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Chapter 4:

4.1 Introduction:

Terrorism is the biggest menace to UK economic system and besides documented to hold biggest menace on touristry industry demand. This chapter focuses on the short term impacts on UK touristry and related industries demand after September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts on New York and July 7 2005 terrorist onslaughts on London.

The surveies show that, these onslaughts caused large daze to tourers ‘ attitudes to go toward UK finishs and besides change the image profile of tourer finishs in UK, particularly London. Furthermore, this chapter will besides happen that some UK finishs ( like London ) experienced strong negative impacts on the attraction and image for short term than others.

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2 Targeting the Tourists:

Tourism industry represents a important part to UK economic system. The past decennary terrorist onslaughts caused significantly decline in foreign exchange grosss, it besides increase authorities costs and derive political advantages over UK authorities functionaries ( Hall and O Sullivan 1996 ) . These terrorist onslaughts have changed the tourers ‘ perceptual experience to go UK and they preferred to travel safer finishs to bask their vacations. Harmonizing to Keenan Steve ( 2003 ) , UK tourers grosss dropped by 12.

9 % as the consequence of September 11, 2001 terrorist onslaughts ( Table 1 ) . The Maley J. ( 2006 ) study, after London bombing tourers frightened off from Capital ‘s major tourer attractive forces. The National Gallery had 15.2 % , Tate Modern, London Eye had 12 % and London tower 9.

7 % fewer tourers than last twelvemonth. As Hall and O Sullivan ( 1996 ) said, the touristry is a symbol of capitalist economy for an economic system. Attacking the touristry industry means, assailing the authorities policies and in this manner terrorists beef uping themselves against authorities by doing the authorities expression weak.Table 1: International Tourists Arrivals in UK after September 11 2001

MONTH / One-fourth








1ST One-fourth




2ND One-fourth





3RD One-fourth




4TH One-fourth




Year-To-Date Average4,097,258


Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //tinet.ita.doc.

gov/view/m-2001-I-001/table_5.htmlDifferent bookmans have defined and explain terrorists aims in different ways and most bookmans have agreed that terrorists gain their aims by aiming people. Richter and Waugh ( 1986 ) said that, terrorists ‘ ends can be classified as radical, sub-revolutionary or anti-government. For closer scrutiny several other aims emerge. First, aiming tourers help terrorists groups to accomplish their strategic purpose and aims by making fright in people, destabilising the economic system and deriving the media attending. Targeting local and international tourers provide platform to terrorists with the advantage by deriving free international promotion and interrupting local touristry industry. Richter and Waugh besides said that the terrorists can go with other travelers and carry out large foreign currencies fiscal minutess without eliciting intuition.

Over the past decennary, the international touristry has become really popular. Terrorists have recognised the importance of touristry industry in economic systems. As a consequence, they had demonstrated by figure of onslaughts on tourers. When international tourers involved in terrorist onslaughts, media coverage is warrant and media maintain these incidents alive for hebdomads and months.

Harmonizing to Weimann and Winn ( 1994 ) , media coverage make terrorists hero and magnify their massages to heighten their moral legitimacy. By aiming tourers, terrorist groups ‘ chief aims are to procure the media attending. It is a modern tact for terrorists to maintain themselves alive in local and international media intelligence for hebdomads. When international tourers killed or kidnapped, the whole state of affairs in outright dramatized by local and international media, which can do political struggle between constitution and terrorists. Terrorists achieve their aims, when media increase its evaluation or circulation.The Second major aim of terrorists is to accomplish their ideological aims by aiming tourers, which can do colliding civilizations, values and socioeconomic degrees.

Terrorists target tourers for their symbolic values. The July 7 2005 London bombardment was the premier illustration of terrorist onslaught on universe celebrated tourer finish and cultural metropolis. The bombing on public conveyance killed over 50 riders including some aliens. In this incident, terrorists targeted public conveyance to make uncertainness and cultural differences between different communities in UK. The major impact was on UK authorities foreign relation with foreigner tourer ‘s states and accused ( terrorists ) states. The alien tourers ‘ states are demanding justnesss for their guiltless civilian violent death and UK authorities is demanding from accused states to take rigorous steps to command terrorist act. The struggle between different communities and states ensuing from colliding values and civilizations was competently demonstrated in past few old ages after terrorist onslaughts.

