The deceptive industry bought by the government and

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 The act ofinstilling an idea in someone’s mind corresponds to the critical theories ofAdorno and Horkheimers culture industry and the power of media disseminatedthrough society today. The concept of inception, the act of planting an idea inan individual and causing the individual to believe that the idea is his or herown, finds its foundations in the necessary art of deception.

However, humannature is predisposed to believe that any sort of intrusion against the subjectof emancipation is an act of violation. Furthermore, Cobb acquires two of his strongestassets manipulation of emotions and the manipulation of key authorities tobreak down his targets in the stage of multi levelled dreaming. In a sense,Cobb is an embodiment of the media today, that all of society is part of asystem “culture impresses the same stamp upon everyone” (Adorno, T.

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, M. (1944): in retrospect, Nolan’s film explores ways in which wecan bend realities to construct new paradigms for the mass media. Adorno andHorkheimer state that even though the individual is apparently acting independently,these individuals are nonetheless ‘manipulated’ in a mass deceptive industry boughtby the government and capitalism. Our senseless habits over buying, selling anddisseminating products only makes the culture industry stronger, theadvertising industry is entirely dedicated to convincing an individual to buyor participate in a product, “This raises the question whether the cultureindustry fulfils the function of diverting the minds which it boasts about soloudly” (Adorno, T.

& Horkheimer, M. (1944). Is Cobbs extraction method aparadox of the power of the culture industry? How far will they go to ensurethat an individual is adequately convinced? Can humanity stand strong againstthe temptations these industries “If most of theradio stations and movie theatres were closed down, the consumers wouldprobably not lose so very much” (Adorno, T.& Horkheimer, M. (1944).

 “To walk from the street into the movietheatre is no longer to enter a world of dream”Adorno, T. & Horkheimer, M. (1944; Nolan’s films demonstratethe immense value of heightened awareness perpetuated, in the movie people havegiven themselves up.

Completely to the power of their dreams that they nowperceive as their reality. One of the conscious character’s mention, as theextractors are in their dream state “they have come to be woken up…the dreamhas become their reality” Inception. (2010) Film.

Perhaps this is an ‘awareness’ of people who approach the movies without a careof how the movie can actually affect them – people would rather engage with theexperience of a science fiction ‘reality’ ratherthan the truth of a reality. 

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