The demeanor and character. She also begins to

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The effect of Darcy’s letter causes changes Elizabeth’s view on Darcy and others around her such as her sister Jane, Wickham and Mr.

Bennet. Elizabeth’s reaction to the letter becomes a turning point within the novel after rejecting Darcy’s marriage proposal. After Elizabeth reads the letter, she begins feeling conflicted about about Darcy. It all starts with regret due to her prejudice that kept her from living an ideally normal life with a man she loves and her misconception all the time of Darcy’s real demeanor and character. She also begins to feel ashamed of her treatment towards a person who turned out to be gentle and kind. Especially in Wickham’s case, she believed everything negative she heard from him about Darcy without asking if they were true or not. The letter changes Elizabeth’s character for the better. It opens up her eyes to see others for who they truly are.

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Before Mr. Darcy’s letter Elizabeth chose to see what she wanted to but her opinions were a misconception in that her prejudice blinded her to see what was right in front of her. The letter causes Elizabeth to realize Darcy’s intention with Jane and Bingley, as well as the truth of the type of man Wickham turned out to be. Wickham turned out to be a gambling womanizer rather than the charming man Elizabeth adored. Elizabeth at first didn’t want to believe the letter, since it was from Darcy.

She rereads the letter over and over, thinking through the circumstances contained in it. The refusal turns into shock when she realizes everything in the letter was completely true. Reflecting over her actions and behavior towards Darcy, she becomes shameful. She realized she was prideful and just as prejudiced who allowed her personal feelings to blind her perspective on others. “I have courted prepossession and ignorance, and driven reason away, where either were concerned. Till this moment I never knew myself.

” (Chapter 13 Pg 199) The letter caused her to open her eyes and finally not be blind by her own prejudice, a great effect over on Elizabeth as the protagonist. Elizabeth’s character changes after she reads Mr. Darcy’s letter, the way she perceives other characters throughout the novel also changes. She approaches Darcy’s letter with prejudice and refused to believe what he said. When she realizes what Darcy said in his letter was true her view of him changed and her self perception of herself changed as well. She realizes that she had been prideful, prejudice and blind. She does not believe that Mr.

Darcy is a that bad of a person once she reads his letter, she feels ashamed for believing that he could such a bad person. The also changes her perception of Mr. Wickham because he has been putting a front of being a nice respectable man but truly that is not the case.

Elizabeth’s perception of her father and her family changed after the letter, Mr.Darcy explains to elizabeth that her family does very questionable things out in public and embarrasses themselves. This changes Elizabeth’s perception because she realizes how her family may look sometimes and seems more aware of when her family is embarrassing themselves. “…; but Elizabeth heard not a word, and wholly engrossed by her own feelings, followed them in silence. She was overpowered by shame and vexation” (Chapter 1.

Page 240). Elizabeth reacts differently to Mr. Darcy and her family because the letter caused her to reflect over some major aspects of her life and she perceives things differently.

The turning point for Elizabeth in this story is when she reads the letter from Mr. Darcy. She begins to realize that her past prejudices were wrong and inappropriate. With the letter her prejudice begins to die away along with Darcy’s pride.

This specific letter is the turning point in her character allowing to to see the reality in front of her. “When she considered how unjustly she had condemned and upbraided him, her anger was turned towards herself” (Chapter 14.Pg 203).

When Elizabeth read and reread the letter from Mr. Darcy she began to realize that she only saw what she wanted to see. She embraced that her opinions of people were wrong and that Mr. Darcy isn’t a horrible man but a genuine caring man who did everything for a reason. Elizabeth now sees the world for what it truly is after the letter. This letter changes her character for the better in the way that now she knows the truth.   The result of Darcy’s letter effected her as a person and her view on others.

She accepts that conceited nature has kept her blind from seeing the truth. Ashamed by her prejudice against Darcy, she begins rebuilding her character by first accepting and facing her failures. It also convinces her that Darcy will no longer want anything to do with her due to her ignorance and refusal to his declaration of love. The letter transforms  Elizabeth in the story from breaking her prejudice, while Darcy as well goes through a similar experience because  his pride begins to slowly wearing away.

In this point of the novel, Elizabeth’s character begin to change because of the letter.  

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