The evaluate the threat posed by foreign fighters

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Last updated: August 13, 2019

The instability that started after the demonstrations against the regime in Syria in 2011 was transformed into a civil war, first affected the region and later became a global problem due to the Salafi jihadist extremists. The Iraqi Sami Islamic State (ISID), a terrorist organization, declared global jihad and invited all “real” Muslims to “migrate” (migrate) to the established Islamic State.Those who do not have the opportunity to participate in the struggle to join the struggle.

This call resulted in Islamic-referenced extremists carrying out acts of violence in Iraq and Syria, as well as in various regions of the world.The situation that we are facing today raises the possibility that even in the end of the Syrian-centered conflicts, the violence that foreign warriors could create is transmitted to the rest of the world. This prospect is highly perceived by approaches that take place in the light of experiences left behind by foreign warrior movements in the past years.The concept of “Foreign Terrorist Fighter” was defined in the 2178 resolution of the United Nations Security Council on September 24, 2014, and these fighters were declared illegitimate.

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1 This political initiative wants member states to take all kinds of legal measures to combat these elements.The main hypothesis of the work is that foreign warriors carry violence to other geographical areas. To test this hypothesis, firstly, the concept of what the concept of the foreign warrior is and how it is defined will be discussed. Then the subject will be evaluated in light of historical approaches and theoretical approaches dominating international writing.

This theoretical approach makes it possible for the IS?D to evaluate the threat posed by foreign fighters at a later stage. In the last part, the ISID-related attack wave in Turkey between 2014-2016 will be analyzed as a case study and the foreigner’s violence spreading capacity will be tested.It is estimated that this approach will make it possible to demonstrate the capacity to transport different geographies from the violent conflict zone of foreign fighters. In the conclusion section, some proposals will be made regarding future studies on the validity of the hypothesis in the framework of the findings.

Since the ISIID and foreign fighters issue is a regulatory issue, researchers need to struggle with some limitations on data.The difficulty of entering the area of ??conflict at the moment and the inability to access the minutes of the statements of those arrested in other geographies prevent data collection. The current work on the subject can be shaped by the information sent by a small number of journalists who can reach the field and the knowledge that the states share with the public.

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