The “imaginary being”. The clear answer to this

The topic I have
selected for my essay is Religion. I believe that religion is a hugely
misunderstood and over-argued topic and it sparks immense emotions and
reactions from all types of people. Most Religions revolve around the worship
of a central figure, the supreme authority and there is usually a book carrying
commandments and a code of life for its followers. This topic has led to some
great debates, which might or might not have been fruitful.  As atheism picks up momentum among people
disillusioned with the concept of boundaries which religion sets, this topic
has become the center of quite the controversy with people having a plethora of
differing opinions about it.

I chose this topic
because my religion plays a major role in my life as it gives me the framework
to live a value-centered life. The values defined are generally the same in
most religions and encourage the follower to be kind to his fellow man, not to
harm them, respect and uphold ties of kinship, practice patience and gratitude
and some other commandments related to spirituality and worshiping God. I
believe that if people follow religion without perverting the commandments nor
becoming hateful towards others with different opinions there can be real peace
and prosperity for all.

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Some people argue that
you don’t need religion to just be a good human being and neither do you need
to believe in what they call an “imaginary being”. The clear answer to this is
that doing good acts physically while ignoring the essence of existence, the
soul, is a great error which cannot be rectified without a relationship with a
Higher Power.  Indeed there was major
international study at Oxford to find if humans were naturally predisposed to
religious tendencies, and came to the conclusion that humans are indeed
“hardwired” since birth to believe in God.

Belief in God also
helps strengthen what I believe to be the greatest force in the world, even
greater than Love as it comes only after the Love stage. That force is ‘Faith’.
Faith is monumental instrument at the hands of human beings as it can literally
move mountains. Faith is a driving force which has a historical track record of
inspiring millions to embark on seemingly impossible tasks and make short work
of them.

People argue that
religion divides people and starts war. The rebuttal to this is that people are
already divided by several factors even if you withhold religion from the
system. Race, Ethnicity, Creed, Caste, Social Class, Rank, Ancestry, Political
Views, Social Views, Patriotism and emotions such as Hatred, Envy, Jealousy,
Annoyance, Guilt, Contempt, Hostility, and Covetousness, all divide the Human
Race. Now most religions command their followers to keep away from all these
negative emotions and transcend all divisions and to be brothers and sisters in
faith. A good example of this is the Islamic Pilgrimage in Mecca. Inside the
Holy Mosque all shackles of social standing, race, caste, creed etcetera are
cast away and all are dressed the same, professing the Greatness of God.

Thus, we see how religion
is a really misunderstood concept and there are several arguments for and
against religion that cannot be discussed in this essay. But whatever we
profess, humankind must strive to transcend all differences in order to
maintain the sanctity of our Planet and our Future together.



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