The Greatest Gift

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Last updated: October 6, 2019

She always scolded me. She often punished me. She forced me to do my homework. I hated all this, but I know that she loves me.

She never once left me out of her mind. She would often call me after my school, asking me how was school, did I get scolded, or did I listen during classes. Sometimes when I was tired I would be frustrated, but I know that she loves me. It was a never-ending stream of motherly love I received everyday of my life. I was a very naughty boy when I was very young.

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At around 5 years old, I used to always throw tantrums and knock everything that I saw in front of me down. In short, I was a little devil. My mother never once punished me for that. She would just simply ask me to sit down and she would give me some candy. Sure you may say that it was because I was young that she did not want to punish me. I think it was because she loved me.

As the years passed I matured in my attitude. I did not knock everything in front of me down anymore. Instead, I resort to arguing. We could easily argue for hours at end.We could never come to a conclusion. I would simply go round in circles after I realized my mistake to somehow try to win the argument over to my side. It always worked.

Now thinking back I found my actions foolish and disrespectful, but I still found myself repeating it once again. Yes I hated all this useless arguments, but I knew, that she lectured me for my own good, and that she loved me. Even now she never gives up on me. I may fail my subjects. I may get scolded by my teachers, but she never gave up. She was always there to guide me, to teach me, and to motivate me.She always believed practice makes perfect.

I always hated it when she mentions that line in front of me, but I knew that it was true. I could never look her straight in the eyes after I did something wrong. Was it her way of making me feel guilty by simply asking me to try my best? Was it a hint to something? I could never figure it out, but her method seems to always work.

Sometimes, when she scolds me, it goes in one hear and come out of the other. I never thought I was wrong in an argument. I always tried my best to wriggle myself free of any punishment.

Sure, I had to listen to her long lectures. Looking back again, I knew she did it out of love, out of concern. She simply wanted me to be a better person in life, to be liked by all, because she cares. I have taken granted of her kindness all these years. It was time for me to repay the kindness.

I never believed what a person could do out of love. She always said that without her, I would die within a week. Yes it is rather drastic but ultimately, it was true.

She is my mother. She is the one that brought me to this world. She is my hero. She is my greatest gift.

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