The fire allowed humans to dry meat which

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The discovery and implementation of fire is the most important human invention.  In fact, the discovery of fire has long been considered a major contributor to human evolution.  For starters, fire served as protection of human life by allowing for separation and effectively a weapon against dangerous animals.  With fire, early humans were able to protect themselves, and develop new ways of hunting.

 High heat was used in forming tools to make them stronger and more useful and could be used to hunt at night.  A fire made weapons sharper and led to a whole new variety of weapons including arrows, hammers, knives, and axes. All of these tools made hunting and gathering easier.Fire provided warmth and light which allowed for existence in new geographic areas as well as activity and productivity at night.

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It allowed humans to survive in previously uninhabitable environments. Traces of historical fires discovered in caves, suggest it was used early on to keep humans warm. This is significant because it allowed them to not only migrate but advance in cold and harsh climates.  Fire also enabled advanced cooking methods, which made food more edible and safer to eat.  High heat could kill parasites leading to less sickness and death from food poisoning.  In addition to cooking, fire allowed humans to dry meat which could be stored longer helping to provide food even during harsh weather conditions.

  Before the advent of fire, the human’s diet was limited to mostly a vegetarian diet. Cooking, however, made starchy and fibrous foods edible and greatly increased the diversity of other foods available to early humans.  Cooking allowed man to eat easier, quicker, consume more calories.Ultimately fire sparked mankind’s desire to pursue more efficient and controlled lighting processes.  This resulted in the production of oil or kerosene lamps and ultimately the invention of electricity.

 Our modern-day ability to walk in a dark room and create light with a flick of a switch can be traced back to the invention of fire.In conclusion, fire is the most helpful invention because it provided protection, light and led to advancements in hunting, migrating, and cooking inspiring a series later discoveries.  Fire is also one of the most significant contributors to the evolution of the human race and mind.

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