The Greatest Dangers That Face Vulnerable Adolescents Social Work Essay

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In reexamining literature we must construe a comprehensive volume of information associating to a given subject. In this case the subject at manus is self-harm, and as such we are required to analyze and absorb every bit much of the available information in order to digest it into new penetrations and to supply grounds to inform our practical determinations. In this specific review the purpose is to utilize the available literature to place the most outstanding and prevailing challenges that could confront a school nurse in the intervention and direction of young persons that self injury.Operational DefinitionsThe act of self-harm has become all the more common amongst striplings ( Fortune and Hawton, 2005 ) ( Laukkanen et al, 2009 ) , wherein every bit many as one in 15 young persons undertake self injury at one point or more in their lives ( Mental Health Foundation, 2006, a ) . Self harm involves many types of personal hurt, from poisoning to hungering, though cutting is the prevailing method of self hurt ( Lakkanen et al, 2009 ) and because of this, I have ensured to distinguish film editing, from other agencies of ego injury within this reappraisal. The primary attack of this reappraisal is to try to place the most outstanding literature relation to this subject within the UK.

Unfortunately there is merely a little pool of literature regulating the subject of self injury in young persons ; even foreign literature on the subject is merely as developing and lacking, frequently utilizing differing nomenclature, such as “ self-Mutilation ” ( Derouin and Bravender, 2004 ) .A farther class of ego injury that requires specific definition is the term Deliberate ego injury, otherwise known as DSH. Whilst it is most often used in UK literature refering to the topic, it has been regarded as controversial, because of the mental intensions behind the upset. ( NICE, 2004 ) . Peoples who commit self injury, tend to non experience comfy with the usage of the word ‘deliberate ‘ , as it disrupts the impression that the act is voluntary, which a batch of sick persons disbelieve ( Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2007 ) . In recognizing different positions on the affair, the term ‘deliberate ‘ should no longer be used in relation to self injury, to give an enlightened position of the subject within this literature reappraisal.

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When discoursing immature people or stripling in this study, the footings will mention to any immature individual between 12 and 18 old ages of age. The mean age of oncoming for ego injury is 12 old ages ( mental wellness foundation, 2006, a ) , nevertheless kids every bit immature as five old ages old have been reported to self injury ( Bywaters and Rolfe, 2002 ) . The instances of kids that immature executing self injury is really uncommon, and the rate tends to increase quickly with age throughout adolescence ( Hawton et al, 2003 ) .Methodology.Gathering literary beginnings was done by using a hunt of CINAHL ( Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature ) , a database for nurising based literature reappraisals. It is peculiarly suiting as it relaties specifically to nursing and allied wellness literature ( Aveyard, 2010 ) . In order to acquire the most comprehensive list of resources, several footings were used within the hunt ; Cut* “ self-harm ” “ self-mutilation ” , “ Adolescent ” and “ School nurse ” in order to supply a broad scope of literature related to the subject. Recent documents, such as those published within the last five to ten old ages were used.

In order to garner adequate information, the bound was extended to ten old ages, as there was merely non adequate beginnings within a five twelvemonth bracket. When performign these hunts, the hunt footings were frequently linked in order to supply the best set of consequences. Other databases were used, utilizing a similar method as this to good consequences. They included The British Nursing Inde, and PsychINFO.It is frequently emphatic how of import it is to unite hunt schemes ( Greenhalgh and Peacock, 2005 ) , within literature reappraisals. Despite the advantage electronic hunts provide, it is still possible to lose cardinal beginnings of literature. ( Montori et al, 2004 ) . Every measure to guarantee the best quality of literature is provided should be taken, and as such within this reappraisal, any appropriate cited mentions have been exhaustively checked and sourced.

In following assorted hunts, the infusions from the articles were read for relevancy to the reappraisal. They were besides regarded to see if they met the inclusion/exclusion standards and for general relevancy and importance. The critical apraisal accomplishments programme was used to great consequence in determining the quality of certain articles ( Aveyard, 2010 ) .

Further articles that did non run into standards at this phase were disregarded from the survey. As could be expected, all literature that had been collated showed similarities in their findings and subjects. These have been used to associate the findings in a systematic mode for the intent of this reappraisal ( Pope et al, 2007 ) .

