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Last updated: September 6, 2019

 The innovative technology that I have chosen for this report is the self-healing glass.

This glass made from strings of molecules called polymers. Healable polymers are not a new idea, but previous versions were either too soft to make them usable for most applications or they required high temperatures to put the pieces back together. However, this one has been developed to solve all the previous problems. It can be pressed together by hands and remains both stiff and healing properties without needing any high heat to melt.The key to this process is the design of dense hydrogen bonds that keep the polymer together.

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The hydrogen bonds form in a such a way that the polymer doesn’t crystallize, giving the chains the ability to move freely and combine when compressed. After being cut and gently compressed for 30 seconds, a two square centimetre sheet can hold 300 grams of weight, roughly the same as a full can of soda 1. And the longer it is compressed, the stronger the bonds become.These days, not to necessarily mention that glass is used on a lot of devices especially small devices which we use daily or even hourly such as cellular phones, tablets, smartwatch and so on. This means this technology will target everyone.

How many devices do you have that consists of glass? I have a lot. Besides, I can easily see many people carry cracked screen cellular phones. According to research commisioned by repair frim iMend in 2015, over 21% of UK smartphone users were living with a broken screen so, imagine that it can be easily merged just pressing it together?In conclusion, I believe that if we could apply to this self-healing glass to any glass type we normally use nowadays not just for the small electronic devices but such as windows, mug, glasses and much more not only we could save money but also, we could save our nature because we do not have to waste broken glass and manufacture them again, we could just simply press it and fix them. Although this technology may take a long time to be commercialized this will definitely improve our lives and attract anyone who uses devices or necessaries that consists of glass.

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