrated Resort Scheme. The small town of Cascavelle besides has a Marathi temple which has been established since 1902. The temple has got a historical characteristic as its roof is made up by agencies of calcium hydroxide. Furthermore, the western part will now hold another shopping promenade with the undertaking of Cascavelle Shopping Village and Cascavelle Business Park.

Another celebrated tourer attractive force is Casela Nature & A ; Leisure Park which is found in the small town of Cascavelle and is still an of import tourer attractive force site.

1.1 Problem Statement

Tourism has become an of import industry in many states of the universe, whether developed or developing provinces. All over the universe, new finishs are emerging and there will be both positive and negative impacts of touristry development. To hold an appropriate signifier of touristry development, contrivers need to understand the impacts and devise schemes for a fruitful development. The positions of assorted stakeholders about touristry development should besides be considered.A touristry development is evidently associated with impacts that are normally positive and negative. Today there is a broad credence that touristry development can be good finish, the local community and the state itself.

However the fact that a touristry development can be to the hurt of a finish should non be ignored. A perfect touristry development without any negative impacts seems to be unrealistic. Tourism development has both negative and positive ; economic impacts, environmental impacts and socio-cultural impacts.Cascavelle and nearby parts such as Tamarin will be sing future touristry based development such as The Cascavelle Shopping Village and The Cascavelle Business Park and the Akasha Villa undertaking at Tamarin. The small town of Cascavelle already has a tourer attractive force, viz. ; Casela nature and Leisure Park.Hence it is ineluctable that a touristry development will hold assorted impacts.

Proper planning is indispensable. Community engagement is an of import issue as they are the suppliers of adult male power, goods and services. The community besides should profit from the development in footings of occupations or other benefits. The community may be for a development if their engagement is considered at the beginning.

This thesis is designed to analyze the impacts of touristry development in Cascavelle and nearby parts such as Tamarin, the types of touristry developments that can happen at Cascavelle and nearby parts. The possibilities to hold an alternate manner of touristry in the part of Cascavelle will besides be considered. Furthermore it will be disputing as the survey will be on developments that have non yet taken topographic point and about the possible developments that will happen.


The purpose of this research will be to exemplify the impacts, both positive and negative, that a touristry development can hold on the economic, environmental and socio-cultural facets of the part of Cascavelle and nearby parts such as Tamarin.



Aims of this survey will be:To measure the impacts of touristry based development of the part of Cascavelle and nearby parts such as Tamarin.To measure the negative factors that may impede economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts and how the negative impacts can be reduced alongside making more positive impacts.To invent methods where the community can be involved all the manner through the touristry based development and betterment of the small town of Cascavelle and nearby parts such as Tamarin.

To look into whether the villagers may welcome touristry development and the extent to which they rely on it economically and to find support or deficiency of support toward touristry development.

Chapter 2 Literature Review

2.0 The small town of Cascavelle and nearby countries such as Tamarin

The small town of Cascavelle is situated on the pess of the Rempart Mountain, one of the mountains in the concatenation of mountains of Black River.

The small town is one of the 16 small towns of the Black River territory in the western portion of the island of Mauritius.Cascavelle has about two thousand seven hundred ( 2700 ) dwellers in the four sub-locations which are, Beaux Songes, Camp Creoles ( Upper Cascavelle ) , Camp Bombaie ( Lower Cascavelle ) and Xavier.The name of Cascavelle derives from a xanthous flower that was found in the small town a long clip ago and reaches a tallness of 1.

3 metre. The Latin name is Crotalania Restusa. It is a wedge-leaf rattling cod ( a weed ) . The Gallic name called this flower “ Cascavelle ” , the English “ Cascavelle ” .The well known Casela Nature and Leisure park, which is still an of import tourer attractive force belong to the evidences of the small town.

One of the oldest Indian church of the state which was built in 1902 besides belongs to the small town of Cascavelle. ( )Tamarin is a small town that is situated near Cascavelle.

The name of Tamarin was named after the Tamarindus indica trees that were introduced by the Dutch and which grow in a great profuseness in the country. It is a little fishing small town that has a particular ambiance and appeal. Tamarin is surrounded by a picturesque green landscape on one side with Tamarin Mountain in the center and on the other side by the deep blue Indian Ocean.There is a big figure of tourers traveling to Tamarin. The beach is celebrated for surfboarding, which is a common activity. It seems there is more air current on this side and it is a great country for surfing. On the other manus surfing is non the exclusive activity.

