The fields. The Flash and his super speed

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   The superhero ‘The Flash” who’s name is Barry Allen majored in chemistry and criminology. After  college, he started dating a news reporter, who he met while examining a murder scene. While working late in his lab, thunder storm appeared, and Allen was struck with lightening.

It shattered through a window which destroyed the cabinet in where he contained all his chemicals and it electrified him. He appeared to be well and thought nothing of it. It was then revealed he received superpowers. He tried running after a taxi not realizing that his speed caught up to the taxi, as he has felt as if the taxi had never moved which felt unbelievably unreal. He got himself into unusual events along the way in which he discovered his powers more efficiently. He caught items in mid air, and saved his girlfriend from a bullet. His superpowers involve super speed,  photographic memory, control speed force and time travel, and molecular manipulation. Time travel allowed The Flash to make his way through dimensions.

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Molecular manipulation allowed The Flash to the electrical force he generates within speed, lightening, and the power to control magnetic fields.   The Flash and his super speed powers all lead to neural circuits controlling his powers. The circuits should send much information through the quick process. Neural circuits are neurons that are organized into circuits the process different types of information (Spitzer, 2002). The neural circuits are arranged differently, according to the function they are expected to perform.

There are three types of neural circuits namely diverging circuits, oscillating circuits and converging circuits (Mercola, 2012). Diverging Circuits are made up of a single presynaptic neuron that stimulates several postsynaptic neurons. An example would be a sensory signal that enters the brain and feeds off to various regions for interpretation and reaction. A Converging Circuit has several presynaptic neurons that stimulate a single postsynaptic neuron. Here a motor neuron receives input from several brain regions to dictate a specific action. Oscillating Circuits provide stimulation of one presynaptic neuron that results in several postsynaptic impulses. This allows extended coordinated muscle movements, like for example, breathing (Neuronal Circuits,2017). As for the diverging circuit, this circuit will overall be the involvement of his powers.

The information will transfer so that he has the ability of super speed. As for the oscillating circuit, this circuit controls the respiratory part of the body and movement. As for the converging circuit, this circuit is involved with the motor neurons.

Motor neuron gets signals from different brain regions and then determines a specific action (What is a converging circuit?, 2017).  The Central Pattern Generator (CPG) are motor circuits which control the movement in the spinal cord. The CPG differentiates how neurons generate selected motor activity.  The Flash behaviors changes will trigger the motors circuit of the spinal cord to generate motor activity/   The principle of brain plasticity can be explained in a simple concept. The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment (“Medical Definition of Neuroplasticity”, 2017).

The Flash has an Omni energy which he can manipulate all forms of energy and gain control of forces. Since the user can manipulate all forms of energy, manipulation of magical and esoteric energies allow the user to replicate the effect of magic or spells, such as casting spells, teleporting, healing, etc. This also makes them immune to such powers, seeing as how they can absorb the magical energy powering spells, practically negating it (Omni-Energy Manipulation, 2017). Since the lightening triggered changes in his body and those changes can cause the brain to progress steadily. The brain changes allowed it to operate through the electrical wiring and manipulated the connection. As we know, the brain functions chemically and physically. The Flash, with these changes, can travel through time and have complete control with molecular manipulation.

The changes to The Flash involve synaptic and non synaptic plasticity which the synapses intake information from one neuron to another and makes its way into neural pathways.   The principles highlight both the truths and also fallacies. The brain does evolve to individuals when changes in their behavior occur. As said, The Flash got his powers by a struck of lightening. Due to brain plasticity, to its knowledge that his brain will evolve. The brain increases speed so it can send information simultaneously to the body to trigger lightening speed.

Body changes include fast metabolism,  body heat or electricity to generate the body, and other strengths within the body. The fallacy occurs, as to how The Flash obtained his powers. Realistically, if one was struck by lightening, the brain wouldn’t adapt to the changes and lightening is powerful in which one could not survive it. 

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