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 The term”globalization” refers to an increasing interaction of people, stateor countries through the growth of the international flow of money, ideas andculture. It is also the primarily an economic process of integration that hassocial and cultural aspects. Thus, modernization process has become the biginfluence in this concept. The globalization has also the advantages and disadvantagein the progressing in the society. The advancement of the technology in the communication but also in terms ofthe partnership in different association and organization in every country. Eventually,the saddest part of being progressing in the technology it involves the badinfluence in the society. This concept also affects the different aspects in thesociety in terms of economic, development and social consciousness.

It showshow different aspects in the society their services and the connection. One ofthe biggest problems that our country which influence the lives of every individualas well as the students. In the Economic globalization is also the increasingeconomic interdependence of national economies across the world through a rapidincrease in cross- border movements of goods, products, services, technologyand capital. Some of the centered of this progress comply on the tariffs,taxes, and other impediments that suppress global trade, as well as theincreasing economic integration of the different countries. It is also servingas the pattern of the place where market competition shows the positive andnegative as it observed in the society.Still, in our modern society students are still rely on thetraditional way of learning where they learned and shared idea. Nowadays, it isstill one of the problems that our country gives a solution. Thus, this must betaken by the higher institution the remedy of the progression in the supportfor the students.

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In terms of the role of the students in the globalization somegovernmental institutions gives an advancement of leanings for youth of ournation. The knowledge and stills that they must be undertaken and be serve for theirinspiration in life. Thus, this should be an example of connection in everyindividuals in the society we are living this will help them to regain theimportance of learning.

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