Other celebrated leisure and recreational behaviors in the part are dolphin ticker, deep sea fishing, snorkel diving, and kite breaker, plunging and kayaking. Not far from Tamarin we besides have Casela Nature and Leisure Park at Cascavelle, Yemen Nature Trail at Yemen and Black River Gorge National Park. ( http: // ) .

Tamarin is non merely good known for its beach and related activities such as surfboarding and so on. Owing to the exceeding degree of sunshine Tamarin receives, it is of course the bosom of salt production in Mauritius. It is the chief salt pan country on the island. These salt pans got a particular characteristic. They day of the month back during the epoch when Mauritius was still a Gallic settlement. During that period salt was a really of import trade good as it was used for the saving of meat on ships.Some 30 hectares are today devoted to salt production for an one-year production of 2500 metric tons which represent one tierce of the state ‘s entire production.

The salt pans are over a century old. However the method of the production system has been go oning to be fundamentally the same over the old ages. Each twelvemonth between June and December as from six in the forenoon, adult females known as ‘Saunters ‘ , walk across the salt pans transporting on their caputs wicker baskets full of salt.Consequently we can hold a glimpse on the small town of Cascavelle and nearby part likethe small town of Tamarin and about their peculiarity related to touristry and besides the history and common characteristics of both small towns. ( www.expeditiontour.

com/mauritius-info/the-west/tamarin.html )

2.1 Current and future potency development related to touristry

Casela Nature and Leisure Park is a tourer attractive force that forms portion of the small town of Cascavelle.The small town will shortly see the execution of a undertaking by the Medine Prpoerty which forms portion of the Medine Group. The development will be a touristry based ventures. However, it besides concerns Mauritians and exiles.

The West seashore will shortly hold another shopping promenade. Busying an outstanding location at the Flic en Flac junction, the Cascavelle Shopping Mall will supply a graceful substructure and top category installations to renters and clients. Medine Property will develop this undertaking on a 4.2 hectare package of land, in joint venture with esteemed international spouses, viz. Retail Africa and GIMCO.

Construction work has started in May 2010 and the gap is scheduled in September 2011. The first stage of the undertaking will offer 10,000 meter square of fashionable shopping experience and ample parking installations for over five 100s ( 500 ) vehicles.The Cascavelle shopping promenade will besides concentrate on offering high quality amusement and service. The boosters of this composite have the aim to do it go the individual halt for all the demands of shoppers in the western portion of the island.The Cascavelle Business Park is another major development that will be carried out by Medine Property. The concern park will dwell of functional and modern infinite, good designed offices and parking installations.

The undertaking will be developed at the Flic en Flac junction on a 1.6 hectare secret plan of land. It will supply the high excellence needed by concerns and dressed ore on the growing demands of the part. Business can besides unite vacations with their work as the concern park is located near Flic en Flac and Tamarin which have many vacations resorts.The first stage of Cascavelle Business Park will dwell of nine blocks of about six hundred metre square each on two degrees. The composite will hold a flexible design that may enable the breakdown of each floor to suit smaller offices of 50 square metres each if required.The concern park will besides supply parking installations and offer an first-class low-rise environment with abundant landscape gardening characteristics.

The shopping promenade will be situated at a strategic topographic point which is one of the busiest junctions in the western portion of Mauritius and connects Black River, Tamarin and Flic en Flac to nearby towns and the capital metropolis of Port Louis. The concern park will be located on the chief intersection of the part, therefore supplying convenient entree to the West of the island and every bit good as adjacent urban centres and the capital metropolis of Port Louis. The concern park will bask close propinquity with the Cascavelle Shopping Village.

Both the shopping small town and concern park will be accessible undertakings will be accessible by both Black River and Flic en Flac roads besides.On the other manus the small town of Tamarin who is already a outstanding location will undergo farther touristry based development. The small town experience the visits of many tourist day-to-day.

Some premier I terest apart from the beach are shopping installations, saloons and eating houses. It is besides a topographic point where both Mauritians and tourers stop by for some errand while traveling towards Le Morne or Black River Nature Gorge.Le Tamarin Hotel dates back to the 1970 ‘s when Mauritius had merely begun to see touristry development.

