The glasses back that the Savages stole and

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The darkness inside man is so powerful it can lead even the most innocent to do unthinkably cruel things.  The mind is one of the most powerful things on this earth, someone is capable of influencing thousands of other people into killing a whole religion simply because one person did them wrong.  Jack represents the darkness of man by killing innocent characters, letting pride control him, and wanting to be the most powerful.   Killing is a crime no one should forgive.  Jack was responsible for the killing of two innocent children that were stranded on the island as well, Simon and Piggy.  They had no real reason that lead them to killing them, when Simon died, he simply was trying to explain to the group that the beast was just a dead parachuter and was savagely beat and pummeled to death.

 When Piggy died all Ralph and Piggy were trying to do was get Piggy’s glasses back that the Savages stole and it broke out into a fight because the Savages would not cooperate, and Piggy was crushed to death by a boulder, there was no real reason behind their deaths.  “He tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was swallowing him up.  “I went on. I thought, by myself—”  The madness came into his eyes again. “I thought I might kill.” (Golding 70). If you let pride take the lead you can produce unthinkable evils.

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 Ever since Jack missed his chance at killing a pig he determined in order to satisfy his pride he NEEDED to kill a pig.  The darkness of man’s nature took over and he became blood hungry savage, he continued to be obsessed with killing and hunting claiming they needed meat.  Because of this he let the fire burn out so they missed a chance to get rescued.

 This even meant killing the most innocent of pigs, the sow with many piglets by her side.  The worst part is that he didn’t care. “Jack began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling.” (Golding 89) As well as being blood hungry he became power thirsty as well.

 He thrived on wanting to be in charge and would do anything to get there.  Jack thought that being in charge meant being the best, but not everyone is suitable for such a high position.  None of the other children wanted him to be the leader of the pack because his priorities were set strictly on hunting and getting food, unlike Ralph (current leader) whose priorities were set on the fire and getting off the island alive.  “Hands up,” said Jack strongly, “whoever wants Ralph not to be chief?”  The silence continued, breathless and heavy and full of shame.

Slowly the red drained from Jack’s cheeks, then came back with a painful rush. He licked his lips and turned his head at an angle, so that his gaze avoided the embarrassment of linking with another’s eye.” (Golding 182) The darkness of man was a very big theme in the story, the boys were corrupted because of the lack of society.  They let their evil selves overcome them instead of working together to try and survive.

 The darkness took over and two young boys died at the hands of boys just as old as them.  The darkness that man holds inside them is powerful and it can often take control of weaker minds, those who are not as developed, and those that do not know any better.  

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