The Charlotte, Lady Prevost, General Hunter, Little Belt

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The Battle of Lake Erie which was abattle between the British and the US when they were out at sea.

The Britishships that were named Detroit, Queen Charlotte, Lady Prevost, General Hunter,Little Belt and Chippeway and they were all traveling over Lake Erie becausethey needed to get to Fort Malden and they were headed there in order torestock on supplies. It was soon later that the British ships were spotted bythe American Fleet that consisted of the ships named Lawrence, Niagra,Caledonia, Ariel, Somers, Porcupine, Tigress, Scorpion and Trippe. The Americanships realized that they had good positioning on the British and they wanted todisrupt them on their way to Fort Malden so they decided to do something. The USdecided that it was the right time to go out and meet the British due to themknowing that it was mismatch between fleets (6-9 ships) so as a result of thisthey went out to meet the British.

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The US fleet nicknamed “Perrys fleet” led byOliver Hazard Perry then went out into Lake Erie and went out to meet theBritish on Spetember 10th 1813. While going out to sea theirmotivation was the saying “Don’t give up the ship” which was said by captainJames Lawrence who was a friend of Perry. The British fleet who was lead byRober Heroit Barclay had seen the American Ships coming out to meet them andthey were made aware of the battle previous to it and they accepted thechallenge because they wanted full control over Lake Erie for strategivpurposes. The British were put at a strong advantage despite being outnumbered(ship wise) because of their intelligence of fighting at sea and the experiencethat they had prior to this battle. The British were considered to have a morepowerful fleet than the Americans due to those reasoning as well. Going intothe battle the strongest ships that the US had were Lawrence and Niagra andthey knew that so they had planned to use that to their advantage and us thoseships as a focal point in the battle. As soon as the British ahd spotted the USfleet, they were the first to fire a shot but the shot that they had fired wasunsuccessful as it had missed the American fleet completely.

Following afterthat they had tried to fire again and this time they were successful and theship that they had struck was USS Lawrence and that was a big blow to the USconsidering that USS Lawrence was one of the strongest ships that the US had.However, Perry played it very strategically and did not want to fire at theBritish right away due to the fact that he wanted to strike the British with abig blow and something that would be a turning point in the battle so hedecided to play it safe and to be patient. The British decided to captitalizeon this and they attacked the US and kept firing shots at them for around 20-30minutes until the US then finally decided to fire back some shots towards theBritish.

Soon after the USS Lawrence took many shots from the British and wasbasically destroyed, Perry then boarded the ship USS Niagra which was the otherstrong ship that the US had and he decided to use that ship as the main focal pointfor destroying the British. The British was more than confident that they haddefeated the US. This was when Perry had caught the British off guard andprepared for the truning point of the battle which was when the US had takenout some of the biggest ships in the British fleet which was the HMS Detroitand HMS Queen Charlotte. Finallt after two to three hours the British hadfinally backed down and surrendered and the US had gained control of Lake Erie.At the end of the war there were many casualties suffered on both sides. TheBritish casualties were 41 dead and 94 wounded and the American casualties were30 killed and 93 wounded.

At the end of the day, the US was able to perervereand push through despite being at a large disadvantage to the British becauseof how much more advanced the British were considered to be and how much moreof a threat the British were than the US at sea. After the war was over the USshowed the world its potential and power and how they were able to outsmart theBritish who were one of the most dominat countires at sea which proved that theUS could be just as dominant as them and could be just as strong as them atsea.

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