The touristry literature demonstrates that, touristry can be medium of communicating every bit good as the massage initiated by terrorists. Terrorist ‘s force against touristry industry fuelling political, socioeconomic, spiritual and cost effectual instrument used to present broader massage as resistance. In either instance, the terrorists aim to aim tourer is non coinciding and for terrorists, touristry industry is high profile, symbolism and free promotion which non to be left undeveloped.

4.3 Degrees of analysis:

The economic impact of terrorist act on UK touristry can be calculated from figure of ways. There are direct costs to the industry and indirect costs to reacting these events. The cost can be calculated in figure of ways, for illustration, how much money would be lost in any productive work if we stand up in a line for an excess hr every clip, we flew or travel for security cheques etc. In past the economic expert experts have tried to cipher the economic impacts of terrorist act on UK touristry for Old ages.

They agreed that, the terrorist onslaughts have both short and long term impact on the touristry industry. The short term impacts are psychological factors ( for illustration fright of winging, uncertainness ) , and long term impacts are decline economic public presentation, passing on war on terrorist act ( both cause unemployment and loss of gaining ) and long clip to retrieve the touristry industry long term down rhythm.

4.4 Effectss of terrorist act on UK touristry:

There are figure of surveies that show economic impacts of terrorist act on the touristry industry. The surveies of IMF 2001, Hobjin 2002 and Navarro and Spencer 2001 concluded that the direct cost on touristry demand ( end product ) seems comparatively little and short term. Terrorist onslaughts do cut down the economic growing, although the estimated impacts are smaller than the cost of internal struggle. When September 11, 2001 and July 7, 2005 terrorist events happened, it effected UK touristry industry both straight and indirectly and disrupted the whole UK economic procedure. To do the impacts of their activities stronger, terrorist groups targeted air hose industry, local conveyance system, touristry finishs, public countries and other concerns.

But, travel and touristry industries were the premier and attractive mark for terrorist groups in past decennary. Because, these industries presence is everyplace and their wakes are deeper on society and on the economic sciences.

4.5 Direct Effect of Terrorism on UK Tourism and Related Industries:

The touristry industry generates immense economic benefits for the UK economic system. The chief economic benefits of touristry are foreign exchange gaining modesty, employment, revenue enhancement gross and concern development chances etc.

Harmonizing to the universe touristry organisation study, “ touristry is one of the top five export classs and beginning of foreign exchange net incomes for many states ” . For UK economic system touristry is one of the biggest beginnings of foreign exchange gaining. This foreign exchange can be used to import goods needed for other economic sectors. Tax gross grosss by HMRC from touristry industry can be divided into direct and indirect grosss. Direct grosss are the revenue enhancements on income earned by workers and concerns. The indirect revenue enhancement grosss are the responsibilities levied ( VAT ) on goods and services purchased by tourers in UK.In past few old ages, UK touristry industry has been through a really hard period. It failed to maintain up with planetary reachings growing, after September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts, eruption of pes and oral cavity disease in 2002 and July 7 2005 London bombardment.

The September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts have biggest impact on UK international tourers ‘ reaching and air hose industry ( Graph 1 ) . UK touristry industry is to a great extent dependent on air conveyance for tourers ‘ reaching. After September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts people were hesitate to go on airplanes, because the terrorist threatened to commandeer the programs. These menaces shocked the UK touristry industry. After 2001 terrorist onslaughts and 2002 pes and oral cavity disease daze moving ridge, UK touristry industry started retrieving its place. In 2004 UK touristry industry reached its extremum and 27.7 million tourers arrived in UK during this twelvemonth. They spend over ?13 billion in UK economic system straight and indirectly.

