The company that I would like to work

The organization that I
chose for this project is the Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross Blue Shield is
a health insurance organization or companies that work closely with hospitals
and doctors in the communities; they serve to provide quality and affordable
healthcare (“The Blue Cross Blue Shield System”, 2018). Blue Cross and Blue
Shield were created and promoted by the community, acting in the public
benefit. This health insurance company helps people to get access to medical
treatment in an affordable way to get the care that we need it.

I selected this organization
because this is the company that I would like to work in the future. Healthcare
is one of the largest and growing industries here in the United States. Once I
become a Health Administrator, my goal is to become a nursing home
administrator but before that, I would like work in the insurance company to
get more experience. Working in the insurance company as an insurance
specialist work will help me to become expert in the medical records, coding,
and billing. And will also help me to have better management skills.

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