Le Tamarina beach nine, golf & A ; watering place is a hotel which has late started its operation in the part of Tamarin. Furthermore there has been a program for an extension of the undertaking with the building of 50 extra suites. The hotel is of high quality with a distinguished golf class harmonizing to US specification.A forthcoming undertaking in the part of Tamarin will be the Akasha Villa, which will be an Integrated Resort Scheme. It will dwell of 60 sole Villas, a eating house, golf and beach installation. Akasha Villa will be nestled between the mountains and the sea.

It will be built on a 24.5 hectares of land surrounded by the Rempart River. ( ) .

From now and onwards we can see the current and future development at Cascavelle and nearby part such as Tamarin. Finally there will be both negatives and positives impacts with the achievement of the above mentioned undertaking.However one of the most cardinal affair before the executing of a undertaking is to see the presence of the local people.

Their engagement and engagement is of paramount importance. This will be discussed moreover in the literature reappraisal of this thesis.

2.2 Host community attitudes and perceptual experiences towards touristry based development and community engagement and engagement

The purpose of this portion is to bring forth an consciousness and apprehension of the importance of community when a touristry based development is about to take topographic point. Furthermore the engagement and engagement of the community will besides be studied.


1.0 Definition of Host community, attitudes and perceptual experience

It is complex to hold an accurate definition for the word “ community ” . Nevertheless the term can be used to mention to a bunch of people who are present in one peculiar location ( Sherlock 1999 ) . Harmonizing to Aramberri ( 2001 ) “ host societies are in fact communities made of one piece ” . William and Lawson ( 2001 ) define community as “ a group of people who portion common ends or sentiments ” . For Mathieson and Wall ( 1982 ) “ dwellers of the finish country ” can be referred as host community. in the same manner, Swarbooke ( 1999 ) qualify host community “ as all those people who live within a tourer finish ” .Refering to the old definition, the decision obtained, is that a host community consists of all those people in the host finish, whether they are homogeneous or heterogenous and irrespective of whether the impacts of touristry are advantageous or otherwise.

Bosselman et Al. ( 1999 ) refer to host community as the society and all such individuals, public and private organic structures that are likely to be affected, both positively and negatively, by the impacts of a touristry development inside the boundaries of the finish country.Alternatively attitudes are defined as “ a province of head of the single toward a value ” ( Allport 1966, p.24 ) . McDougall & A ; Munro ( 1987 p.

87 ) defines attitudes as “ an digesting sensitivity toward a peculiar facet of one ‘s environment ” . They are made up upon the perceptual experiences and strong belief of world, but are closely related to deeply keep values and to personality. Associating to this apprehension of attitudes, research workers identified that occupant ‘s attitudes towards touristry are non merely the images of occupant ‘s perceptual experiences of touristry result. It can be said to be besides the consequence of contact between occupant ‘s perceptual experiences and the factors impacting their attitudes ( Lankford et al.1994 ) .Eagly and Chaickhen ( 1993 ) has defined the term attitude as being an emotional tendency by measuring a selective thing in the thick of assorted steps of good bend or disapproval.On the other manus the term “ perceptual experience ” was used by Ap ( 1990 ) in penchant to “ attitude ” . Ap ( 1990 ) has define the term perceptual experience as the importance ascribed to a thing.

Harmonizing to Reisinger and Turner ( 2003 ) perceptual experiences are besides formed by the acquaintance, thought, rules and imposts we have. Nevertheless perceptual experience can besides be formed sole of know-how and consciousness of the individual/entity.Hence before this literature reappraisal returns to host community attitudes and perceptual experiences towards touristry based development and community engagement and engagement, we can hold an indicant about the description of host community, attitudes and perceptual experiences.