Prevelance, rates, grounds to harm, the factors behind harming, self-destructive purposes and intercession are all subjects which need to be studied and examined for the jobs and considerations faced by a medical professional when meeting them.PrevelanceOne idea that is consentaneous within surveies refering self-harm is that the act itself is much more than merely attending seeking behavior. ( Mental Health Foundation, 2006, a ) . This is supported by the cases in which youths effort to conceal their efforts behind long sleeved tops, or by cutting in countries of the organic structure that are hidden from position, such as the interior thigh or the armpit ( Freeman, 2002 ) . Because of this, many Acts of the Apostless of self-harm do non come to the attending of the health care services, so it is about impossible to spot the true graduated table of the affair.However in one survey 13.

2 % of striplings reported to hold purposefully harmed themselves within their lives ( Hawthorn and Rodam, 2006 ) . There have been many surveies on the affair, but it is hard to compare consequences due to changing age groups and conditions. Two facts seem t o be agreed upon nevertheless, and they are that cutting is the most prevailing type of self-harm ( Laukkanen et al, 2009 ) and that in all likelihood the true graduated table of the job goes live. The latter could be due to several grounds ; between young persons concealing the fact they perform self-harm and that parents who have no frights in respects to their kids, are less likely to give consent to allow these surveies entering informations. ( Hintikka et al, 2009 ) .

With all studies holding that the state of affairs as a whole reflects simply the tip of an iceberg, and that findings do non cover the bulk of Acts of the Apostless that go unnoticed by the medical services, wellness professionals require a greater apprehension of the subject, in order to undertake the job when they do meet it. As School Nurses are frequently the first to reach young persons who self injury ( McDougal, 2003 ) , it is even more critical to supply an apprehension and means to turn to this job. Whilst set uping a professional where students feel comfy in unwraping their behavior, it is besides critical to advance consciousness in the school and community at big of the dangers of this self-harming behavior ( Hackney, 2009 ) . However the root of the job lies in placing those who are prone to cutting and other Acts of the Apostless of ego injury, and understanding why they choose to take this measure.Why Adolescents Self-HarmThere look to be many grounds offered as to why striplings choose to harm themselves including to experience more alive, to deflect from the world of their state of affairs, and to even derive alleviation from the force per unit areas that surround them ( Mental Health Foundation, 2006, a ) . It can be used as a agency of covering with emotional extremes of choler, unhappiness or depression ( Mental Health Foundation, 2006, a ) , or even as a agency of showing negative emotions such as self-loathing or solitariness. Whatever the cause, the ground behind it is frequently that the stripling ‘s head finds it easier to cover with physical hurting and injury than the emotional hurting that is the root of the job ( Medical Health Foundation, 2006, a ) .

Physically, there are endorphins released during the act of cutting which serve as to quiet the individual down ( Starr, 2004 ) . In making this, the anxiousness is reduced and non merely is the stripling satisfied emotionally, but besides potentially addicted physically. Adolescents frequently feel that between surveies and their household, they have no control over their ain life ; and as such film editing can be a agency of exercising control over themselves physically. ( Derouin and Bravender, 2004 ) . However in certain fortunes, it can be used to exercise control of those around the young person, such as friends, household, and other loved 1s. ( Freeman, 2002 ) .With this in head, it is apprehensible why young persons take to self injury as a agency of deciding their emotional issues, as it has been recorded that most young persons who have undertaken the act, hold it in a positive visible radiation ( Griesbach, 2008 ) . However it is merely a impermanent solution and an frequently unsafe one at that.

Any satisfaction gained from the act itself does nil to live over the underlying job ( Mental Health Foundation, 2006 ) , and as such can non be expected to decide itself. Those who choose to self injury, tend to make so because of a complex combination of grounds and experiences, instead than a individual, regulating event ( Fox and Hawton, 2004 ) . As such, it can frequently be hard for a Nurse to turn to these issues as a corporate when covering with those who self-harm.

