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 ThePolitical Era of policing started in1829. The first police agency that opened was in London, called LondonMetropolitan. When first opening the London Metropolitan, it was supposed tomake the people feel safe, and secure.

Back in this time the rise of crime wasat an all-time high. The policing during this time was protecting the community,and the and their cronies. They mainly conducted a patrol the street by walingand riding a bicycle. And this era the police strength was establishing andbuilding health relationship with community, and their weaknesses was that somepolice officers were becoming corrupted by organized crime and this had causeda heavy widespread of crime during the prohibition era.

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However, in the Reform Era 1930’s the control model wasmade to increase the police power, during the prohibition era. By protectingsociety from criminals by making sure things where processes smoothly to keepcriminals out of the communities. By being strict and punishing them for thecrimes they had committed. What was their strength becoming their weakness theyhad started in the prohibition being friendly to the community, but somehow thepolice started to pull back becoming non-approachable more distant not intimateanymore. Their strength was technology by February 16,1968 was the first daythat we would dial 911. That was a big step in 1840’s police had telephones,telegraph, police call box, and the Bertillon system used to identify criminalsby finger prints and handwriting.  By thetime 1970 come there were computerized, computer aids dispatch (CAD) ,Implemented National Crime Information center (NCIC), and  Automated Fingers Prints IdentificationSystem (AFIS).

In the Community Era thisstrength is to bring the community back together to decrease the rise of crimes in our communities. Their weaknesses arethat the communities do not want to get involved, until it affects us we do nothave enough faith and the judicial system. Theissues we face with Law Enforcement today are steaming from                          

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