2.2.1 Host Community Attitudes and perceptual experiences towards touristry development

One of the indispensable factors that may lend to the success of a touristry development in Cascavelle and in close propinquity part such as Tamarin is the coaction of stakeholders such as the host community or even community leaders. Tourism industry is frequently portrayed as being a subscriber to the domestic economic systems in assorted portion of the universe. However the impacts can besides be negative in certain fortunes alternatively of making more positive results that is normally expected. The identified impact can be referred as being among the most of import prognosis for stakeholder support for drawn-out touristry based development in their community, ( Byrd and Gustake, 2004 ) . Consequently a proper and comprehendible consideration of the attitudes, perceptual experiences and involvement of the host community in the small town of Cascavlle and nearby parts such as Tamarin is an indispensable innovator to the planning and direction of touristry based development.Furthermore the attitude of host community in the way of touristry based development can acquire better if there is a encouragement in the touchable and indefinable colonies the host community can have through take parting straight in the decision-making process.

The attitudes of host community are one of the important show for touristry based development ( Choi & A ; Sirakaya, 2006 ) . Assorted issues can carry the perceptual experience of host community about the positive results of touristry development and finally obtaining their support depending on the grade they will comprehend the benefits they can deduce. Community engagement which will be discussed subsequently on in the literature reappraisal, the credence of local values can besides be an of import factor that leads to the accomplishment of a touristry based development ( Alexander, 2000 ) .On the other manus legion findings over a clip period have detected that host community perceptual experiences ‘ in the way of touristry base development and dwellers perceptual experiences may differ towards touristry based development. Harmonizing to assorted research the people who are dependent on touristry industry or do out higher degree of economic benefit may perchance hold a higher grade of positiveness than other dwellers who do non profit from a touristry development, ( Lankford and Howard,1994 ; Jurowski, Uysal, and Williams, 1997 ; Sirakaya, Teye and Sonmez,2002 ) .

Lindberg and Johnson ( 1997 ) have mentioned that peole holding higher economic impacts from touristry may hold more positive attitudes. However Travis ( 1984 ) has stated that its non merely economic feature such as the chance for occupations creative activity or capital coevals that needs to be considered by the host community. The socio-cultural and environment factor is besides present. Socio-cultural advantages may include the creative activity of a modern society and different persons holding possibility to cognize each other civilization alongside holding a better image of the host community. The host community may besides anticipate proviso of better quality of public wellness, and sweetening of the community, instruction and saving.

On the other manus Liu ( ,2003 ) has concluded that the host community may anticipate a rise in their regular manner of life with the development of a touristry based undertaking. For Choi and Sirakaya ( 2005 ) , the host community should besides hold a better environment in footings of substructures and improved comfortss such as leisure and recreational activities. For this ground they describe touristry as dwelling of assorted supports and any development in the touristry field should guarantee the protection of the civilization of host community, a better community and public assistance for the host community at big alongside the safeguarding of the stopping point by environment. ( The literature reappraisal will besides at a ulterior phase discuss in more inside informations about the impacts such as socio-cultural, environmental and economic impacts. )For Jafari ( 2001 ) touristry development is described as being both positive and negative for host communities. The touristry development may non merely create advantages but it can besides be a cost that have to be bear and therefore finding the attitudes of the local people toward touristry based development.

However Lankford et al.,1994 ) mentioned that the creative activity of host community attitudes may non be needfully be justified by legion restrained anticipation.However there are other methods to explicate host community attitudes and perceptual experiences that have been used by Doxey ( 1975 ) and Butler ( 1980 ) .

This will be elaborated in the later in the nearing portion of this thesis.


2 Doxey ‘s Irridex Model ( 1975 )

To hold better apprehension of host community attitudes and perceptual experiences towards touristry development many schemes have been developed. One of the most important theoretical accounts is Doxey ‘s Irridex Model which was developed in 1975. The irridex theoretical account is considered as one of the chief of import part to touristry literature.Doxey mentioned that harmonizing to his theoretical account a rise in the sum of tourers and developing the touristry industry of a finish to a greater extent can finally take to the host community developing a reaction that will take to annoyance. This can besides intend that there will be the creative activity of inaptness response between the host community and tourer. Harmonizing to Doxey ‘s Irridex theoretical account, host community attitudes and perceptual experiences may undergo different stages which are foremost the “ Euphoria ” measure, secondly the degree of “ apathy ” , so the degree of “ annoyance ” and in conclusion the degree of “ antanagonism ” .Euphorias can be referred as the initial cloud nine and avidity through small touristry development that take topographic point and host community may wholeheartedly welcome tourer along back uping the development in the touristry industry optimistically.Apathy is the phase where local occupants may take touristry merely as net income devising and contact between host community and tourer may be strictly on a commercial footing.

