The extracts from Silas Marner and Spoonface Steinberg describe situations which are highly emotional

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I am studying two texts: Silas Marner, by George Eliot, and Spoonface Steinberg. The former tells the story of Silas Marner a linen weaver in the West Midlands. He becomes dominated by his gold which he earns from his trade. This gold is stolen, but soon mysteriously a young girl called Eppie arrives on his doorstep. He adopts her and soon begins to see how precious she is to him. Sixteen years later Silas’s gold is presented to him, but now Godfrey and Nancy Cass, who are local land oners want Eppie back Godfrey proclaims to Eppie that she has a future with him and Nancy, leaving Eppie to choose between Silas and Godfrey.

The second extract, Spoonface Steinberg, is from arecent radio play by Lee Hll. It tells the story of a seven year old girl, Spoonface, who is suffering from cancer and is dying. In the final scene she thinks about some of the people in her life who she is close to, especially Mrs Spud the cleaner.

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Spoonface loves to listen to opera music and this features dramatically in the play.I do feel sympathy for Eppie because it must be hard for her now knowing now who her real father is. It is quite a set-back in her life when things are going well. Then something comes along like this and takes the wind of her.

Silas is a very caring person, and Eppie knows this deep down in her heart even though he isn’t her real father she realises she cannot desrt Silas after living with him for most of her life. She has grown to love and respect Silas for what he is. She has grown to know who her real father is.Now Godfrey, who has turned up out of the blue wants Eppie back. I can see Godfery’s point of view but he cannoy just take a child away from someone like that.

It appears as if Godfrey is a rich man who blackmails people with money. He is doing this to Eppie. He offers to take her back and give her luxuries that only wealthy people could afford.As he speaks to Eppie and Silas he reveals his insensitivity through his cold attitude towards them. He acts condescendingly towards Silas.

He speaks strongly and powerfully as if setting an example. Even though Godfrey has neglected seeing her after all these years, I consider that he is entitld to see Eppie.He is her real father and this is one of the main reasons why he wants her back. She is his own flesh and blood and he generally loves her.In the Silas Marner extract the narrartor tells you how to feel and what to think of the cahracters. In the use of dialogue it helps us to feel the emotions between the characters.In the opening scene of the extract the writer begins with building up the mood of happiness. He delibritly paints this picture in the opening two paragraphs to show how blissful the characters are towards each other.

It brings the reader to imagne in their minds of how Eppie and Silas maybe feeling, their look on their faces and the sharing confidences between them both.As the story continues we see Eppie and Silas seayed alone together quietly talking notably we can see the closenes between the two of the. If I pick out two examples from the second paragraph we shall see how their happiness brings them together.For instance, “She had drawn her own chair towards his knees and leand forward, holding both ahnds while she looked up at him.” Significantly this reveals how Eppie feels towards Silas, it would seem at this point that the reader will have a clear view in their minds,a representation of Eppie holding Silas’s hand.Indeed this tells us and the reader a lot about Eppies’s character when she pulls her chair towards Silas it unveils her compassionate, inttentive personality.

More importantly is when she bends down and grasps Silas’s hands. The reader may be able to illustrate in their mind the commiserative expression on her face. One might infer the look in her eyes. It would suggest that they are controlling Silas, not in an unpleasent way a sweet way.”On the table lit by a candle..

….” I have chosen this line as an example from the text this shows how cosy they are together and it describes the surroundings in their cottage.As the story progresses it mentions about how Silas looks at his gold and has a burst of joy seeing it. Eliot describes this strange impression from how his eyes are bright.

The author builds here again builds up the happiness.There is a physical description of Silas. The writer uses spirtual language to describe this mystical wonerful feeling Silas is experiencing. Quote to show this ” As if a new fineness of ear for all spiritual voices had sent wonder working vibrations through the heavy mortal frame.The gold was the most important thing him in earlier life. The scene is dramatically structered to show how happy Silas and Eppie are.

Furthermore Silas is no longer controlled by the gold it has been replaced by the love of Eppie.He sits in silence and stares at the gold and syas it has no hold on me. He wonders if he would ever become obsessed with it again. It may do if he lost Eppie.

This scene is melodramtic. Then there is a sudden twist in the tale, there is an immdiate knock on the door, this is when there is dramatic tension and it threatens their hopes of contempt. It manipluates the reader into thinking highly strong emotions towards Eppie and Silas.Later on more tension is created by the gap between the socilal circumstances and background Silas, Eppie, Godfrey and Nancy.

The langusge they use reflects the social status of the characters and what they talk about.George Eliot creates a regional accent of Silas by dropping the consonants in some of his words “I should ha” been baf off” (example of Silas’s speech). When Eppie says to Silas “But I know now, father. If it hadn’t been for you, they’d have taken me to the workhouse and they’d have been nobody to love me.”It stirs my feelings it makes me think hard about what she proclaims to Silas . If makes me think is there anyone in the world who loves their father as much as Eppie? It also touchs me the way she sys it. If this story was to become real life I would see that Eppie would say it with determination which she meant from the bottom of her heart. It makes me think deeply about her cahraceter, quiet, kind and polite.

Silas Marner is highly emotional. Now that Eppie knows who her real father is it is going to cause, not riots but a big dilemma between them. For the best of her future, she chooses to saty with Silas.Even though she knows Godfery is her real father she doesn’t want to leave Silas.

She has throughly had to think fast regarding her future. She has though about everything Silas has done for her. Silas ha brought her up and she is not willing to abandon Silas for Godfery and Nancy.

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