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The use of steroids has been and still is one of the most highly debated topics when it comes to bodybuilding, there are so many people who while cling to the belief that the amount of gains that bodybuilders have today would be impossible without them, and then there are the people that weigh the cost and the benefits of steroid usage. It seems that people believe that steroids are the work of miracle workers, that you inject them and out of nowhere its swole O’clock and you hop on the gains train headed too the Mr.

Olympia competition. Steroids are not a be all end all drug, they just allow you too train more intensely for a longer period of time, giving the athlete a clear advantage over they’re competitors which is why so many organizations have rules against the use of steroids that if broken can result in stiff penalties and even having previously earned titles revoked. Just like any drug there are not only negative social effects there are negative health effects, when steroids are used excessively otherwise known as steroid abuse there are a wide variety of side effects. According to the National Institute On Drug Abuse, steroids can cause people to go into fits of rage, have delusions, jaundice, tumors, cancer, heart attacks, tendon rupture and many more. I have told what steroids are and how they can affect you but what is the truth about the pros using them. First of all its very common, people are often shocked by that, go online and you can find a sample 16 week cycle sample.

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These cycle can cost anywhere between 8-25,000 dollars so with all the negative health concerns there is the negative health concern of your wallet. Steroid usage ending badly, such as serious health concerns that I have listed or god forbid ending up losing your life is a lot less common than people may think. Most people that will end up in the hospital are the ones who do not follow the direction of experts and mix recreational drugs such as marijuana. Let me just say that I am not advocating the use of steroids but when it comes to the use of drug even prescription drugs that are needed sometimes are safe as long as you use them correctly and not abuse them.

Lets go over a professionals typical pre competition cycle. According to, a typical bodybuilders cycle for bulking is as follows:3 g test per week (usually sustanon) 100mg/d d-bol or 200mg/d a-50 or a combination of both. D-bol otherwise known as Methandienone is an androgenic steroid that can be taken orally, Dianbol is typically used in succession with other injectable drugs such as some listed below. This drug is used for the simple purpose of increasing the rate at which one can gain muscle mass.75mg EOD of tren, anything up to 1g/week of an anabolic like deca or eq (the test and the orals are the main mass builders) Tren or Trenbolone is considered by many bodybuilders today to be one of the most effective and potent steroids used today.

  According to Wonder-rx bodybuilders love it due to its ability to burn fat at a extremely high rate and pack on pounds of muscle fiber.Arimidex 1mg/d – M to F Arimidex or Anastrozole is a very potent anti-estrogen compounds in fact it can block up to 80% of the body total estrogen production. According to it also has the ability to simulate the production of the luteinizing hormone as well as the follicle stimulating hormone which are essential to testosterone production. For anabolic steroid users the effects of this certain drug are a gift due to that fact that anabolic steroids stop the testicles from producing testosterone and increase the estrogen production but Arimidex stop estrogen production which is not only helpful for breast cancer patents but it also helps with water retention which can make bodybuilders look flat or bloated on stage as well as preventing against gynecomastia.

It is common for users of this drug to experience headaches, joint pain, high blood pressure and hot flashes.20mg/d Nolvadex Sat and Sun Nolvadex or tamoxifen citrate is also an estrogen inhibitor like arimidex but this drug in particular is more selective and it can also act as estrogen at the same time in certain parts of the body according to  Even though this drug is used in association with an anabolic cycle Nolvadex it is not considered an anabolic steroid it is a SERM which is selective estrogen receptor modulator which is commonly used today in medicine. The main purpose for this drug is to reduce the likelihood of gynecomastia but it does have a negative effect on ones cholesterol as well as side effects such as upset stomach, hot flashes and headaches are common.5 mg Proscar per day Proscar which is most commonly known as finasteride is used to inhibit the production of 5-alpha reductase which is a enzyme involved in steroid metabolism which not only prolongs the androgenic effects, reduces the androgenic side effects but it also keeps testorone in the body longer. Depending on the results of the effect, according to finasteride is known to change the toxicity of certain anabolic steroids.

5000IU HCG every 4 weeks HCG which stands for human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is typically found in pregnant women which is used during or after a steroid cycle to combat hormone suppression and promote enhanced recovery from the cycle. When you take a deeper look at this drug it can be broken down into different categories as stated by, PCT and on cycle use. Side effects when using this drug are very rare due to the fact that it is so user friendly.anything up to 30IU HGH/dayHGH or the human growth hormone is the most beneficial and sought after drugs in the world of bodybuilding. When the media mentions anabolic steroids there is a near 100% chance that they are talking about HGH. The human growth hormone is protein based and affects nearly all parts of out body which makes it highly desirable for bodybuilders, according to steroids.

com it also supports the metabolism of carbs, fats and minerals that we may ingest and may also support growth in the connective tissues. With the great effects that HGH holds there are also many negative side effects that some with it as well, if this hormone is abused the user may experience numbness of the skin, enlarged body parts, joint pain etc… 30IU/day insulin in 2 divided shots Insulin is a highly anabolic hormone that is produced by every human that is essential to our well being. Although we hear about insulin mostly with people who suffer from diabetes, athletes such as football players, baseball, soccer and particularly bodybuilders use this hormone to promote lean tissue development by utilizing glucose, fatty and amino acids while also preventing the breakdown of protein. According to the prolonged use of injectable insulin the user will experience hypoglycemia if the blood glucose levels fall to low and the user may experience anxiety, hunger, headaches, dizziness, slurred speech and even personality changes.