Sme dwellers may even see the touristry development as being dubious.During the annoyance phase, the sum of tourers keep lifting taking the host community to get down feeling annoyed, annoyed. The finish start nearing impregnation and the host community can no longer get by with touristry.Last at the hostility phase the host community starts being hostile towards tourisst and touristry development and feel that fortunes have alteration.


3 Butler ‘s Tourism Area Life Cycle

For Cordero ( 2008 ) even if Butler ‘s touristry area/destination life rhythm theoretical account ( 2006 ) has undergone certain alteration out of the original construct that was created three decennaries ago, it is still considered as an exceeding scholarly method.On the other manus Tosun ( 2002 ) references that stages and stairss representation such as Doxey ‘s ( 1975 ) irridex theoretical account and Butler ‘s ( 1980 ) Tourism Area Life Cycle resulted efficaciously when it has been functional in determining the attitudes of host community towards touristry. The life rhythm recommended by Butler ( 1980 ) shows that finish change through different stages such as find, engagement, development, consolidation and as from this phase there will be decline, greening or stabilisation. However this will extremely depend on touristry schemes put into pattern to decrease the negative effects of touristry development. Harmonizing to ( Horn & A ; Simmons,2002 ) as a finish undergo the first four stages, the figure of visitants will increase. Then the finish may transform from being fundamentally adaptative and self-acting to get down altering and go more dependable on local occupants to run into demands, ( Cohen, 1972 ; Smith, 1989a, 1989b ) . On the other manus Sheldon and Abenoja ( 2001 ) disagree that it is attention-grabbing to detect host community attitude towards touristry in the context of the Tourism Area Life Cycle.

Sing the observation about the theoretical account, a rise in the figure of tourers which the finish will travel through the patterned advance may finally demo the manner to negative attitudes from host community towards touristry development ( Horn & A ; Simmons,2002 ) .Communities in to the full grown tourer finishs will hold a inclination to demo a diminished ability to supply adjustment for tourers, therefore taking to negative feedbacks from the host community and local dwellers ( Sheldon & A ; Abenoja,2001 ) .Ap ( 1993 ) had devised another method to explicate how host community attitudes were perceived. Having a similarity to Doxey ‘s and Butler representation, it was of four different stages. Development phases were described as “ embracing, tolerance, accommodation and eventually backdown. It had the same characteristic like Doxey and Butler theoretical account as it illustrated the manner touristry development affects host community attitudes towards touristry. Embracement occurs one time host community and local people who derive advantages from touristry accept it and experience optimistically about its effects.

Tolerance is the stage where the effects of touristry will be felt more and more by host community and local persons and this may finally take to state of affairss where a group of people may be in the favour of touristry while another group may be in resistance to touristry. Some people in due class accommodation while others do non. At last backdown will happen when the local people can non manage the result of touristry and negative perceptual experiences and attitudes take over.


2.4 Reviews of the Doxey Irridex Model and Butler Tourism Area

Life Cycle

Cordero ( 2008 ) references that the illustration of Butler ‘s representation has been supported by intellectuals such as Akis ( 1996 ) , other research workers such as ( Dyer, 2007 ) have opposed it. Both Butler and Doxey representation are restricted by their alone consecutive construct. Furthermore, Mason and Cheyene ( 2000 ) affirm that the representation of Butler “ assumes a grade of homogeneousness of community reaction ” , whilst Butler ( 2006 ) defends his theoretical account by proposing that “ a consistent development of tourist country can be conceptualized ” .n The different stage at a peculiar finish may be non be understood without any errors or at the same point as in any other finish. The presentation hence should be concerned merely to some extent as the stage itself differs from one tourer country to another.

( Tosun,2002 ) .On the other manus the Irridex Model that illustrates host community attitudes may alter over a clip period with an attitude that can be predicted. It mentions that host community perceptual experiences and reactions and attitudes in the way of touristry include a sense of homogeneousness ( Mason et al.2000 ) . Nevertheless this belief is confronted by some research cinclusion that stated heterogenous community reaction and assorted host community attitudes at the same clip bing in the community, ( Brougham et al. 1981, Rothman 1978 ) .Hence it can be concluded that despite the fact that The Tourism Area Life Cycle and Irridex model give a few intimation of changing host community perceptual experiences and attitudes over clip, both premises have been disapprove by Akis, Peristianis & A ; Warner ( 1996 ) who view it as being excessively simple.