Further growing in touristry industry was forecasted for coming twelvemonth, and in first six months of 2005 UK touristry industry boomed and hit the prognosis mark but July 7, 2005 bombardment thwarted the touristry industry once more. Harmonizing to LCCL ( 2005 ) study, in first three hebdomads of July 7 terrorist onslaughts, UK touristry industry lost in surplus of ?300 million.Graph 1: Impact on International Arrivals in UKBeginning: British Tourism Framework Review

4.5A Impact on Airline industry:

Direct effects of terrorist act have instantaneous effects on the touristry and related industries.

Airline industry is one of those industries. Many travelers were fearful of going after September 11, 2001 terrorist onslaughts, because terrorist menaces to aim air hoses. These menaces caused immense diminution in air travel riders, as a consequence figure of European and US air hoses cut back figure of flights and some air hoses bearers went wholly out of concern ( Swiss Air, metro jet ) for twosome of yearss ( Lennon and Leary 2007 ) .

Before September 11 2001 the air hose industry was already under force per unit area of excess capacity. Harmonizing to Francis and Humphreys ( 2001 ) , at the terminal of October 2001, BAA Plc ( Owner of London ‘s chief airdromes ) reported that World trade Centre onslaughts have wide impacts on UK air traffic. The worst accomplished path was Trans Atlantic traffic path. It was reported that about one million riders declined in October 2001 at Heathrow airdrome, of which more than half million were Trans Atlantic routes riders. Because, the Heathrow airdrome is the universe most of import long draw international travel finish. While the short or local draw traffic demand was down by 11 per centum comparison to old twelvemonth. July 7, 2005 terrorist onslaughts were direct onslaughts on London Local coach and train webs.

As a consequence the London resistance train services were suspended for twosome of yearss and conveyance companies lost 1000000s of lbs. This loss was the direct amendss and declined in the figure of riders travel toward London due to security grounds and fright of more terrorist onslaughts. The air hose industry besides had terrible impacts of London bombardment, because for the short clip period many tourers and travelers cancelled their flights and vacations.

4.5B Increase in Security Cost to tourism & amp ; related industries:

The latest terrorist onslaughts on London caused new and tightened security steps at hotels, amusement Centres, coach and train Stationss, airdromes, athleticss bowls and tourers finishs. Some of these security steps are deployment of more security forces on airdromes, historical topographic points and metropolis Centres, installing of better showing system on airdromes and other public countries to scan and examine travelers and their luggage, more random cheques of riders, installing of surveillance cameras to supervise leery people activities.

All these security steps have caused large addition in cost to authorities sections and concerns ; as a consequence they increase their merchandises and services monetary values and all loads goes to stop user of the merchandises and services, which may be tourers.

4.5C Impact on touristry related Jobs:

Terrorism crises cost many occupations in UK and remainder of the universe. Harmonizing to Travel trade Gazette ( 2002 ) study, “ The World Travel and Tourism Council estimated that over 10 million travel occupations were lost worldwide after to September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts ” . In United Kingdom, merely in October 2001 touristry gross declined by 25 per centum, as comparison to the last twelvemonth, as a consequence 1000s occupations were lost in London ( Travel trade Gazette 2002 ) . Harmonizing to Riley O. ( 2002 ) , in merely three months after September 11 incident, it was announced, that UK touristry industry entire loss were over ?600 million in gross. In first two months, over three 1000 hotels and other related concerns workers lost their occupations in UK.

July 7, 2005 was the direct onslaughts on London, as a consequence London touristry declined and 1000s of people engaged in touristry and touristry related industries lost their occupations. In past twosome of old ages UK touristry industry was bring forthing over 10 billion lbs a twelvemonth and provides employment more than half a million people in the London metropolis of more than 7 million people, which represent 10 per centum of population.

4.5D Impact on Hotel Industry:

The UK touristry and hotel industries are turning side by side and UK hotel industry is extremely depending on tourers. The hotel industry public presentation in Europe suffered severely after September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts. The UK hotel industry was dining before September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts, because hotels in London which relay on touristry industry and high terminal US concern were most exposed. Harmonizing to Travel Research International Ltd ( 2001 ) study, merely in September 2001 over 25 percent London hotel industry gross declined. Based on preliminary information available, the hotel tenancy rates for the remainder of the twelvemonth are forecast to be 65 to 75 per centum, compared with 81 per centum in 2000 ( Graph 2 ) .

