The Il-Sun Kim Joun Un became the leader. North

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Last updated: June 23, 2019

The Security Council of United Nation got an emergency meeting to respond to continues missile exploitation done by North Korea. And this is the ninth time that the security council of UN had assembled to discuss the North Korean issue. Addressing the meeting US delegate Nikki Haley stated that world will be responding to North Korea if they continue to launch missiles and drive the international peace and security to an unsafe position.

Further more she stated that UN had imposed highly effective sanctions to them and most of countries have cut down their tread with North Korea and nations have taken actions to isolate them from the rest of the world. Recently addressing the UN general assembly president trump has also made a strong statement against North Korea. North Korea is the most less democratic country in modern world. It has been governed by an authoritarian regime since it became a separate state in 1948. It is dominated by the kim regime since they. Kim Il-Sun was the first ruler then his son Kim Jun-Il and then in 2011 the grand son of KIm Il-Sun Kim Joun Un became the leader. North Korea was governed since 1972 according to the political ideology known as  `JUCHE’ (Self Reliance) which means not to depend on any external actor. However North Korea has been recently criticized by the international community regarding its missile exploitation.

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It is a clear threat to North Korea`s neighbors South Korea and and Japan. Those to countries have security relations with USA. That is  another recon to USA to intervene to this issue. North Korea recently tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile that is capable of reaching Alaska in the American continent.That is a major threat to USA a if North Korea can fire ICBM warheads with nuclear booms America is in danger.

But however international  community believes that President Trump should cooperate with this issue in a more rational manner rather than calling Kim-Jung Un as the `Rocket Man’. The other major powers such as Russia and China are mostly silent about the Korean issue.           

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