The Christening Ceremony Planning Tourism Essay

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Every event is a little narrative with subject, supporters, audience and feelings.

However, due to the fact that no narrative has any involvement if there are no bantam inside informations to environ the scenario and inflame our phantasy, Great Events designed every individual item in order for your narrative to be successful, alone and impressive.What I am traveling to analyse today is with respect to Great Events, an event organizing and bring forthing company, which attracted me for taking it for my assignment because of its yesteryear created events. Actually it is a topic that rather interested me to research farther and in more item since it is really of import for my calling orientation. I recognized it as an of import point of my future personal development sing the fact that in the Hospitality Industry we are confronting daily with the mentioned subject.

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Great Events is a company that organizes and produces particular events. The company was established in early 2006. Great Events started to function the public demands of an event organisation and production committed to stay the first pick in the local community. During its professional introduction the company kept bettering its capableness to react to the dynamic alterations of the markets ‘ demand by enterprise, creativeness and invention. With its solid, experient and dedicated squad, it has been keeping its quality committedness to present a skyline beyond creative activity and satisfaction.Great Events commits to make attractive and synergistic events to the populace ‘s demand of amusement, concern development, instruction and diversion as portion of the society.Great Events, with its resources and capableness committed to supply necessary audience and aid of bring forthing and forming events for assorted parties ( corporate, community, nine, non net income organisations, establishments, authorities, etc ) for their selling and communicating plan to maximise the end accomplishment.Corfu has the footing for a sophisticated touristry substructure that caters for the turning demands of the MICE industry.

Great Events positioned its ego to back up and help any touristry related company ( Hotels, Villas, Restaurants, Travel Company, etc ) create their particular event production. By implementing first category quality services which embrace communicating, item and entirety Great Events aims to help for best possible production design and executing program to present an unforgettable minute of 1s invitees ( clients ) .Code of Conduct:What of all time the demand may be, Great Events responsibility is to carry through it. Above all, the Company portions the committedness, passion and belief that it can do a existent difference to an event, by making occurrences beyond program and understanding.Service Sectors:Planning of Private EventsMarrying Ceremony PlanningBaptizing Ceremony PlanningAdult Party PlanningPlanning of Corporate EventsCompany GatheringsCompany EstablishingCompany MeetingsPromotions/ Road showsMeetingsConferencesCommercial ExhibitionsGala DinnersOutbound/ Team Building ActivitiesShow Biz EntertainmentEvents Gross saless and SellingPlanning of Artistic EventsArtistic ExhibitionsTheatrical ShowsConcertsImperativeness ConferencesNetworking PartiesPlanning of Educational EventsChilds PartiesSchool PartiesGraduation PartiesReunion PartiesAcademic SeminarsSchool Educational ExcursionsSchool CompetitionsCarnival PartiesSchool squad edifice activitiesSchool ShowsProduction and Technical SupportVenue ManagementResearch-Coordination-Negotiation-DealingPhase Production ServicessStage Design-Stage Building-Lighting System-Sound System BackdropDecorationMultimedia ServicessA/VPresentationsPanoramic View PresentationsPresentations-Digital Backdrops-Multi DisplaySystem-In house television-MultimediaContent DevelopmentSecretariat ServiceOn-line Registration-Office equipment-secretariat operationalEndowment and Crew ManagementArtist direction, gross revenues promo miss ( SPG )Liaison Officer, Master of CeremonialDaily Worker ProvisionTailor made event petition coveragePortfolio:Autumn Musical Concert of Marios Frangoulis in Corfu ( Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling )Musical Concert of Petros Gaitanos in Corfu ( Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling )Summer Musical Concert of Marios Frangoulis in Corfu ( Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling )Summer Musical Concert of Helena Paparizou in Rhodes ( Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling, Concert Production )Summer Musical Concert of Goran Bregovic in Corfu ( Concert Planning, Promotion, Coordination, Stage Management, Guest Handling, Audiovisuals, Sponsor Research and Management, Hospitality Management, Concert Crew Travel Handling, Concert Production )Information-industry/market:Very broad market with potencies for niche developmentTypes of meetings:corporate – private – VIP soleFrequency of meetings for Great Events:Corfu – norm of 9 per twelvemonthAthens – norm of 12 per twelvemonthRhodes – norm of 10 per twelvemonthAustria – norm of 3 per twelvemonthProperties utilized:private – hotel – municipal and governmental

Background of the interviewee

I decided to do the interview with Ms. Mando Mazi who is co-owner of Great Events, Events Services in Greece. Ms.

Mazi to boot was my lector at the European Center for Tourism Studies. Apart of being my lector I consider her as professional and successful immature individual both personal and in concern. She thrives towards a sense of self-respect, pride, passion and satisfaction in what she or he does. Furthermore it was pleasance to interview her.

