The had their own law and they were civilized

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Last updated: September 6, 2019

The author of the book things fall apart challenges the belief that the africans are abusive savages by taking you inside the life of a powerful african tribesmen. Thesis:In the book things fall apart, Chinua Achebe critiques the dominant narrative of the african as a savage by showing the rules of the tribe and nation.

The africans had their own law and they were civilized though they white man did not think, they had their own system.Evidence: When Okonkwo killed his “son” was it ok, no, but they had a law and a punishishment, Okonkwo had to spend 7 years in the motherland (the place where he grew up). Evidence: Okonkwo beat his wife on the week of peace because she did something wrong and if he didn’t he would be seen as weak, which kinda puts him in a pickle because if he doesn’t beat his wife when she does something wrong then he will be looked at as weak, but if he does beat his wife in the week of peace he will get in trouble, but Okonkwo decides to beat his wife and the goddess come and punished him. Anyone who didn’t read the book or wasn’t african would just think that Okonkwo is just an abusive man.

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¬†Evidence:It may seem as if Okonkwo is an abusive man be if he isn’t stubborn and if he doesn’t keep order he will lose respect and he will be called a woman by the other tribe members.Evidence:If his wives misbehave or be disobedient Okonkwo has to beat them and if he doesn’t he will lose respect and if the wives disobey they now that they will get beaten. The Africans had their own religion and they didn’t need to saved (even though everyone needs to be saved by christ) they africans didn’t think so.Evidence:The africans had a religion and they believed in the religion and they refused to be converted because they were loyal to the religion. ¬†¬†Evidence:The people believed in the gods/goddesses and they followed the rules (for the most part) and if they disobeyed the rules they knew the consequences so for the most part the followed those rules.

So as i was explaining before the africans were not abusive savages and they were civilized and had there own system of law and they were doing what they were born into, and they were doing there cultural things

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