The Flop of Dasani in Britain

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Last updated: October 4, 2019

Vocabulary : * Get drenched criticism : asperge de critiques. * Launched : lancer * Awash : innonde * Pours : deverser * Taps : robinet * Whopping : enorme * Howls : hurler * Rests : reside * Tickling : chatouiller * Tast bud : papilles * Demands : exigences Which factors contributed to the flop of Dasani in Britain ? First of all, let us introduce Dasani. Dasani is a brand bottled water which was launched by The Coca Cola in the UK but got drenched in British criticism .

Why ? Its because of the fact that Dasani ‘s pure still water is a filtered version of the same H2O that pours out London taps. Plus, food-standarts officials announced they are investigating the company’s use of the word « pure » because they have a doubt about Dasani’s production process, they want to check the purity of the water. Was the flop of Dasani in Britain predictable ?In my opinion, the flop in Britain was predictable because Europe is the spiritual home of bottled mineral water and europeans purists would rejected Dasani’s « pure water ». The problem lies in the fact that, as said Mr Vinay,the UK palate demands a very clear, clean taste to the point of having none at all. In Europe the naturalness of the water is important even if Dasani has always valued processing as guarantee of purity. Why has Dasani been successful elsewhere particulary in the US ?Dasani has been successful elsewhere particulary in the US because, as we said, Coca-Cola’s plan for Dasani rest not on tickling a universal tastebud but with regional variation of both branding and flavor. They are designing a product to match consumer preference.

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In France for example, market test shows that there’s a mineral deficiency in the diet of most french consumers and they are willing to pay for the health benefits. Coca Cola’s strategy lies in the fact that the brand adapt specificaly the product to different countries.

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