The Importance of Dreams

The Importance of Dreams Dreams. Everyone has them. Goals, aspirations, things they strive to achieve. Some people’s dreams are more far fetched while others are more realistic. Nonetheless, everyone has a dream. It’s what fuels one to work hard. He or she knows that in order to achieve their goal or goals, they must work hard and try his or her best. The poem “Dreams” by Langston Hughes really defines Just how important it is for one to have dreams.

The poem compared dead dreams to a life that is like a bird that cannot fly. Both things were broken and sad. By making this comparison, the author seemed to be trying to emphasize Just how important dreams are for ones to have. When ones dreams die, then his or her life becomes broken, Just like the bird who can’t fly. This meaning that it is very important to have something to strive for, because if one doesn’t have goals than he will not work hard to reach anything.

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Instead, he will Just willow away not trying to accomplish anything. Another comparison that Langston Hughes makes that shows Just how important he thinks dreams are is when he compared letting a dream go to life being like a “barren field, frozen with snow. ” He means that not only is having dreams important, but holding onto them is Just as important as having them. If one lets go of his dreams, than life will not be worth living. It will be boring and dismal if one gives up on their dreams.

He will feel like a failure for not achieving his goals. Instead, of giving up, one should strive to obtain is dreams and make them into a reality. The poem really summarizes the significance of dreams, for it basically states that life without dreams would be pointless. If one doesn’t have dreams, then he might as well not be living because without dreams there is no life. One must have something to strive for. Whether it be a small or large goal, doesn’t really matter, but a person should never let a dream go.

Because letting go of a dream is Just as bad as not having one in the first place. Hold fast to dreams” the poem states, meaning that even if a goal seems hard to accomplish, do not let go of it no matter what. Just try harder, and if one is a failure then try try again because without dreams life come to what seems like a standstill. One has nothing to look forward to, and nothing to hope to accomplish, so instead he becomes lazy and stops doing anything at all. Without a doubt, dreams have a very big significance to human life. By sopkot


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