The crests of each metal plate whenever possible.

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The corrugated metal roof, usually made of tin, is a fast and economical material that keeps the water out and can, of course, serve to create a corrugated roof.

Consider the following to learn how to install a corrugated metal roof.Prepare the roof surface by removing any old roofing, rotting wood and laying asphalt cloth over the entire surface.•    The asphalt cloth is cheap and easy to install: merely nail the sheets to the forest, overlapping each layer about 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) each.Calculate the number of corrugated metal sheets you will need.

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Divide the area of your ceiling by the size of the plates you are going to use. Remember that you will have to overlap the plates.Place the first metal plate in a corner of the roof, flush with the surface.

Nail the first metal plate to the roof wood. You must use about 20 nails per plate. Nail the joint whenever possible, between the ridges, where the roof is closest to the forest.Place the second metal plate next to the first with an overlap of 10 cm (3 to 4 inches). Secure the plates together using hexagonal head screws and washers.•    Align the crests of each metal plate whenever possible. This will cause a more airtight roof to form and be more comfortable to drill for the screws.

Screw between the spaces where you have nailed the first board of the wood.Nail the second metal plate to the ceiling.Continue with the other plates, overlapping them on all sides of each of the plates except the edges of the roof.Secure the ridge caps to the lower edge of the roof. Follow the same process as when installing metal plates: overlap the ridge caps with each other and with the dishes, using hexagonal head screws and washers where the metal overlaps and nails where the ridge caps are fixed on wood.•    You should use about 40 pins for each full ridge cap.Test the roof for isolated spots or places where water can leak.

If any tent is loose and fastened to other metal sheets, secure as much as possible with nails or screws.Fiber cement roofs resist 30 more years than zincThe severity of the weather, presence of alkalinity in areas near volcanoes, saltpeter of coasts and beaches are factors that considerably deteriorate the roofs. However, in recent years, high-strength materials have positioned themselves in the Central American market, such is the case of ceilings manufactured with fiber cement technology.Plycem, a pioneer company and leader in the manufacture of this technology, affirms that fiber cement roof covers are highly resistant and offer differentiating values that are not incorporated in zinc or metal roofs.

“Laboratory tests have shown that with proper maintenance, fiber cement ceilings can last more than 30 years without losing mechanical properties or impermeability, while a metal roof begins to lose its longevity and reflective properties from the early years of installed “, affirmed Mr. Mario Rivas, international expert in ceilings of Plycem,Riva, based in El Salvador, a country that leads the research and development unit of this product, marketed with great success in many countries of the region, affirms that fiber cement ceilings fulfill a higher yield than any metal.The fiber cement technology developed by Plycem has as differentiating advantages the incombustibility, reduction of noise, considerable reduction of heat inside the housing unit, reasons that confirm why it can become a strategic ally for construction in the Central American region.But this roof also contributes to the safety of those who install it because it is not a conductor of electricity such as zinc or metal, thus reducing the likelihood of an accident by electric shock or even lightning.It is important to mention that metal sheets refract heat well, but as the years progress and they begin to oxidize, noticeable changes can be noted with the thermo resistance of that material.

However, with a fiber cement roof of the Eureka brand from Plycem, heat reductions between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius can be generated.”These fiber cement ceilings grew 1500% compared to 2013, this is a clear sign that the roof market for new construction or total change of damaged roofs, is in search of competitive solutions in price but with added values that cannot be achieved in a traditional zinc roof “finished, Eng. Rivas.

Roofs: Protection and styleThe roof is the essential part of the building. It protects the interiors of the house from the climate and the environment, since it is the part that is most exposed to the elements, such as rain or sun.There are different materials to build, or to renovate, your house. These are depending on the type of construction that is being treated, the climate of the region and the disposition that possesses this or that material.The ceilings can have different forms, depending on the design or architecture of the house or building, which is usually influenced by the local climate, or by the economic disposition to obtain the materials.Roofs of tiles or shelters. These are those that are made with clay tiles, which are superimposed to cover the surfaces corresponding to the ceiling (supported by beams and structures (usually made of wood), or also of stone.

Foto / ThinkstockType of roof.1-Climate : the first aspect to consider is the place and the weather. If it is an area with intense and widespread rains, the sloping roof is better. Given the inclination of the roof, the water will be quickly evacuated. This does not invalidate that flat roofs can be made, if the aesthetics of the house imposes it.2-Vegetation .

Where there are many trees, drains are usually obstructed. In these cases it is advisable to resort to the flat roof with free runoff, ie without gutters. In this way, the sheets will not be retained by any construction element of the roof. 3-Use : what counts here is whether it will be accessible or not.

That is, if it will be used as a terrace, then a flat roof should be chosen.About us:Design and construction of metal structures for roofing in the non-flammable area, in the brenntag plant, located in the O’Donnell airport industrial park, which includes: architectural project, civil works, fabrication and assembly of metal structures, cleaning and painting application in structures.

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