Lankford and Howard ( 1994, p.135 ) disagrre aboiut the theoretical account of Doxey ( 1975 ) as the factors that can carry host community perceptual experiences and attitudes either positively or negatively are non considered. Both representations believe an extent of homogeneousness in community feedback when in world host communities have the quality of being heterogenous, ( Faulkner & A ; Tideswell, 1997 ) . The latter besides mentions that there are assorted built-in and non built-in factors inside the host community that can hold a control or an influence on attitudes and perceptual experiences towards touristry development. The socio-demographic characteristics of the host community which is non changeless as it include factors such as gender, manner of life and tradition, imposts and age that has been known to be the facets that influence attitudes, ( Allen, Hafer, Long, & A ; Perdue, 1993 ; Brougham & A ; Butler, 1981 Cavus & A ; Tanrisevdi, 2002 ; Harill & A ; Potts, 2003 ; Kuvan and Akan, 2004 ; Mason & A ; Cheyne, 2000 ; Sheldon & A ; Var, 1984 ; Williams & A ; Lawson, 2001 ) .

Furthermore Fredline and Faulkner ( 2000 ; p.764 ) made notice that most researches on the subject have ‘generally involved an accent on finding occupants ‘ perceptual experiences, attitudes and behaviour alteration merely at the single degree. They outlined major rules in these feedbacks and how these are related to different group of people. Local attitudes towards touristry can find the grade to which the community can be in favor of or against touristry and its associated development, ( Andriotis, 2005 ) .

However despite there is an surplus of surveies that concern attitudes towards touristry, more enquiries should be carried out to understand the industry and uninterrupted support for the touristry industry and related developments. It is frequently considered that the optimistic attitudes towards touristry may imply the encouragement for farther touristry development ( Andereck & A ; Vogt, 2000 ) .Furthermore with the belief that the surveies conducted before lacked theories to depict perceptual experiences and attitudes of host community, Ap ( 1990 ) , applied the theory of Social Exchange to explicate the attitudes and perceptual experiences towards touristry development and its impacts. The Social Exchange Theory will be enlightened in more inside informations in other parts of the literature reappraisal of this thesis.The attitudes and perceptual experiences of host community can besides be influenced by the inclusion of assorted factors ( Belisle & A ; Hoy, 1980 ; Gursoy & A ; Jurowski, 2004 ; Harrill & A ; Potts,2003 ) , the economic trust on touristry ( Ap, 1990 ; Caneday & A ; Zeiger 1991 ; Madrigal, 1995 ) , the sum of clip tourers may remain ( Liu & A ; Var, 1986 ; Um & A ; Crompton, 1987 ) , types of tourers ( Cohen,1972 ) , seasonality ( Belisle & A ; Hoy,1980 ; Rothman,1978 ; Sheldon & A ; Var,1984 ) , extent and phase of touristry development ( Dogan,1989 ; Madrigal,1993 ; Yoon, Gursoy & A ; Chen, 2001 ) , unconventional ideals and values, usage of militias and resources, ascertained province of the local economic system ( Gursoy & A ; Rutherford,2004 ) and single additions ensuing from touristry ( Wang & A ; Pfister, 2008 ) .In add-on, ( Ap,1990 ; Carmichael, 2000 ; Faulkner & A ; Tideswell,1997 ; Gursoy, Jurowski, & A ; Uysal,2002 ; Jurowski 1994 ; Jurowski, Uysal, & A ; Williams,1997 ; Lankford & A ; Howard, 1994 ; Liu, Sheldon & A ; Var, 1986 ; McCool & A ; Martin 1994 ; Prentice 1993 ; Um & A ; Crompton,1987 ) besides reference that host community attitudes towards touristry may dwell of assorted elements that control the dwellers good will towards touristry development. Some illustrations are ; the chance for economic addition, betterment in the environment, socio economic position, and perceptual experiences about the capableness to hold control over touristry development and the effect touristry may hold on the criterion of life.

