The Childhood of Jesus

A lot of Jesus’ childhood is unrecorded and unknown, but many people have their beliefs of what it was like. It may have been full of hardships or full of joy no one really knows. No one really knows who he befriended over his years as a child.

Did kids back then like him? I believe it was filled with many joyful times, but also filled with hardships. I think he befriend people, but also made enemies. That’s the basic childhood of any person so I believe his went the same way. Jesus was born in 4b. c. He lived in Egypt for a little bit because King Harod was killing babies under the age of 2 so Mary, Joseph, and Jesus sent off to Egypt.When he returned he lived in Nazareth.

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Not much is recorded after that. The rest is just thought about by people with a lot of time on their hands. I believe Jesus’ childhood wasn’t all that bad. I think he had friends, not too many, but some. I’m sure he went through hardships also. Maybe he played sports, I’m not sure what sports were around then, but it’s possible that he played them. They may have thrown spears and who ever could throw it the farthest wins. They might have had races to see who was the fastest.

Most children probably participated in these sports because there wasn’t a whole lot to do like today.During his childhood, Jesus may have enjoyed many activities. He might have enjoyed playing games.

I don’t know what games were around then, but he might have enjoyed them. They didn’t have televisions or video games then, so all they had were games they made with the things they did have. The possibly had cards, I could see Jesus as a card player. Jesus, I’m sure, played games and enjoyed them, he was a kid all kids do. The activities of Jesus’ times and mine are most likely completely different. Jesus met a lot of challenges along his journey as a child, I’m sure of that.

If he went around telling people he was the son of god when he was a kid I’m positive no one ever believed him. If someone went around saying things like that in today’s world people would just laugh and think he was crazy. Nobody would ever believe something like that. He probably had a hard time finding friends too.

Kids are mischievous they wouldn’t like someone he always did the right things and never did anything wrong, it sounds bad but people are really like that. The friends he had probably had the same problem. I think Jesus had trouble fitting in when he was young.Maybe he wasn’t “cool”. Kids may have picked on him and thought less of him. Jesus doesn’t deserve any of that. Jesus probably had many interests too.

I think Jesus was interested in nature and animals. He may have gone for walks to study the nature of the environment that surrounded him and the creatures that lived there. Also he may have been interested in the cultures of other people. He may have liked to learn about how other people lived in other countries and religions. He may have been interested in his own religion as well. As the son of god I would guess he was fairly religious.

I’m sure he followed all the religious acts that he had to. He probably went to his religious temples and prayed. I truly believe Jesus was like that. That’s how I believe Jesus’ childhood was. He possibly played sports, games and was religious. He may have been interested in knowledge. His childhood is an unknown we can only guess and believe. He could have done a lot of different things, but that’s what I believe he did.

He probably encountered good and bad times but he pulled through them in the end. No one really knows, but however his childhood was he still did what he was sent here to do, be our savior.

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