The community about Hester’s identity. That is shown

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The scarlet Letter:  The scarlet letter shows the community about Hester’s identity. That is shown by the “A” worn on her chest that explains Adultery.

Which demonstrated disgrace and sin as well. However, towards the end of the novel the letter itself starts to stand for able, angel and adultery. This symbol is a shame of badge that demonstrates the character’s identity in a bigger way of thinking. It is explaining Hester’s character to the world to see and herself to respond.

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This is a symbol repeated in pearl, the “A” adultery that pearl decides to design to be sewed on the chest for others to see. Lastly the A on the gravestone connects to Dimmesdale and Hester’s grave. While reading the book the last line comes across like ” On a field that letter A gules” This sentence shows the symbol that explains Hester acts on earth will be the same in her death and the same goes for dimmesdale.The Scaffold: The scaffold was there to give us a symbol of guilt, crime, sin and public confession as it appears many times throughout the entire book. During chapter 2 the purtrain pressure Hester to stand in the scaffold for the communities enjoyment. It is shown when the narrator talks” In fact….Platform” This was able to show us the humiliation that hester had to suffer for the public by wearing the shame on the scaffold and everywhere so she had it on telling the community that she had committed adultery by wearing and A of the left side of her chest. So the scaffold shows us the symbol of guilt and shame that Hester went through by wearing it everywhere.

Another scaffold for the public confession to to there guilt he had felt and done right before he dies. This shows a symbol of shame and guilt to his character side of him to the communityPearl: Pearl is a symbol of the scarlet letter. She is referred for her mother’s sin. As she would never fail to remember for it is always her the one thing that steals her mind to think about because of her weird obsession towards it. She isn’t able to see her mother if she doesn’t have the scarlet letter on.

The Rose Bush:The rose bush is a symbol of hester’s as it can identify her craziness and beauty just like her strength to get through the harshest conditions through rough we are able to see in the description “But…history”The prison Door: As i was reading the novel “The Scarlet Letter” I came across this line “As long…

spike” it was able to describe the prison more of a jail which is likely to be a experience of punishments to suffer. “Iron Spikes” shows more depth to the amount of evil punishments could be ordered by the Puritans..

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