Consequently it is indispensable to acknowledge touristry development is non wholly reliant on tourers merely. It depends besides to a high extent on the acuteness of host community to accept touristry development and reachings in the finish. Furthermore the attitudes and perceptual experiences that the host community will keep for a touristry development will hold an influence on their attack they may take or respond upon, separately or bigger state of affairss.

This state of affairs will besides happen ; associating to the attitudes and perceptual experiences of host community in the part of Cascavelle and nearby parts such as Tamarin.On the other manus host community, for illustration at Cascavelle and Tamarin should accept touristry development and the stay of tourers and addition from it. Having an overview about the attitudes and perceptual experiences of the host community about the touristry development results can ease to descry types, qualities and size of undertakings ( Shuib,1989 ) .Another of import fact is that the development undertaking for touristry can be suspended if defeat in the way of touristry occurs. Mill and Morrison ( 1984 ) even reference that, ‘an credence of touristry can non be built unless the benefits of touristry are made relevant to the community. ‘ Furthermore, Pizam ( 1978 ) states that it is a truth that assorted surveies illustrate both negative and positive effects on the host milieus. Therefore if touristry entails negative effects, local people may respond in a hostile mode by exhibiting resentful behaviors.It can be deduced that the attitudes and perceptual experiences of the host community at a finish is of extreme importance in the achievement of touristry development alongside the development of the industry at big besides, ( Hayword, 1975 ) , ( Heenan, 1978 ) , and Hiller ( 1976 ) .

From this portion we can hold an overview of the definition of host community, attitudes and perceptual experiences. The attitudes and perceptual experiences of the host community towards touristry development, their outlook have been studied and the constructs of the Doxey Irridex theoretical account and Butler country life rhythm has besides been put into accent to hold a better and clear apprehension towards host community attitudes and perceptual experiences towards a touristry based development. Furthermore consideration should be given to the impact that touristry has on the host community. The host community is considered as a major stakeholder of touristry based development ( World Tourism Organization, 1998 ) . Finally the community as a host to tourers is of import in the visitant acquaintance and surveies suggest that it is non possible to keep touristry to a finish that do non acquire the support of local people ( Ahn, Lee & A ; Shafer 2002 ; Twinning-Ward & A ; Butler 2002 ; McCool, Moisey & A ; Nickerson 2001 ) .Last but non the least, there is a wide belief that the perceptual experience and attitudes of host community in the way of touristry results are disposed to go an indispensable planning and policy concern for booming development and enlargement, selling and operation of bing and possible touristry plans, ( Ap,1992 ) . Furthermore with the appropriate comprehension of host community attitudes and perceptual experiences, touristry development can hold a go oning victory, ( Ap,1992 ; Ritchie and Inkari,2006 ) . In add-on, analyzing the host community attitudes and perceptual experience is of import as it will act upon their behaviour towards touristry, ( Andriotis and Vaughan,2003 ) .

After holding a glance of the host community, attitudes and perceptual experiences towards touristry based development, now the coming portion of the literature reappraisal will concentrate on the engagement and engagement of the host community for a touristry based development. Host community engagement and engagement

The engagement of host communities in touristry planning and development is indispensable to the procedure ( Cooper and Wanhill, 1997 ; Richards and Hall,2000 ) .

Furthermore Travis ( 1980: 82 ) mentioned that “ the host population and local services are of import in themselves and are by the way basic resources in relation to touristry ‘ . Nowadays host community references that their apprehensiveness should be considered during the determination devising procedure for future touristry development. The engagement and engagement of the host community in the procedure of be aftering for touristry development can be indispensable for assorted grounds. Some illustrations can be community aspirations, the future touristry development.Community engagement and engagement is normally carried out as there is the possibility portion of the local people may be against touristry development. Murphy ( 1985 ) and Getz ( 1986 ) voiced out that foregrounding community engagement is for the benefits of the community itself.On the other manus there is the premise that with the engagement and engagement of local communities that with the engagement and engagement of local communities sing determination devising, it can be good alongside guaranting their traditional life styles and ideals are revered, ( Gunn 1994, Lankford and Howard 1994, Linderberg and Johnson 1997, Mitchell and Reid 2001, Sheldon and Abenoja 2001, Timothy 1999, and Wells 1996 ) .

