The Falling Man

Topic: Parenting Styles
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Last updated: July 16, 2019

As I sat at the breakfast table I was wondering how many oats we eat in a lifetime. My fiancie, Rebecca, was making a cooked breakfast for me- I could smell the bacon and feel the heat of the stove on my back as I heard the sausages sizzling in the pan. I got up, gave her a hug and asked how long breakfast would be. She said it would be about ten minutes, so I went and got dressed for work, but we needed the extra money for our wedding in two weeks time.When I came down to eat Rebecca gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I needed to shave, so I obediently went back upstairs and had a shave.

As I ate my breakfast, I noticed how big she had become, and I thought to myself “only one month to go and we will have a bouncing baby boy. I hope his room will turn out well. ” We were going to be decorating his room this weekend; it was going to be baby blue, with large fluffy clouds on the ceiling and green fields rolling away on the lower half of the wall.My mother was an interior decorator when she worked and I had persuaded her to come and help, even though she didn’t really understand why we were making such an effort when he won’t remember the room when he grows up, we told her that he needed stimulation so that he would develop properly.

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We want his childhood to be perfect, which is why we planned to get married before he was born, so he would have a married mum and dad- I think that will be good for him. It was 7:30, time for me to leave; I kissed Rebecca and rubbed her bulging belly.I walked towards the car and looked up at the morning sky. It had been a calm night and it was a calm morning. I sat in my car which smelt of air freshener that Rebecca had bought, because she thought it smelt of fish and chips. I drove round the corner and my house was gone, I would not see it until 5:00pm.

As I drove on towards work I opened my window; I heard the birds singing, I could feel the wind in my hair and smell the fresh air as it whistled though my nostrils.As I drove through the City centre I decided to put on the radio, it was rather boring today; the best news they had was that a cat had been up in a tree for four days and living off the rainwater in the curved leaves. I went past the airport, it was busy as usual, the planes were massive, bigger than I have seen in a while. I went on, and there was a buzz in the air; everybody I passed seemed to be busy with something, well busier than usual anyway.

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