The dilemma of English language

The dilemma of English language The word processor has changed the way we use English Language because the popularly used word processor from Microsoft and similar other word processors which were from IBM and other open source software are all using the American version of English. Sitting here in Mumbai I am appalled by one thing is the dying European English which is being used lesser because it is limited to literature and books. Also I studied British English in school but my college education was completely ruled by American literature because we essentially didn’t study British

English in a world increasingly being dominated by American Literature . So as I am typing I am using British English and American Spellings because the word processor is designed so. ‘ am not being Anti American here. Just an observation over the use of language because of the proliferation of Media from the US markets to the other parts of the world and a consumerist culture against the conservative British which uses an old English. Language has evolved but both the British and American English coexist and many of us have messed up big time with using our English because we fail to realize that we are using both types of English.

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Also Twitter and Facebook including Quora are American Mega websites all in big scale. So they endorse The US English. Anybody can share your thoughts here. When people read the bible they shifted from old testament to new testament though the old testament remained,it has some what been discounted. Similarly though the works of Shakespeare etc are becoming increasingly difficult to understand as we are shifting from an old English to new English which i call the English (US)this has also impacted Journalism in a big way where our Journalists are using essentially a mix of both.


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