Ashley and Roe ( 1998 ) imply that touristry can affect and act upon local dwellers even if there is the absence of control by the community. Hence there can be assorted ways of their engagement. These may dwell of engagement that are inactive to lively involvement such as rental understanding, via media, partnership and active engagement in commercialism. The engagement of host community can hold assorted constructive consequences such as training/empowerment of local community ( Scheyyens 1999 ) , community ideals and positions included in determination devising process ( Beierle 1998, Carmin, Damall & A ; Mil Homens 2003 ) , advanced ideas are created ( Carmin, Damall & A ; Mil Homens 2003 ; Fiorino 1990 ) , more efficient outgo procedure ( Beierle 1998 ) , a lessening in wrangle and differences in sentiments and tribunal instances ( Beierle 1998, Camin, Damall & A ; Mil Homens 2003, Simrell King & A ; Fetley 1998, Steelman 2001 ) .

Frequently the local authorities is in charge to originate and set into pattern the docket of community engagement and engagement in the finish where touristry development take topographic point, nevertheless it is common to see a deficiency of antic association amid of import stakeholders. Detecting the host community attitudes and perceptual experiences can be an appropriate manner to larn about the achievement of the docket in the finish. This have even been argued by research worker such as Ross ( 1992 ) , Ryan & A ; Montgomery ( 1994 ) , MaCool & A ; Martin ( 1994 ) , Hernandez et Al. ( 1996 ) , Lankford ( 1994 ) and Lankford & A ; Howard ( 1994 ) . All these researches depict that host communities have more constructive attack towards touristry development when they are given the chance to organize portion of the determination devising procedure and supervising of the docket.Ritchie ( 1993 ) revealed that host community must non be taken for people who already O.K.

without engagement and engagement. They should be “ antiphonal ” to the planning for touristry development.Therefore it can be concluded that host community support is really important to guarantee long term success in a finish. Community engagement and engagement in the determination doing procedure before a touristry development is considered of supreme importance and there is a strong strong belief early and continued engagement and engagement of the local communities in determinations doing refering touristry development in their part will finally be of aid to decrease many of the negative impacts of touristry.Therefore from this portion of the literature reappraisal we can hold an thought about the importance of host community engagement and engagement for a touristry development. The Social Theory Exchange will now be discussed in the extroverted portion of the literature reappraisal of this thesis.


3 Social Exchange Theory

As mentioned antecedently under the sub-heading, reviews of the Doxey Irridex Model and Butler touristry country life rhythm, the societal exchange theory will be elaborated in more inside informations in this portion of the literature reappraisal of this thesis.Although, the Doxey Irridex Model ( 1975 ) and Butler Tourism Area life Cycle theoretical account depicts the perceptual experiences and attitudes of host community in the way of touristry development, research worker still did non hold theories to clarify relationships between host community perceptual experiences and attitudes and touristry impacts. Hence assorted research workers have studied the host community response towards touristry development in the position of societal exchange theory ( Turner 1986 ) by measuring the awaited benefits of touristry, ( Ap, 1990, 1992: Lindberg & A ; Johnson,1997 ; Perdue et al,1990 ; Yoon,1998 ) . Ap ( 1990 ) put frontward that societal exchange theory is the most suited attack to analyze occupants ‘ attitudes. It consists of the consideration of the grounds for which pessimistic attitudes and pessimistic attitudes arise towards touristry from the host community.

Social exchange theory references that host community are likely to back up touristry development if they feel that the expected benefits exceed the sensed cost of touristry. Though research workers put accent about economic additions, societal and environmental factors, the general decision is that host community will be more willing to take part in an exchange with tourers if they feel they will derive from it. However they will oppose if there are fortunes where cost may transcend costs may transcend benefits.

Sutton ( 1967 ) states that the theory of exchange may get down in fortunes where there are imbalanced consequences derived from touristry development by the host community.Ultimately the Social Exchange Theory assumes that residentsmay have optimistic sentiment towards touristry if the benefits received travel beyond the costs and may finally back up the touristry industry and possible touristry development. On the other side, if there is an indicant that costs are higher than addition from touristry, host community will non O.K. any touristry development.

( Andereck, Valentine, Knopf & A ; Vogt 3005 ; Dyer, Gursoy, Sharma & A ; Carter 2007 ) .Hence we get an overview about the construct of Social Exchange Theory before continuing to later coming portion about importance of be aftering for touristry development to be successful.

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