The doctors explaining the causes, prevention and precautions

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Last updated: April 3, 2019

 The health status of India’s society needs specialattention.

Being among the poorest group in India, people experience extremelevels of health deprivation. Lack of health education and poor access tohealthcare facilities are the main factors responsible for the poor health ofpeople. People rights to good healthcare can be deal with using moderntechnology and innovative approaches. Also, when faced with indescribablehealth problems, people perform rituals to heal their sufferings and do nottake help of science and medicine.

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Thus, we aim to create an android appcreating awareness about heath care among them. This application featuresvideos and animations of highly qualified doctors explaining the causes,prevention and precautions of common diseases seen in tribal areas. This appwill provide Ayurveda as well as Allopathic medicines to certain minor healthdisorders.

Our idea revolves around dealing with languagebarrier. Bringing the people closer to the urban world in terms of medical careis essential for their well-rounded development. However in order to get closerto them the most essential task is communicating in their respective languages.

This app overcomes the barrier of the languages. Various languages areincorporated in our app. The languages we’ll be using areEnglish/Hindi/Marathi/Bangla/Tamil.This app also suggests Ayurveda remedies along withAllopathic remedies of a minor health issue logged by a user with ChatBotimplementation.

App gives the details about contents, indications, dosages,precautions of some common and minor diseases. User login in the app will provide details related tohis/her name, location, date of birth, contact number etc. The user will selectlanguage from the given options like Hindi, Marathi, English etc. and startusing the app. This app gives option related to “Health Care” and “HealthEducation” to the user. The health care is asking some questions related to theuser’s health related symptoms and accumulate information to predict relateddiseases. The health education provides any animation or video related tocommon diseases side effects, related symptoms, causes and how to takeremedies.To eliminate the language barriers first the GoogleCloud Translation API is used to manipulate the given input into transcripts.

Next thing is Google Cloud Text To Speech API is used to manipulate the outputin an audible format. We also have Google Speech Recognition API to convertspeech to text. The interpretation level of the people is going to belower when compared with the urban people due to leading factors like lack ofeducation. Qualified people are able to interpret the resources availableonline. Our motive is to create transcripts of videos consulted by highlyqualified doctors and create people understandable animations in theirrespective languages and store on Firebase storage. The query is matched withstored animations and videos and then animations and videos are provided to theuser. The next step is analyzing the data and user logindata with respect to his/her location, an enquiry of symptoms, predicted causesand cures, suggested animation or video are analyzed and created a userprofile. The user profiles are stored on the Firebase Real-time Database.

Anymajor or minor activity changes are also stored in real time. The graphicalrepresentation of the every analyzed data is also present in storage.The admin can be any government official who canaccess all real time data, view graphical representation, upload news relatedhealth camps, videos, animations, suggestion etc. The admin can access the languageselection feature and also use “Health Care” and “Health Education” option forpersonal use.

The admin can view all information in form of website as well asandroid app.

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