After September 11 2001 international hotel concatenation Hilton Group has reduced it capital outgo budget from ?150 million to ?75 million in response to worsen in full hotels concatenation grosss. In first two months at that place was a 10.7 per centum autumn in Hilton hotels concatenation grosss. Many hotels in all UK metropoliss suffered from deficiency of American concern, five star hotels in London down by 32 per centum and four stars hotel by 15 per centum.The UK hotel industry had suffered severely after July 7 2005 terrorist onslaughts on London.

Datas from PKF Accountants and concern advisors ( 2005 ) shows that, the London hotel tenancy down by 4.9 % on the same month last twelvemonth. Outside London regional hotel showed.

7 % autumn in tenancy. Harmonizing to Monaghan G. ( 2005 ) , UK hotel and travel industry stocks including TUI, AG and Hilton Group Plc slumped by July 7 2005 London bombardment, which hurt the metropolis ‘s touristry industry. The FTSE 350 shows that hotels and leisure index dropped by 5.

8 per centum ; it was the biggest diminution in Leisure and hotels index since September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts. UK touristry industry had been retrieving from three twelvemonth slack in industry followed by September 2001 onslaughts and UK circuit operators was having a encouragement from London win a command to host the Olympics in 2012. Expert said due to tourism roar about 75 percent London hotel suites were occupied between 2004 to June 2005. Soon after July 7 0005 terrorist onslaughts on London hotels tenancy declined down to 65 per centum, as a consequence of diminution in tourers ( Graph 2 ) .

The portion monetary values of Hilton group and Inter Continental Hotel Group Plc slumped to 7.2 and 6.4 per centum severally.Graph 2: Hotel Occupancy in UK after September 11 & A ; July 7 AttacksBeginning: PKF, Deloitte and TRI Consulting Press releases

4.5E Impact on Sports Tourism:

During the hebdomad of terrorist onslaughts on London, all major featuring events in the London and other metropoliss were cancelled and postponed for the hereafter day of the months, because of security concerns. These included football lucifers, local cricket conference lucifers etc. Thousands athletics fans travel from abroad to go to athletics events had cancelled their trips. The local athletics fans from other UK metropoliss had besides cancelled their trips toward London to go to athleticss events.

Each attendant spends an norm of ?100 to ?150 for admittance, nutrient, adjustment, parking and assorted points. After July 7 2005 terrorist onslaughts many athletics tourers had cancelled their trips to go to events or alterations their head to go to London. Many months subsequently after onslaughts sport tourers were still wavering to go London attend athleticss events for safety and security grounds.

4.5F Impact on Travel toward the UK Finishs:

September 11 terrorist onslaughts non merely impact on US travel and touristry, UK was besides curtailed.

Many states issued warning to travelers to avoid states such as US and UK, because of more menaces of terrorist onslaughts. As a consequence, Great Britain saw over 25 % diminutions in touristry gross in September and October 2001 as compared to the old twelvemonth. July 7 2005 London bombardment besides adds fuel to the fire. Several 1000s tourers were cancelled their holiday programs and concern trips to the UK and other Europeans states. Many UK tourers besides cancelled or postponed their vacations within the UK and many hesitate to go toward London.

As a consequence, cordial reception industry in UK had lost 1000000s of lbs in gross.

4.5G Impact on Tourists Safety, Attitudes and Beliefs:

Tourists ever prefer their safety before they travel. Terrorist onslaughts on London metropolis 2005 and New York 2001 had really strong affects on the UK touristry industry, because it was a large challenge to the tourers ‘ security beliefs.

When tourers travel, they do non desire to expose any jeopardies. The safety is the chief concern for them. The terrorist onslaughts are the biggest menace to travelers and tourers personal safety, which cut down the travelers leaning to go. The September 11 2001 onslaughts clearly demonstrate the touristry industry and Sonmez S. ( 1998 ) said that tourers substitute hazardous finishs with safer picks, demonstrate a delayed reaction to terrorist act and exhibit cultural differences in their reactions to put on the line or menace.

