The crazed maniacs become dangerous. It is evident

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Last updated: December 29, 2019

 The image on the front page of the Boston Globe on June 16,2016 in the wake of the largest mass shooting in United States history is theimage of an AR-15.

The big bold headline: ‘MAKE IT STOP.’1 The image of thisweapon, which is identical in physical appearance to the one seen used by U.S.

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troops in war zones has become an impactful and powerful symbol for anti-gunlegislators who perpetuate the vast and ever-growing notion that military-styleassault weapons should not be in public hands. This belief is one that isfounded and clumsily rests upon: bias statistics, fear mongering news  reporting used to incite panic into itslisteners, conning them into tuning in to the news stations weekly ‘nuclearattack’ – Chicken Licken would make a more convincing argument. There should beno ban on assault rifles within the United States. A citizen has a right tocarry any kind of gun they deem necessary to protect themselves. Banningsomething as culturally significant as something such as the assault riflewould be a bullet in the kneecap to the U.S. constitution, giving its citizensthe right to ‘bear Arms.’ Assault rifles also cause only a minority of massshootings in the U.

S., and with proper state provided training guns no longerbecome dangerous, only crazed maniacs become dangerous.It is evident due to the decades of studies and media circussurrounding events of such a frantic nature, that the vast majority of massshooters use handguns, not assault rifles in their horrific attacks. This is aninconvenient fact for many, but prior to the Las Vegas and Orlando shooting,the largest mass shooting in the U.S. was at Virginia Tech University whereSeung-Hui Cho used two handguns to kill 32 people 2.  A study published by the CongressionalResearch Service on July 30th 2015 further supports this, finding that from1999 to 2013, in 27% of public mass shootings (which it defines as killing morethan four people in a public place) an assault rifle was used 3.

The BostonGlobe’s big, black, bold quote ‘ASSAULT WEAPONS ARE THE PERFECT KILLINGMACHINE.’- well not according to mass shooters. These findings show that thegovernment’s attempt to prevent more gun-related to mass shooters. deaths is asimple façade to try and gain votes, rather than provoking meaningful, lastingchange to protect the people they are sworn to protect.Furthermore the United States constitution states constitutionwritten by the founding fathers, often used as the epicentre to end all debatesstates that ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not beinfringed.’ Many people argue that this argument is out dated as when thefounding fathers proposed the Bill of Rights as a firearm was nowhere near asdeadly as it was back in 1780. This argument is ridiculous as we do not policethe same amendments as we do with the 2nd.

The right to “free speech”,when added to the bill, the most someone could do to get there point across wasshout from a street corner, but now, with the invention of the radio, televisionand social media people can preach their view – positive or negative- tomillions of eyeballs in less than a second. This type of power can be used tocause as much harm as any AR15. A simple tweet from a celebrity or from a “political”advocate can cause riots, vandalism and even death. So when will we see the marchers,protests, shouts, screams and vandalism outside twitters pearly white San Franciscowalkway? The main reason the constitution gave from every citizen having theright to “bear arms” was to have “A well regulated Militia, being necessary tothe security of a free State”, to prevent enslavement, tyranny and the tortureof the masses. These atrocities still exist in today’s 2017 ‘modern’ world.

According to the there are “21 million slaves worldwide” 4 and eventhe US is estimated to have sixty thousand slaves, with the UK coming in at alow “4,426”, in which the country is still currently passing ant-slavery laws.There are still many tyrannical governments in the middle east killing theirown people.

Just over 40 years ago Cambodia was taken over by a dictator KhmerRouge and over two million Cambodians where killed as a result. So, to claimthat a modern human ruling government isn’t capable of killing its own peopleis naïve.

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