Factors associated to Self HarmGirls are more prone to internalize their jobs than male childs and as such, certain pieces of literature believe that misss are far more likely than male childs to fall back to self injury ( Hawton et al, 2002 ) . In contradiction to this, certain texts would province that in a survey of admittances to an accident and exigency section, about as many male childs were admitted as misss, for the act of self injury ( Lilley et al, 2008 ) . As such, it is of import to admit that the differences between genders, may non reflect the likeliness of cutting as any greater than the other.There a rhenium besides emotional factors tied to self injury, tha T include feelings of solitariness, isolation, depression, defeat and ineptitude ( Griesbach, 2008 ) . These feelings in and of themselves frequently a re plenty to do concern that a young person could self injury, nevertheless combined with other factors such as separation from loved 1s ( through statements or disregard ) , strong-arming or even maltreatment could magnify the hazard of self-harm ( Griesbach, 2008 ) .

It is merely every bit of import when sing these factors, that non everybody who has suffered neglect or maltreatment will self-harm, and that those that have will frequently manage things in a less destructive mode ( Turp, 2002 ) .Other behavioral factors have been linked to those who self-harm, which include aggressive inclinations, hapless educational public presentation, substance maltreatment, and most normally depressive tempers ( Laukkanen et al, 2009 ) . There are besides those who suffer from emphasis, or who feel as if they have small control over their life. ( Griesbach, 2008 )Family and RelationshipsWhilst behavioral jobs can be tied to the grounds behind self-harm, frequently it is those closest to the stripling that promote these issues, wittingly or otherwise, such as a parental figure supplying either momism, or a deficiency of attention ( Marchetto, 2006 ) . There are many psychosocial issues that may leave negative emotions, emphasis, or force per unit areas upon a young person, with serious household and relationship jobs being the more common ( Laukkanen et al, 2009 ) .

With this to see, a school nurse must gain that even the most superficial act of self injury could be linked to a really deep and complex series of psychosocial jobs. Young people frequently feel uncomfortable gap up about such backgrounds, irrespective of household circumstance ( Griesbach, 2008 ) and accordingly it can be hard for a school nurse to bring out the true cause of self-harm with a patient. This trouble in opening up must be considered when measuring a young person suspected of ego injury in order to outdo set up a relationship with the patient and therefore a degree of trust ( Griesbach, 2008 ) .Mental concerns.

A high proportion of kids can be diagnosed with mental upsets. With mental wellness jobs such as anxiousness, depression and even eating upsets being strongly linked to those who self-harm ( Hintikka et al, 2009 ) , these high proportions become all the more concerning. Harmonizing to The Mental Health Foundation ( 2006, B ) One in 10 kids have a mental wellness upset, coupled with the strong links between ego injury and these upsets gives cause for concern as to how much goes live. Depression has even been recognised as a major factor behind self injury ( Derouin and Bravender, 2004 ) , which is going even more common with misss who choose to cut. ( Hintikka et al, 2009 ) . However there is frequently a stigma attached to mental wellness issues that a school nurse will hold to get the better of when turn toing these jobs. Often set uping a heightened consciousness of these upsets within the community will take some of the stigma related to these upsets, and in bend will promote young persons to be more unfastened and healthy with their ideas ( Hackney, 2009 ) .

Some striplings nevertheless, have been discovered to hold self-harmed for old ages by successfully concealing their hurts, and have shown no marks of a mental upset ( Derouin and Bravender, 2004 ) that stimulates the necessity to cut. Even if mental jobs are non to fault nevertheless, the act of self injury is a mark that something is incorrect within the young person ‘s life ; self harm frequently being the outward response to unfavorable fortunes ( Griesbach, 2008 ) .Social FortunesPeer force per unit area is an wholly excessively common portion of adolescence.

In respects to self-harm, this combined with wonder and hazard taking behavior will frequently move as encouragement to “ seek it ” ( Derouin and Bravender, 2004 ) . It is of import for a school nurse to understand the presence of equal force per unit area, and be mindful of it when helping those who have to get the better of self-mutilation. Indeed it is necessary to be aware of all outside societal developmental issues when a school nurse efforts to interrupt the rhythm of cutting with a patient. ( Derouin and Bravender, 2004 ) .Suicide.Whilst those who choose to self cut or ego mutilate frequently are non meaning to try suicide, there can frequently be a hazard.

