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Last updated: July 16, 2019

The holiday season is a period of giving and an area of Philadelphia residents experienced an early Christmas, courtesy of the Christ Haven Pentecostal Church as well as Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions. The real estate agency partnered up with the neighborhood church in a toy drive and luncheon to celebrate Christmas.Children are continually floating where the fun is, and this specific occasion drew in more than 200 children from the city. The exciting day saw kids from infants to adolescents get themselves a variety of toys enhance their Christmas. This event created a genuinely cheerful occasion for many families in Philadelphia, that would not have possessed the ability to bear the cost of gifts.The event was intended to unite the city to appreciate an evening of delicious food and fun activities. Children were engaged in the parade of fun exercises that continued as the day progressed.

The thought was to encourage familiarity in the community.For the participating parents, the luncheon was an extraordinary opportunity for the residents of Philadelphia to meet up and celebrate the finish of one more year. The luncheon wouldn’t be complete without emphasizing the significance of community togetherness.

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All in participation could concur about the loss of neighborhood closeness in late years.  This toy drive displayed the opportunity to reestablish the kindness and brotherly love that the city is known for. With many adults in participation from different areas of the city, the adoration for each other could even now be revived. RPS has dependably considered itself to be one to lead by example.  They have given similar toy drives in the past. Led by CEO Kevin Seawright, RPS Solutions is among the organizations that empower communities throughout the country. Besides organizing charity events, Kevin Seawright is additionally focused on inspiring individuals and helping them accomplish their dream of home ownership.

Kevin Seawright is an outstanding financial and administrative pioneer, known for his vital vision and capacity to accomplish business objectives. For more than 13 years, Kevin has utilized his knowledge to enhance local communities on the East Coast.

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