25mcg/d T3 Cytomel which is commonly known as T3 is a replica of the hormone that is produced in the thyroid which is called triodethyronine. This hormone is so important for bodybuilders do to the fact that it greatly increases the basil metabolic rate of our body enabling those taking is to melt body fat very quickly. When used T3 can make the user feel extremely tired due to the fact that it runs purely on ATP so with out the use of over anabolic steroids you will feel flat.

Those using this drug can experience headache, sweating, irregular heartbeat hyperthyroidism and even angina according to much Synthergine — usually 2-4ml/day Synthergine protects the users liver from the rest of the drugs listed above.

As much Syntheselen — usually 4 ml ED or EOD Syntheselen is used to increase metabolism even furtherThat’s a bulk cycle. When it comes to cutting body fat and getting that lean and ripped look that judges are looking for on stage the cycle is going to be different below is a typical cutting stack according to (Winny)Winstrol is one of the most well known steroids that exist. According to winny is a mild anabolic drug that can be safely used by both men and women which is popular due to its many performance enhancing properties. This drug comes in both oral and injectable form.

Winstrol is used to stop wasting of lean tissue.Anavar (Var)Anavar otherwise known as Oxandrolone while not being one of the most popular anabolic steroids available it is one of the most popular oral steroids due to its high tolerance level. According to Anvar is a great thereputic agent and is 3 to 6 times as anabolic as testosterone. The most noticeable trait of this drug besides how extreme anabolic it is, is the fact that it increase the nitrogen retention in the muscle which increases the anabolic state within the muscle and decreases the chance that it can enter into a catabolic state, it is also considered to be one of the only true fat burning steroid while also increasing the red blood cell level of the user. While there are many great uses for Anavar it can leave you with increased levels of estrogen, it can harm your heart and decreases the levels of testosterone even more.Primobolan DepotMethenolone Enanthate or as its more commonly known as Primobolone Depot is an anabolic androgenic steroid.

Along with the rest of the names in this cutting stack Primobolan has a high safety rating for both men and women and it is mild as well. It has been found that this is not a good option for lean mass gain but that negative is outweighed by how much it enhances performance which is why its widely known and used. According to even though this is a mild drug it comes with a host of deferent traits such as enhancing protein synthesis, increased red blood cell count and inhibiting glucocorticoid hormones in the body. For men this is not the best choice for a bulking drug but that is not the same story when it comes to females since women have a high hormone sensitivity level. Just as any of the other drugs listed above the risks are going to be the same for most cutting stacks.

MasteronMasteron otherwise known as drostanolone propionate like most cutting drugs is an anabolic androgenic steroid who’s properties make up an advanced thermogenic compound which will help the user shred pounds of body fat, while also having one of the strongest anabolic anti-estrogenic compounds according to, although this can be used by anybody looking to cut but this is extremely effective for those looking to get seriously lean.Turinabol (Tbol)Turinabol is an oral compound of methanerostenolone and clostebol which is a form of testosterone like most of the anabolic compounds used by bodybuilders today Tbol has a positive effect on the synthesis of protein and increases the retention of nitrogen and increasing red blood cell count at the same time. One downside of this drug is the protection of the lean mass the has been gain during the previous cycle can be compromised and recovery can decrease as well according to (Tren)Trenbolone or Trenbolone acetate is a very potent anabolic steroid and is argued by many professionals to be the single greatest drug on the market. Again this drug increases protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and which is what makes this so popular is the ability to protect muscle mass when the body goes into a caloric deficit which what happens when you go on a cutting cycle in order to shred that hated body fat.  As well as the previous factors just like many anabolic compounds it has the ability to promote the insulin growth factor while also inhibiting stress harmones which make muscle catabolic which is bad for muscle growth and protection through the cutting cycle.

The same source shows us some simple tips when it comes to using a cycle such as the one that has been provided above, when you hit the 6-8 week mark away from competition long esters which is a longer lasting compound of testosterone should be cut to smaller compounds, next the amount of anti-estrogens should be increased the closer that you get to competition which will give the body a harder and dryer look to it, testosterone should should be cut even closer to competition anywhere between 2-4 weeks out, some competitors can get away with going all the way until competition but it depends on the person and the preferences of the person, during the off-season its ok if your supplementation gets out of whack but when you are on a cycle supplementation is key, your organs can start too fail if you are not on your supplementation. I am not giving you a reason or an outline on how too use steroids, I’m my opinion the benefits do not outweigh the cons.

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