Often they are merely trying to let go of utmost anxiousness or inner hurting, ( Derouin and Bravender, 2004 ) . However, there are troubles when turn toing this job as a school nurse. Those who choose to cut are frequently less likely to be at hazard of self-destruction than those who harm in a different mode ; frequently their lone purpose is to let go of tenseness, and they are more in control of the harm they are bring downing than other methods. ( Griesbach, 2008 ) . However, grounds supports the impression that those who self-harm, will repeatedly self-harm, and in bend this increases their hazard of self-destruction, intended or non ( Cleaver, 2007 ) .It is of import to retrieve that in general immature people will see suicide, and self-harm as two really separate things.

Unfortunately for a school nurse, the features of those who self-harm and those who intend to perpetrate self-destruction are frequently shared ( Hawton and James, 2005 ) . Thus it can be a really ambitious experience for a School Nurse to place students who self injury who are at hazard of self-destruction in a medium or a short term. It is critical for School Nurses to recognize the differences between the two, and intervene at the earliest possible chance, for every instance of self-harm. Whilst Suicide is a rare event ( NICE, 2004 ) , it is still the 3rd most common cause of decease in the adolescent age group. As such any find of self-harming should be to the full assessed for demands, emotional, psychological and societal factors that are specific to the single instance ( NICE, 2004 ) so as to better measure the job at manus.

InterventionsThere is some argument as to the best method to halt repeated self-harm, and unluckily there is a deficiency of good grounds to back up one method over another ( NICE, 2004 ) . Randomize Control Trials ( RCT ) are frequently the prime pick of researching and comparing differing intercessions ( Harner and Collinson, 2005 ) . There had been positive consequences found within the kingdom of group therapy. Wood ( 2001 ) found promising consequences from a survey into developmental group psychotherapeutics, entering a clinically important difference to favor group therapy above other signifiers of aftercare and upon this grounds a first line of intervention should be prescribed as group therapy. Unfortunately in contrast to this a recent repeat of the survey failed to give any positive consequences to propose that group therapy was a superior intervention ( Hazell et al, 2009 ) . As we can see there is a great trouble in measuring the value of any research into intervention, and the importance of reiterating the trials for grounded grounds.

Young people say that they wish to be helped in a manner that feels comfy for them. This is apprehensible, as they are frequently discoursing a private affair. Private support groups, one on one Sessionss and bead in services are viewed as peculiarly helpful ( Griesbach, 2008 ) . One of the most of import factors is get the better ofing the negative attitude associated with the upset ; something that is even possessed by the nurses who treat it ( Cleaver, 2007 ) . As such it is of import to handle the patient with regard and to listen to their jobs, even if their roots do non stem from self-harm, but from day-to-day, or emotional issues.

Many who have self harmed province that had this service been available to them in the first topographic point, they would non hold started their upset ( Mental Health Foundation, 2006, a )Preventive steps must be taken to turn to self-harm in all of its signifiers. A school nurse is positioned at the head of these preventive steps, and frequently can happen themselves in the best possible place to help the young person. However ; self injury is a really big, and really complex job for a school nurse to turn to, with grounds proposing nurses to experience overwhelmed and under supported when undertaking the issue ( Cook and James, 2009 ) . With this in head, the farther instruction of school nurses to fit them to cover with these issues can non be disregarded ( NICE, 2004 ) .When preventive steps fail it is good practise to rede people who repeatedly self injure with direction techniques such as, how best to cover with scarring, alternate header schemes, and harm minimalisation techniques ( NICE, 2004 ) . This construct is good established in wellness publicity and has been applied in recent old ages successfully to both sexual wellness instruction and in a decrease of teenage gestations ( Lesley, 2008 ) . Adolescence is a clip for endeavoring for independency, experimenting and taking hazards ( Lesley, 2008 ) and this attack of understating self injury can frequently be the best attack to undertaking those who have already self harmed.Evidence to propose an effectual intervention is non abundant ( NICE, 2004 ) but to concentrate on understating the harm is a pessimistic attack.

