The flowers and trees, you could see why

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Last updated: April 22, 2019

The tiny town of La Villita has been a number one on everyone’s “to visit” list since 1939.

From the lovely Mexican and European architecture, to the calm river running through the town lined in exotic flowers and trees, you could see why this Texas site is so popular. La Villita is a small town with a big history that continues to allow this Texas city to flourish and constantly bring in a seemingly unlimited number of tourists with its delicate, gorgeous scenery.From a humble Native American town to what is now one of the biggest attractions in Texas, La Villita continues to excite tourists with its profuse history. La Villita began as a small village for the Coahuiltecan Native Americans and, over time, has flourished into the beautiful town it is today. In 1773, Spanish settlers began moving into what they named La Villita that was currently populated by Native Americans. After a severe flood in 1819, La Villita seemed to be one of the only places that were not dramatically affected and, as a result, became one of the wealthier and more popular towns.

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German, Swiss, and French immigrants then began moving into the area around the 1840s as a result of the flood. The small town remained highly successful throughout the nineteenth century before it began to crumble in disrepair. San Antonio, the city in which La Villita is located, began to become overpopulated as people began to move further downtown for easier transportation. This immense amount of people caused La Villita to become a less desired place to settle in. In the early twentieth century, this town was in danger of other historic residential areas and becoming demolished. La Villita was created and changed into a center for teaching regional arts and crafts to become a market for artists in 1939 after the town underwent a two year restoration project and is now, again, a very popular site that hundreds of tourists visit every year.La Villita never fails to present a well-developed and gorgeous area for tourists with extravagant meals and restaurants.

The restaurants in this town offer a vibrant selection of bold and exquisite meals. Visitors can find dining options from traditional Mexican to newtown steakhouses in the stunning town of La Villita. In the midst of these tree lined walkways and plazas, tourists find themselves in the middle of oldtime adobe architecture and housing as well as early European styled structures. This little town offers paintings, folk art, textiles, sculptures, copper wares, jewelry, and more for tourists. Nearly 30 shops and galleries for art present homeade items by artists in San Antonio and nearby areas. Giving off a refreshing new sense of art and music, La Villita is known for its original lifestyle. With almost 300 years of history, La Villita provides many unique tales and is given very much credit when speaking of San Antonio’s foundation.

While the little village now is considered mostly a cultural art hub, it has served as home, refuge and potential opportunities for people throughout the ages. La Villita celebrates the ‘Day of the Dead’ with bright colors and candy skull style face paint as well as traditional dances and cultural public presentations and plays. La Villita also celebrates ‘Cinco De Mayo’, ‘Dia de los Muertos’, and many more. Some of the town’s most acknowledged events take place in La Villita streets.

With the popularity and alluring aromas of our yearly Coffee Festival and the multicolored face masks and paint that designate the Dia de los Muertos celebration, La Villita keeps San Antonio buoyant and vibrant. Other events, such as Diwali San Antonio and Fiesta Navideña, bring in thousands of family members and tourists with the promise of lasting memories.Although the town of La Villita is small, it is full of history and is a big part of San Antonio. The town brings in thousands of tourists each year with its unique architecture, art, and culture that began in the early 1700s. This tiny town holds extravagant festivals and events multiple times a year which is one of the reasons this breathtakingly stunning area is so widely recognized. From La Villita history to its idiosyncratic art and celebrations, tourists are never let down by the enchanting spectacular town.

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