As a consequence many tourers had switched their vacations toward safer finishs in other states.

4.5H Impact on Tourism and Travel Services Suppliers:

The travel services providers are runing in really comparative market and at really thin borders are vulnerable to any diminution in demand. Tour operators and travel agents in UK were already under turning force per unit area from direct sell methods between clients and service providers. The impact of September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts had weakened the air hose and related industries and July 7 2005 terrorist onslaughts on London had made affairs worse. The difference is that, these providers have less rigidness than the air hose and related industries ; hence contractions in size and closings are likely to be lasting.The circuit operators and travel agents in UK have been hit peculiarly difficult by terrorist onslaughts.

Harmonizing to the Association of British Travel Agents study, after September 11 2001 terrorist onslaughts, the figure of agents shuting has increased, compared to the same period last twelvemonth, because diminution in air travel tourers demand. The UK touristry chiefly depends on air travel and for survival many travel agents were cutting costs by casting staff. Just Thomas Cook had announced 1500 occupation cut, which was stand foring 12 % of its work force. Many months after the terrorist onslaughts UK circuit operators reported that, booking are non bettering, tourers and vacation shapers are hesitate to go toward UK. Although vacations bundles were being discounted and booking were offered at short notice. The UK circuit operators were reported to cut down there capacity by 20 % for coming summer, although Association of British Travel Agents forecasted that booking will fall by merely 5 % in following summer.

4.5I Impact on Tourists Spending Form:

The Tourism industry Emergency Response group reported, that the disbursement by abroad tourer in UK is likely to worsen by 300 million as a consequence of July 7 2005 bombardment. The diminution in touristry disbursement generates negative impact on UK entire disbursement and employment form.

The direct impacts of July 7 2005 terrorist onslaughts were many tourers cancel or postponed their trips to UK because of their safety. The effects of cancellation and determinations non to go cost UK touristry industry immense losingss, which contributes 4 per centum to UK GDP that represent $ 2.1 trillion. Just London accounts 50 per centum of entire UK touristry industry of foreign tourer gross entirely and supply gateway for tourer traveling to other UK metropoliss.

4.6 Indirect Consequence:

4.6A Change in tourers demand heterogeneously:

While the indirect effects of terrorist act on UK touristry industry include outstanding lessening in touristry demand after terrorist onslaughts and many months after these terrorist onslaughts foreign tourers were still wavering to go toward UK finishs. Many tourers for good switched to other universe celebrated tourers finishs. The diminution of tourers demand besides compels UK governments towards the new policies and their immediate execution, with the purpose to understate long term impact on touristry demand. Harmonizing to Loewenstein et Al ( 2001 ) the indirect consequence contains autumn in tourer ‘s demand, which may disrupt or unplug the industry demand. It is apparent that UK touristry industry operates harmonizing to the demand of abroad and local tourers.

The above discussed terrorist onslaughts are infecting a widespread of common fright of persons which in consequences decline in touristry demand.

4.6B Change in Tourists Behaviour:

Harmonizing to Sunstein ( 2003 ) the grimness of those inauspicious instances detect to which degree these events are painful and emotionally attach towards the memory of persons. Janis and Feshbach ( 1953 ) , fright is a specific mental province, it appear with the surety of non handiness of security or when there are anticipations of more incidents in future. More over it is obvious the tourers get some sort of impact from uninterrupted province of fright from terrorist act. Czinkota M. R.

( 2005 ) said that economic research besides has roots in correlativity among behaviour and emotion. The negative emotions like province of fright decidedly affect tourers going behavior. Leventhal ( 1970 ) narrates that inordinate fright of terrorist act is look out of control for touristry market. Sunstein ( 2003 ) said, the terrorizing effects of terrorist act, tourers over estimation its happening in certain ways. The behavior of over re-acting about terrorist onslaughts fear hints people to do demand of excess betterment in redresss from governments and authorities. This sort of tourer ‘s behavior besides had strong impacts on touristry industry.