Certain voluntary organisations advocate the idea “ If you feel the demand to self injury, focal point on remaining within the safe bounds ” ( Mind, 2010 ) . Young people want a scope of options for ego aid best suited to them, even if it is something every bit simple as something to deflect themselves from self injury for merely a short period of clip ( Mental Health Foundation, 2006, a ) . Successful distraction techniques have been known to include utilizing ice alternatively of cutting, or even taging with a ruddy pen ; other agencies involve merely venting pent up defeat such as by pluging a clout bag ( Mental Health Foundation, 2006, a ) non all alleviations have to be physical, nevertheless, and frequently originative chases such as authorship, pulling and painting can hold a really positive consequence ( Griesbech, 2008 ) . Often, it is much more constructive to prosecute in originative instead than destructive behavior and is even more likely to alter behavioral response to self injury ( Norman and Ryrie, 2004 ) .If ineluctable, it is advocated that those who cut use clean, crisp instruments and avoid countries that include venas and arterias ( Pengelly, 2008 ) . When recommending this a nurse must see both the legal and ethical statements of backing any signifier of ego injury ( Pengally, 2008 ) . Many do non experience comfy discoursing these minimalisation techniques over the concern that this could be construed as encouragement and leave the nurse vulnerable to backfire ( Pengally, 2008 ) .

That said, frequently self injury may be the lone control that a immature individual feels that they have over their lives ( Derouin and Bravender, 2004 ) it is indispensable for a nurse, when back uping striplings, to do effectual clinical determinations. Ethical quandary and diverse state of affairss frequently arise in this field of medical specialty and must be balanced with the demands of the patient and community ( Bennet, 2008 ) .Ultimately, when set abouting these determinations, practicians must confer with with the remainder of the clinical squad and maintain in deepness records.

Similarly, the determination whether or non to inform the parents raises another ethical inquiry. Inititally, it can damage trust between the nurse and patient in future audiences, nevertheless, should a young person be considered mature plenty they should be treated as grownups and therefore given the same degree of confidentiality ( Hendrick, 2010 ) .


The bulk of beginnings of information within this reappraisal is qualitative research which is related to the desire to obtain the sentiments of persons alongside their experiences ( Watson et al, 2008 ) .

The benefits of qualitative methods are that frequently a greater wealth of information is obtained, in footings of societal and personal experiences and penetrations than would otherwise be available ( Hall, 2006 ) . Unfortunately, there are many unfavorable judgments that beset qualitative surveies. For case, many disregard the findings as they are non ecologically valid due to the little sample size ( Parahoo, 2006 ) as such, findings of many surveies frequently merely reflect the features of that peculiar sample as opposed to the diverse population that engage in the act of self injury. Furthermore, it is hard to warrant attesting qualitative research as frequently its consequences are interpretive ( Aveyard, 2010 ) of class, findings can besides be affected by the differing appraisal methods used to collate the information, such as whether the appraisal was done autonomously or if it relied on parental consent.


Harm minimalisation techniques need to be widely available to striplings who self injury with recognization of the ethical quandary, in order to back up school nurses within this field of practise. Future literature on the topic besides needs to take its nomenclature carefully and concentrate upon one signifier of self injury instead than generalizing. This is the lone mode in which a particular intervention can be formulated to turn to each single signifier of self injury leting nursing to develop appropriate preventive intercessions. School nurses should besides mention all young persons who harm to CAMHS. The given that immature people that cut are non self-destructive or that they do non hold mental unwellness is excessively high a hazard to see and even though the bulk hold neither of these upsets, they can non be overlooked due to the minority that do possess them.


The true extent of ego injury or ego film editing is really hard to find due to the incompatibilities and definition and underreporting that frequently it goes unnoticed. What can be agreed upon, is that ego film editing is an increasing and serious job among striplings. School nurses keep a critical function in the direction of this upset and are frequently at the head of any bar, intervention and instruction. An apprehension of why striplings self injury and all linked factors are critical for set abouting intervention of a patient. However, this challenge is complex and requires a big sum of preparation and support ; it is really of import to avoid any stigma attached to self harming when handling youth, they are frequently non attending seeking and often present a batch of jobs in their lives.

Self injury masks implicit in emotional, psychological and societal injury and can merely be a youths merely mercantile establishment to alleviate emphasis and emotional tenseness. It is undeniable that self injury is a quickly spread outing country of research, nevertheless upon reexamining this literature many inquiries are still left unreciprocated. There is still the implicit in moral and ethical troubles that a school nurse must see when back uping those who self injury

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