The idea because israel won the war and

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The israeli-palestinian conflict was and still is a battle over land. It goes all the way back to the 1900 when the ottoman empire controlled palestine for many centuries were muslims, christian and jews lived peacefully, but after world war one the ottoman empire collapsed leaving the british to come and take over. In 1917 the british declaration that was viewed by both jew and arabs promising a national home for jews who lived in palestine. The british later limited the immigration of jews into palestine, in response to that jews came together to fight both the arabs and british, then came the holocaust leading many jews to flee to palestine that’s when the violences between arabs and jews grew so the united nations stepped in and approved a plan to divide palestine into two separate states, one for jews and one for arabs the city of jerusalem was to become an international state, the whole plan was meant to give jews a state and to establish palestine’s independents and end the violence that the british could not control. The jews accepted the plan but the palestinians did not for an odd reason and in may of 1948 the zionist group declared israel an independent state, shortly after that many neighboring arab countries declared war on israel which in my opinion was not a good idea because israel won the war and started to push past the borders the united nations gave them, they took the western half of jerusalem and much of the land that belonged to palestine. In the end of the war israel controlled all the territories except for gaza which was controlled by egypt and the west  bank which was controlled by jordan while all that was happening israel was throwing palestinians out of their homes creating a large amount of refugees in the neighboring arab countries which is really heartbreaking for the palestinians that have been living in there homes for many generations but then have to leave everything that they build for their children. In 1967 israel and its neighboring countries had another war, it lasted for 6 days when it ended israel took Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank from Jordan and Sinai and Gaza from Egypt, israel was now occupying palestinian territories including all of jerusalem.

After the war the israeli government did not know what to do with palestine, half wanted to retune it to jordon the other have wanted to make it its own state so they could govern themselves but they never made a decision. A few months later the arab league met in sudan and issued the infamous “three nos” no peace with israel, no recognition of israel and no negotiation with israel the two state solution was once again dismissed by the arabs.

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