The health care” [2] which improves our lifestyle.

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Last updated: August 28, 2019

Thegrowth of mobile data traffic is predicted to be increased by 1000-folds by2020. Mobile data traffic doubles every year according to Cisco Visual Index.5G network has found that the technology was 30 times faster than the existing4G LTE technologies. The speed they achieved was 7.5 Gbps (stationary) and 1.2Gbps (moving). It is challenge in the domain of communication.

Being anEngineer felt that 5G is upcoming and challenging area to deal. “Wirelesstechnology has enormous potential to change the way we live, work, and behave.5G is envisioned to extend traditional services from enhanced mobile broadbandto vertical markets such as connected cars, industry automation, smart meteringand health care” 2   which improves our lifestyle. Advantage2:·        “Rigorous latency and reliability”·        “Network scalability and flexibility” ·        “Better connectivity with higher speed”Limitation1 :·        Difficult to manage and control·        Cost of deploy small cells densely·        Intercell interference ·        Operation and Management.

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Benefitsto corporate organization:·        Better connectivity with higher speedwould fetch billions to the organization.Challengesfor corporate organization:·        5g needs to provide high latency andbandwidth for powerful applications. Few applications require low bandwidth andhigh latency and with minimum energy resources but there is network issues.             For example autonomous cars willdemand packets to arrive at faster rate(i.e low latency) which 5G should give whichis possessing difficulty and cost is more.4·        Non-technical users might have difficulty indeploying small cells.

Inappropriate installation done might have negativeimpact on existing system. 1·        Large number of smaller cells, network willbecome complex and need human efforts to install, maintain, monitor andconfigure the smaller cells. 1

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