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The Kings and Monarchy tell us about what the Roman people valued such as family and having a head of household.

“Because the king was elected by the people of Rome, most saw him as a father figure. This means that as the “father of Rome”, the king has power over everyone and important roles ” ( Morey, Williams ). Even though, Monarchy was the first form of government in Rome, their were many things leading up to government.

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First, Rome had to become a city. Then, people had to think of ways to run the city. That is where Monarchy comes into place and how Romans shaped there early government. “According to the legend, Rome was founded by two twins, Romulus and Remus.They were descendants of a royal family. One day the twins got into an argument. Romulus ended up killing Remus, making him, Romulus, the first king of Rome.

Romulus went back to his native city to find people who would move to his new settlement with him. This was the dawn of a new government” (Giotto, John). This new government was called The Monarchy, which was the first of three practiced governments in Rome. Monarchy is the type of government in which one ruler is in charge, a king.

The King of Rome had the role of looking after all his people. However, the Romans and gods did have a say on who they wanted their chief to be. This role is extremely important because the King had the job of a priest, military commander, and had power over the lives of his people.  Rome and the government continued to grow. In the beginning of the organization of Rome, there were tribes. Each tribe had their own king, general assembly, and council of elders.

These tribes later, merged, and were ruled under one government. The many kings, were replaced by one. The general assembly was now two councils of one hundred members each. Last, the council of elders was now the senate where each old man or chief of a family could be a part of. This is when Rome began to seem more established.

  There was a lot of responsibility that went with being a part of the monarchy. Restating, the king had to act as a commander, priest, and could determine whether someone lives or dies. There were seven kings before the monarchy ended and a new form of government ruled over Rome. The first king was Romulus, who founded Rome and was the son of the god of war. Next was Numa Pompilius, who was a religious figure in Ancient Rome.

Tullus Hostilius was third for king. He was a warrior and was elected king due to Rome’s argument with a neighboring town. Then, Ancus Marcius, Numa Pompilius’ grandson, was fourth king because Rome wanted peace and he promised them that. Fifth was Tarquinius Priscus, whose rule is based all on legends. After that, there was Servius Tullius, who was a high achiever in most Romans eyes. Lastly, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, was the final King of Rome, and he was one who showed oppression and violence towards the people or Rome. That was the end of Monarchy in Rome.  Eventually, Monarchy ended in Rome.

However, it influenced thinking in Ancient Rome. One way it influenced the way the Romans thought was how it taught them governing skills. They started out as tribes and eventually figured out an organized and civilized way to govern there community. Another way it influenced thinking is the elections. This shows them how they all have a voice on whom they want there leader to be. Those are ways the monarchy helped influence thinking in Ancient Rome.

  As shown, Monarchy was valued by the Romans and they improved their government along the way. The Ancient Romans helped to shape modern day government as well. Currently government rule is under a monarchy, just like Rome was. Even though, this happened many years ago the government was so civilized and established that it influenced modern day. That is the Roman Monarchy.

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