4.6C Long Term unplanned disbursals:

The terrorist act caused major diminution in all UK economic sectors, which consequences the immense decrease in long term net incomes in all type of industries.

Tourism sector is one those economic sectors which had direct and indirect impacts. The diminution in tourers demand after terrorist onslaughts to go toward UK finishs caused large decrease in long term net income of touristry and related industries. To convey back tourers and to retrieve its place, UK circuit operators were offering particular offers to tourers, like decrease in vacation bundles, going bundles, hotel bundles etc. All these monetary value cuts consequences touristry industry has to confront un-planned disbursals and decrease in gross, which was the indirect impact on touristry sector.

4.6D Impact on Tourist Destinations Image:

The UK touristry industry is really popular in abroad tourers, because there are figure of topographic points of involvement throughout the Great Britain including museums, palaces, stately places, royal castles, subject Parkss, Zoos, art galleries, gardens and many more historic topographic points. The image importance of UK touristry industry can be viewed as it is 6th largest finish in the universe ( over 190 states ) . This repute and image took old ages to construct but past decennary terrorist onslaughts pointed many fingers toward it stableness.

The UK touristry had suffered mostly due to derogative history of terrorist act in London and other chief metropoliss in past. The July 7 2005 terrorist onslaughts added fuel to the fire. For short clip many abroad tourers cancelled their vacations due to more terrorist onslaughts fear, which had direct and indirect impact on image trade name on UK touristry industry. After these terrorist onslaughts UK touristry industry image trade name took months to retrieve in tourers mind.


6E Impacts of Government Regulations on Tourism:

Czinkota et Al ( 2004 ) said that there may be demand of doing of policies, Torahs, and ordinances for public in reaction of these terrorist onslaughts. While determine to better security conditions, these ordinances cause holds in efficient touristry industry operations. Harmonizing to Sustain ( 2003 ) these authorities ordinances sometimes does non assist truly in growing of economic system and touristry industry, besides consequence negatively. These new constabularies of look intoing tourers and their linguistic communications imposed on airdromes, sea ports and train Stationss cause more problem to tourers, increase security cost, clip wastage and besides diminish the efficiency.

4.6F Impact of Foreign Polices on Tourism:

The manner foreign dealingss alter because terrorist act is non predictable and it is assorted blessing in so far foreign policy concerned. Terrorism unites the states every bit good as offprints them. The states unite on common docket of undertaking terrorist act and interruption with forever due to it. The foreign dealingss of different states are based on co-operation and common involvement of authoritiess. Terrorism causes misconstruing and break between states. Once assurance or relationship between states is broken, it ne’er revives or takes really long clip to construct the same and strong relation once more. Both states authorities could be right and incorrect at the same clip.

The state accused of the terrorist act sometimes may non be in a place to command the terrorist act and on the other side mark state can non believe that accused state is taking strong action against terrorists or sometimes believe that accused state is patronizing the terrorist to accomplish their involvement against mark state.Terrorism has become major issue in the UK foreign dealingss, particularly after July 7 2005 terrorist onslaughts. It besides has changed the manner and way of UK foreign constabularies. Now it is the first and most of import thing to see before come ining into any understanding of common benefits. UK authorities has introduced new and striker constabularies for many states visitants and travelers due to hebdomad foreign relation of those states. These constabularies have discouraged many tourers to go toward UK because of rigorous visa regulations, security cheques and inquiries at airdromes etc.

4.7 Drumhead:

Terrorism affects touristry activities profoundly, this menace compel about both local and international tourers, which cause diminution in the gross and net income of touristry and related industries. On the other side, the whole UK economic system has to bear the cost of every individual act of terrorist act. It is the duty of UK authorities to develop and do constabularies to undertake the terrorist menaces.

The authorities is besides apt for doing such sort of policies and ordinances that give some relaxation to abroad tourers to bask their travel and vacations in UK. This may assist UK touristry industry to cut down its losingss.

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