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“The fact is most people know someone who’s been hurtby poker machines” (Thompson).  Life without gambling is like life without mistakes. In CharlesDuhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, that is published in New York, in2014, it tells the story of a woman who is addicted to gambling. Gambling issuch a habit that can change her mood. It also discusses how gambling affectsher to be addicted to it, and how it makes her to forget the bad things thathappened to her. In Craig Nakken’s book The Addictive Personality, thatis published in United States, in 1988, it tells the story of addictive peopleon gambling, alcohol, and etc.. It also discusses the reasons of people becomeaddicted to gambling.

In Matt Miller’s article, They should protect the people’: Gamblingaddict voices qualms as state weighs gaming expansion, states that he was  addicted to gambling aftersuffering from the depression. He can’t quit gambling. He blames the governmentbecause the government didn’t find treatment for those who are consideredgambling addiction. In Angela Thompson’s articlethat is published May 2012, is about making people to realize that gamblingaddiction is part of health issues. She also mention the tools that can help toprevent being gambler addiction.  Eventhough gambling can be reduced by the time, in fact, it has many consequenceson people’s lives.

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Gambling has many consequences on Bachmann, Nakken, Matt, and Thompson’s lives, so they are similar about in theway of how they become gambling addiction. Casinos influence people to stay for many hours and attract theirattention. First, the stress is what makes people to gamble.

  Bachmann discusses that “Over a span oftwelve hours, she lost 250,000.” “The depression that had started after herparent death seemed to be getting deeper (Duhigg 263). This significant 4becauseshe spends 12 hours in casino to reduce the pain of her parents’ death, socasino was the best place to reduce or get rid of the depression.  Second, people have false thinking becausegambling make them just losing money.

Nakken states that “What the addicttrusts and depends on is the false promise band false sense of fulfillment producedby the preoccupation with gambling and the predictable mood change” (13).This is significant because the whole point of casino is to convince peoplethat gambling can make them win lots of money, but this is a falsepromise.  Third, gambling make peoplewant to play more hours. Matt states that “It started to get where Igambled more and more” (n.p).

 Gambling makes people want to stay in casino more hours and want to cometo casino every day, so this is how people become addicted to gambling. Bachmann,Nakken, Matt, and Thompson share the similarities that they are addicted togambling and spend many hours in casinos. Additionally, gamblers addiction isconsider part of health issues. Xenophon will argue the case for treatinggambling addiction as a health issue” (Thompson n.p). This issignificant because seriously, addiction to gambling is part of health issues.In fact, they are similar because they have one habit that they want to gocasino every day and stay there many hours.

There are negative effects of gambling onBachmann, Nakken, Matt, andThompson’s lives. First, gambling is affectingpeople negatively because it takes without returning the money that people putin machines. According to the author, “Just $100,000 she could quit andhave something to give her kids.” “The money she had comes with was gone” (Duhigg 267). This is significant because it shows that she was telling her brain toquit gambling, but she couldn’t, as a result she lost her money.  Second, gamble control people’s brain, sothey start gambling. Nakken states that “While reviewing the race form, hestarts to hear his emotional logic” that he has to gamble and not missingthis opportunity (9).

This shows that gambling control his brain.  Third, people’s brain is controlled, so theydon’t think about others and become selfish. Matt claims that “As much asI love my family and my job, it wasn’t enough to make me stop gambling”(n.p).

His brain is significantly been controlled by gambling, so this provesthat he is addicted to gambling. The consequences of gambling are that people’sbrain get affected and become addicted to gambling.  To extend, gamblers addiction no matter howmuch they put in machine, the machine take their money quickly. “He wantsone dollar bets introduced to poker machines so losses are limited to $120 anhour, down from the present average of $1200 an hour, so Gambling ImpactSociety” (Thompson n.p).

This is significant because casino make peopleand impact people negatively.  Consequently,people can’t stop gambling which this happened with Bachmann, Nakken, Matt, andThompson . In fact, people who go to casinos are becoming moreaddicted to gambling.

The argument of gambling that has best waysto stop gambling is to make people understand that gambling is such an illaddiction. First, gambling doesn’t exist ifpeople want that. Bachmann lost a lot of money, so “To modify the habit, you mustdecide to change it and “have control” on your brain (Duhigg 270).

This is significant because when people have a bad habit likeBachmann, has to change it so she can have a better life. Second, gambling isbeen treated and reduced.  Nakken states, the apparent reason is that the same illness,addiction, is being treated (6). This tells the reader that the habit ofaddiction on gambling has been working on how to stop it. Third, people areharming from being gamblers addiction. “They should at least protect the peoplewho have this addiction” (Matt n.p).

This is significantly effectivebecause people are hurting from gambling, so it is the time to work on how tostop people who are becoming gambling addiction. Therefore, gambling issuesshould be treated. “Gambling counselor Ashley Gordon, who will lead acommunity workshop tackling problem gambling” (Thompson n.p). This extendsthat gamblers addicting need something to be treated because they really needhelp.  The best ways to stop gambling isto make people realize that gambling hurt them more than befitting them.

In conclusion, Bachmann, Nakken, Matt, and  Thompson  are similar on how gambling make themaddicted, affect them negatively, but the problem has been reduced by the time.They are similar because they have same habit that gambling changes their moodand become addicted. This affects them in negative ways because they don’t careabout their family, they just care about gambling. This problem is has beenreduced because addiction destroyed them, and they acknowledge that when theylost a lot of money, they are hurting. I suggest if gambling doesn’t take placein our life, we will live in perfect world.

Gambling makes many people tofollow the negative ways, so without it, people will not make that muchmistakes and follow the positive paths.   

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