The First Flight

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Last updated: September 11, 2019

Two years ago that I flew for the first time and the flight was to Scotland. I was moving over there. My dad had already lived in Scotland for a year and he had now invited us (that my mum, my wee brother and myself) to join him. On the day of the flight I was feeling very nervous. I was scared about the flight because it was the first time I had ever flown by aero plane and several weeks before my flight I had heard about many big plane crashes and that made me even more fearful.

On my last day I Poland, my homeland, I went to school to say goodbye to my friends and teachers. We talked a lot with each other. I remember after school had finished my friends asked me to buy them some Scottish Whisky.

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I went back home with my best friend and at the junction, where we used to split up we stopped and talked for two hours. I then said goodbye to him and headed home. I still have the image of the street I had walked. I remember every single house, tree and road.

I had been stopping every few steps and looked around. Then I was thinking how it would be in Scotland.My grandpa gave us a lift to the airport.

Just before we had left home, I said goodbye to my grandma. She was crying a lot. She was very close to me and my brother.

Due to icy conditions throughout Poland at that time, we had to leave earlier to be not late for the flight. Eventually we arrived at Gdansk International Airport much too early. Grandpa was quiet all the journey.

He did not talk much. When it was time to go to security we said goodbye to him. I had seen a drop coming from his eye down on his cheek.After waiting an hour we finally passed the security control and we went to the waiting room. As we entered it I was ‘hit’ by massive number of people waiting for their flights. It was hard to find any spare seats but eventually we found two. My mum was looking after my brother who was screaming and crying because he was tired. So was me.

Every noise gave me a big headache. And my brother’s screaming was like a drill going right through my head.Our flight was delayed for nearly one hour but when we finally got on board and found a seat I was finally able take a deep breath. Yet I did not feel relaxed. I felt like an inexperienced soldier who found himself in the middle of big battle.

My body was shaking. I was scared. I said thousands of prayers.The plane was on the runaway. Its engines jumped to its maximal revolutions and their sound terrified me.

Suddenly I was hammered into my sit. My heart was beating faster. The plane was speeding up very fast. After few seconds the plane took off from the ground and through the window I saw disappearing runaway.

Everything seemed to be so small and after a while I lost everything. The only thing I could see were grey clouds and the blinking of plane lights.I had listened to my MP3 player for a while then I had tried to have a nap. Unfortunately my brother had not let me to. He cried very loud. And, I think, he had been the loudest person on the board. I was very bored and I could not find any interesting thing to do. I had even read emergency manual several times.

We landed in Glasgow Prestwick Airport at 7 o’clock. The flight had taken about three hours, the most terrible three hours of my life. My brother had cried continuously and his moaning drove me crazy, as did the heat and stuffiness. I was so happy when we finally got off the plane. One breathe of fresh Scottish air refreshed me and the headache disappeared.

Although the flight had been a nightmare, now I really like flying and I am looking forward to my next flight. I love Scotland and have I met new people who have replaced my old friends from Poland, although, I am still in touch with my old friends. And I still have not yet bought Scottish Whisky for them.

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