The circuses where they are then tortured and

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Last updated: September 19, 2019

The zoo industry has been lying to all of you who pay and support them. Zoos should not prevail in this modern world where we speak of freedom and yet deny it to our animals. Zoos should not exist.Every year dozens of animals are sold or given away to dealers, who “contribute to a multi-billion dollar-a-year exotic species marketplace.

” People love seeing baby animals so zoos breed, but when the animals are “too old” zoos get rid of them by selling or trading. Then the animals go to roadside zoos or traveling circuses where they are then tortured and made to live in a tiny box sleeping in their own yeren with little to no water or food. If not that they are set free where they have to run from trophy hunters who usually shoot then in there legs so they die a slow painful death. Imagine if u were told you where too old and then got rid of u, only for u to go insane and die alone.I know what ur thinking not all zoos are bad. Your right, there are wildlife and animal preservers who provide natural land ares and open space to many unique animals.

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Zoos are not those non profit organizations, they don’t give there animals the care and support like they do. According to BBC between 3,000 – 5,000  healthy zoo animals die or are killed in UK zoos each year. These animals have been poisoned, denied vet care, and even burned.

CAPS undercover investigator at the Tweddle Farm Zoo filmed sick animals left untreated and 54% of the elephants had stereotypies (behavioural  problems). Some signs of this could be, the bobbing of their head side to side, pacing, and or marching in place. All of these animals are becoming mentally unstable and it seems that zoos don’t care. PETA says that bears are known to be active up to 18 hours a day exploring there home ranges up to hundreds of miles without this they drive to insanity. Zoos just can’t provide the space these animals need in the wild.

As you can see the zoo industry shouldn’t exist. It started out as a cute little place for families and ended as a nightmare. Help give back to the animal kingdom and don’t support zoos.

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