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The Great DictatorCharlie Chaplin’s first talkie, made over a decade after the introduction of sound released in 1940. Chaplin played dual role in this movie. Apparently, what remains so powerful about film satire is its complete silliness.

This movie was controversial and criticises the Nazis rise to power into comedy since the Chaplin’s character in the movie resemble with the hitler in real life.At the end, Chaplin himself make a personal statement on the peace and brotherhood by stepping out of his character in the movie. This humours play based on fascism was written, directed, produced and starring by Charlie Chaplin himself.A Woman of ParisA Woman of Paris was Chaplin’s non-comedy movie. In this movie original appearance of Charlie chaplin as he is the central focus of the chaplin films, went missing. Chaplin works are rich and famous in his comedy-oriented movies.

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A woman of Paris lacks the sense of comedy. Charlie Chaplin featuring himself in a cameo role as a railway porter, but his appearance in the film is not more than few seconds. This movie disappoints for those who expects serious Melodrama with light hearted comedy unlike in chaplin movies. The theme of the movie is ordinary but still shows chaplin as a music composer, a writer, a producer and being an impeccable director of the film. Making this film definitely the credit goes to chaplin for taking acting to a new level in silent cinema.

The KidThe kid movie was emotional unmarried mother story. This was wonderful blend of humours and drama. This movie entertains especially the kids.

This movie is a silent comedy drama and it created history after the release. This was Chaplin’s first full lengthy film. It is a mixture of tears and laugh, and this credit goes to Mr. Chaplin alone. This is a movie without subtitles. Mr. Chaplin being an excellent artist has an ability to create variety of emotion with his skills, though the length of subject is limited.

The movie was experimental and well connected to the audience because it is depending upon its emotion rather than its subtitles.

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