Miss Mazi holds the undermentioned academic certificates:BA in Management and Public Relations ( Major Public Relations and Entrepreneurship )BA in Interior Design – Vacalo School of Humanistic disciplinesMA in Hospitality Management ( Dissertation Events Coordination and Production )Engagement in International Conferences as a Lecturer ( IMIC, ICCA )Engagement in Global Meetings as a CoOrdinator ( OSCE, ICCA, UCLAS )

Questions and replies:

1.Could you tell me the figure of sections, maps, and their comparative importance within the client service in your meeting be aftering organisation?Ms. Mazi mentioned the undermentioned sections of Great Events in an order of importance:A. Media DepartmentB. Financial DepartmentC. Gross saless DepartmentD. Marketing DepartmentE.

HR DepartmentF. Design DepartmentG. Sponsorships Department2. Does the company cooperate with other run intoing be aftering organisations?Merely for the CoOrdination of Mega Events in Austria and by and large abroad, but non for locally organized events.Q: What makes Great Events different from its rivals?A: There is no correlativity with packaged services and merely seamster made personal handling of patronage.


What are the services your run intoing be aftering organisation specializes in, and how did you make up one’s mind to come up with them?

5. What is the most of import merchandise that your organisation provides to its patronages?Its updated cognition in the field of events and its expertness that is transmitted from the direction to the staff.6. What would you state makes your organisation unambiguously qualified for your line of work?One of the outstanding qualities of Great Events as a company is the degree of committedness of all participants and the job work outing methodological analysis applied.

Which are the hereafters challenges/trends for the Great Events?The company needs to keep a high committedness to quality services and the bravery to use alterations to run into future developments.Committed employees.Good co-operators willing to listen, learn and better.Updated Knowledge.High motivations.Success.Satisfaction.Development of a merchandise ( service oriented ) to be proud about.

7. What factors have been responsible for the organisation ‘s success in the yesteryear?Passion and really difficult work.8.

Could you delight depict your typical work twenty-four hours?Monday to Thursday8:30 I am at the office preparing for my 9 O ‘ clock assignment.From 9:00 to 12:00 normally I have assignments.12:00 to 14:00 I keep notes with the squad and fix proposals for the clientelle.14:00 to 15:00 Lunch Break ever with the squad in order to discourse about originating issues.

15:00 to 18:00 Flushing assignments on societal events.18:00 to 20:00 Meetings with my spouse on engagements of artistic ( concerts, theatrical shows ) , athletic and corporate events.20:00 to 21:00 telephone meetings with offices in Athens, Rhodes and Graz.21:00 to 22:00 Note maintaining with my secretary for the approaching twenty-four hours.22:00 to 00:00 3 times per hebdomad concern dinners with clients, co-workers for communicating and Pr grounds.Friday8:30 to 12:00 weekend event dry runs with patronages12:00 to 15:00 event set up18:00 to 21:00 office ( assorted undertakings, hebdomads sum up with squad )Saturday9:00 to 14:00Controling of event ‘s set up17:00 up to events stoppresence at eventSundayIf there is no event household and friends*The contradictory side is a amount of 10 trips per twelvemonth within Greece and abroad for concern grounds, where leisure ever has some portion and twice a twelvemonth 10 twenty-four hours holidaies.9.

Could you delight depict me the process of doing contracts with the clients?While the existent planning of an event may take several months from the initial contact with a client to the existent occurrence, the client typically marks a contract one month before the event. However, sometimes assorted points may be capable to alter up and to about the last minute. The contract is ever reported to the appropriate governmental organic structure in order to be legal and protect all parties of the contract.10. Could you delight supply me with any official certification you may hold in order to help me on my extended research?All official certification of Great Events is for private usage merely.

Difference between the meeting contriver and a meeting professional

Self employment is a really hazardous but at the same clip really ambitious occupation.The basis and prototype of the many differences between the meeting contriver and run intoing professional the two is that at the terminal of your twenty-four hours, no affair if this was good or bad, palling or easy.

When you have made your company ‘s rubric a province of head, this makes it an bing figure for you and cognizing the consequence burdens you in either a positive or a negative manner. This makes you a better and more responsible strong individual with absolute apprehension of what it takes to acquire at that place and prolong yourself or allow you travel in comparing to an employee, who no affair how strongly committed and focused to his/her ain occupation, by the clip s/he leaves the edifice there is no concern but the monthly payment to be on clip and as agreed.


At the terminal of my assignment is deserving adverting that this interview was non lone portion of the undertaking for me, but a beginning of cognition about the work and duties of a meeting professional.

Furthermore, this research helped me to experience a appeal and joy of this work every bit good as its troubles. Furthermore, the interview gave me the chance to glance into the life of a immature, successful, professional meeting contriver and see the existent universe in which run intoing professional plants.This research was a challenge for me and a great experience which helped me to recognize and understand the duties which this occupation carries. My great exhilaration is that Ms. Mazi apart her duties and duties, divide a small her clip and helped me in accomplishing my assignment.

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