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“The purpose of life isnot to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, andto have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

” – RalphWaldo EmersonThe aforementioned quotespeaks about the meaning of purpose of life, that it is more than just beinghappy. It is vital that one understands what the purpose of life is, but beforethat you need to be clear on why is purpose in life needed. To have a purposein life is a thought provoking subject.

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There are people who emphasize greatimportance on finding their life purpose, while some do not pay heeds to thissubject. It varies from person to person that how they perceive thecircumstances going around them. In order to identify ones purpose of life itis imperative to comprehend the significance of having a purpose in life first.A lot of people would think that it is connected to spirituality and religiousconnotations which can only be realized through meditation and praying, whichis not true. It is beyond religious connotations; life purpose doesn’t have todo anything with being an atheist or religious.

It is associated with living ameaningful life, having a direction and a pathway to follow in one’s life. Itapplies to all of us. A person who doesn’t havea clear purpose in life would spend his life achieving a specific set of goalsbut not find meaning to it. One may wonder what exactly is to find a meaning.It is the value that a specific goal is bringing to that person’s life. Ifafter achieving a goal you still feel that void in your heart it is time torevisit your thoughts and attach meaning to what you do.

By having a lifepurpose, you may be well aware of how you should spend your life and whatoutcome you can expect from the set goals. As Stephen Covey once said: “If the ladder is not leaning againstthe right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”Therefore, it is essential that you get the big picture right first, and thenonly perfect your goals/plans. The big picture here is the life purpose.The idea is not to only spendone’s life, but how well that life is spent. Well spent life doesn’tnecessarily mean to live a fun-filled life, but how your existence has impactedthe lives of others and what you have given back to your nation. However, itvaries that how a person prioritizes different things in life.

He/she may havea complete different approach in life; the meaning that he/she gives to lifemay differ. What important here is that he ponders over identifying his purposeof life. Moreover, by having a clear life purpose doesn’t mean that all yourproblems would disappear but you will be well conscious of what you want todrive in this world. Furthermore, when you areaware of your purpose it is easier to differentiate what’s important to you andwhat’s not. When you have a purpose, you can understand the importance of yourgoals and it helps you stay focused in working towards your long term lifepath. Whether you want to earn more money, get a fancy house or a fleet ofcars; all of this depends on what an individual wants from life and whatmeaning does he/she derive from life. It was a few years ago that I realizedthe importance of knowing purpose of life. The need to question myself becameinevitable for me since the goals set were not making sense to me.

I startedwondering about the value of those goals. What difference would they bring tothe people around me once I achieve it. I started to feel the urge of doingsomething which would ultimately enable me to do something for the human kindand ways to give it back to my society. All of this led to identifying my lifepurpose, and only then could I establish my life goals. Presently, my actionsare directed towards attaining that end goal.

That is to say, whatever I amdoing right now will ultimately lead me to achieve my end goal. Therefore,discovering your purpose of life is one thing and then fulfilling it is a wholeprocess that you would go through. Once you get things clearin your head it becomes much easier to prioritize your tasks and address dailylife problems. Moreover, it gives you clarity about the direction to be takenin your life.

There may occur a situation in your life where you feel lost, youdon’t feel right about the job you are currently in. That is normal, a lot ofpeople are doing a job that is not their passion or perhaps they do not evenlike doing. This problem could be addressed by realizing the purpose of yourlife. Finding the purpose of your life involves a lot of struggle withinyourself. It leads to self enlightenment; since only by discovering yourselfcan you identify your purpose of life. You need to realize what the things thatwill satisfy or excite you are. Many people might feel that it is too late thatthey have realized their purpose and they don’t have any other option but tocontinue with their current jobs. Let’s have a different perspective here.

Ifyou feel that it is too late, you could derive meaning out of your job andalign it with the purpose of your life. You could use it as a means toachieving your end goal. Your current job could act as a means to fulfill yourpurpose in life.

In this way, you could give your life a meaning, which youwere not able to do previously. It keeps a person stable and mentally healthyas well, since one knows what and why are they doing a specific thing in theirlife. All you need is to do a lot of contemplation so as to understand yourselffirst and then life purpose. This will give you an ability to live gracefullyand with a positive outlook on life.

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