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Last updated: February 21, 2019

The key to promote lifelong health is regular exercise,it provides many benefits at any age.

Making exercise a habit an an early agecan be extremely important. Because it has a huge impact a child emotionally,physically and mentally. Children with disabilities have the same benefits whenparticipating in therapeutic interventions as proven in many studies. A youngboy by the name of Christopher who has cerebral palsy will be examined alongwith his weaknesses and strengths. Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorderwhich can occur during a child’s brain development and can affect manyfunctional movements of the body such as muscle control, body movement andbalance. It is also known to have an affect on motor and gross skills, it canaffect physical impairment which results in painful and awkward positions dueto muscle stiffness.       6 weeks ofprogram and exercise intervention in a home based setting had a huge influenceon his physical strength.

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This shows how important regular programed basedexercise can be for mental wellbeing. Some of the programmed interventions thatwere used during the study included soccer, sit-ups, walking hand gripstrengthener and more. This study generallyfocused on Christopher’s action and interest, his functional and ecologicalcomponents including social impacts. This was done by following an exerciseguideline for individuals with Cerebral Palsy and included using motor skillsand strength.  Even though not all goalswere completely met, this study was proven to be correct for overall health andwellbeing. Exercise and physical activity are important and recognizedinterventions for children with Cerebral Palsy, it is known to improve theirmuscle function, movement and strength. Simple tasks such as walking, takingthe stairs and running can be difficult for children with CP which is why it isextremely important to have therapeutic goals for these children in order toimprove their everyday functional tasks in life.

       This study isa great example and can be very helpful to many individuals with disability.This article has the potential to speak to many who are concerned such as parents,friends and family. It contained high quality research and information whichcan now be used to improve techniques that other recreational therapists canstudy and use as well.

If one designs a specific program which is individualizedand meets the child’s needs goals can be met. These benefits and results cannot only help individuals with cerebral palsy but others with disabilities aswell. This article has many strength and beneficial information which proveshow important a therapeutic recreationists role can be. Promoting life longfitness for children with disability is extremely important, it is becoming increasinglyapparent due to programmed therapeutic intervention for a healthy lifestyle. Regularexercise can enhance their ability to improve bone structure, strength andmotivate them to participate in programmed activities.    This article shows positive results ofexercise in a disabled child’s life. The case study was very easy to follow andproved the physical improvement of Christopher.

The article explained how dailysessions were proceeded, from the warm up techniques all the way to the end. Itwas very detailed and included all the programmed exercises Christopher had todo from pushups to doing sit-ups and more. The article explains not only thesuccesses of the case but also how it could be improved.

This allows for roomto do further research and improvement in order to help children withdisabilities. This article allows people to understand and address concerns forthose that are disabled. It proves that if exercise becomes a part of life manyissues can be addressed in early stages of life. 

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