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The principle motive behind designing robots is toease human efforts and do jobs on behalf of them. The initial stage ofmanufacturing a robot involves sophisticated planning and designing. Thespecific purpose for which a robot is being designed, components required,environment in which it will be functioning etc., everything aspect of itshould be unambiguous.

The basic components for a competent and advanced robotare transducers and servo motors. Transducers:Theyare the building block of automated robotics as they convert one form of energysignal to another hence aiding the robots with better interpretation of theirsurroundings. There are many categories of transducers but the ones employed inrobotics are Sensors and Actuators. Actuator isthe device that is basically concerned with movements and locomotion of therobots as per the commands received by the controlling system in the form ofsignals.

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It converts energy into motion. Actuators can be operated on by asource of electricity or even manually. Advanced actuators can even employsolar energy to meet their energy requirements making then energy efficient.Various types of actuators used in a robot depending on the n purpose likeelectrical actuator, rotatory actuator, vacuum actuators etc.     Sensors: Sensors as the name suggests senses the surroundingand reports it to the controlling system.

It acts as an interacting interfacebetween the physical surroundings and the controlling system. It also gives adetailed feedback about the movements, functioning and how about of othercomponents to the controlling system. It also comprehends the various outsideforces acting on the robots and accordingly coordinates the other components. Varioustypes of sensors used:Vision and Proximity Sensors: These sensors employhigh definition cameras and ultrasounds and object detection radars to determinethe distance and size of the object. Force or tactile sensors felicitates therobot to grab objects without harming and dropping and can also activateexternal touch receptors.

Torque sensors can interpret the speed of rotatingobjects and also control the rotation of their own parts.Photocell sensors areused to detect the presence and intensity of light using varying resistancelevels. Acoustical sensors help the robot receive and interpret vocalinstructions from humans and even capable of recognizing other sounds.Piezoelectric sensors are used to sense vibrations and obliterate them to avoidmisinterpretation of voice commands. Chemical sensors and Temperature sensors helpthe robot to comprehend its surroundings better and detect the nature problemswith its environment and avoid potentially harmful heat and chemical sources.

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