The Day I Nearly Died

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Last updated: March 7, 2019

Year after year our family takes a trip to Colorado for spring break. It’s an exhilarating trip because I get to see all my wild and wacky relatives as well as spend some quality time on the slopes. Something funny or embarrassing always happens.

This time was different. This time, I could have died! Generally when we go out on the slopes, falling down is one of my specialties. Putting an extremely clumsy person on skis and sending them down the hill, I found, doesn’t work very well. Adding the difficulty of weaving through trees and small paths Is not a task I would recommend.When going through these paths, I try to be as careful as humanly possible. On one particular day, I watched several of my cousins’ weave in and out of trees, paths and some thickly wooded areas.

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When watching my relatives pull some “tricky moves” through the paths, I could tell the snow was packed down some. The routes I continually saw them taking was what I would call a well traveled path. So here is where the story gets good.

The unfortunate lack of attention to detail due to Immaturity at the age of eight or nine was soon to result Into a potentially deadly situation.I saw a trail but did not take notice as to whether or not the path had been skied on recently. Unsure as to where the path would take me, I began debating on whether to take it or not. The turn came up too quickly, and without thinking, I veered towards it.

While speeding through the path, a hint of nervousness covered by adrenaline was seeping Into my body. The blanket of freshly fallen snow appeared to be Like sparkling diamonds. There was raw nature and beauty. There was the unique scent of pine trees filling the air. The crisp, cold air brushing against my skin, with all of the there factors included, made for a god-like scenery.Before realizing what was happening, I was neck deep in snow. You may ask yourself, how is this possible? The path had not been traveled in some time and the accumulation of unpacked snow was close to five feet in depth.

As I was burled there, the thought of my stupidly entered my mind. Over and over again I continued to tell myself, “l should have gone straight”. Panicking seems to be an emotion that has always came naturally to me. I was wondering if anyone was going to find me or if I would Just stay there and die a horrible as a result of hypothermia.

The uncertainty of my fate was causing my breath to become short and sporadic.I was buried so deep in the snow that only my head was showing. I was till standing straight up In my skis but with the weight of the snow, I couldn’t get out. All around me were pine trees, nothing else but trees. As I looked up at the tree directly above me, there was a bird sitting on the branch. Unfortunately the bird had some “business” to take care of. So its “business” landed on my shoulder. The sloshing sounds from other skiers sounded so close.

I would yell at the top of my lungs, in attempt to be rescued, but it was to no avail, no one could hear me.By this time I had been burled there for at least twenty minutes. The heat within my body kept escaping and I was getting colder and colder. I was afraid that If I stayed tenure very much longer, my Day temperature would continue to roof Ana eaten would be certain.

About another ten minutes went by before I heard another person ski by. I yelled for help again, this time almost certain that they heard me, and to my relief they did. A man slowly began down the path with caution, with a concerned tone of voice uttering but three words, “keep talking Hung. ” I continued to peak so he could follow the sound of my voice.As soon as he found me I heard him utter the words “Oh my goodness, I am going to call for help! ” I knew where he was going. He was going to go find an emergency call button on a nearby pole, which was located back on the slope. Making this trip to find an emergency phone was vital.

Leaving a possible hypothermia little girl to fend for herself for another ten minutes seemed like a bit of an irresponsible move. I didn’t want him to leave me there. When he finally returned, he returned with the rescue team. There was the man who found e and three other men from the team.They were discussing how they were going to get me out when one of them asked me if I knew I had bird crap on my shoulder. I laughed and said “yes I sure do. ” Two of the guys got a shovel and started excavating the snow surrounding me.

Once they were done swiveling, it was a big hole around me. One of the guys unbuckled my skis. I was too weak to pull myself up out of the hole, so one of them had to lift me out.

When I finally got out I was relieved and I saw my dad skiing back down the slope. I yelled to him and he skied over and asked here I had been and what happened.I explained everything to him. Once all the scary part was over, I had to ski down the slope. It normally only takes thirty minutes to go down a slope, but it took me and hour. I was very weak because of how cold I was.

When we got back to the condominium I went straight to my room, and fell asleep. I had defiantly learned not to ski through strange places again. My relatives attempted to imagine a lonely head sticking up out of a sea of sparkling snow. By the end of the day I had made a full recovery, and the once certain death became that year’s funniest memory.

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