The Importance of Having Computer Skills

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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Douglas Noble tells us In his article “Computer Literacy and Ideology’, “The need for some form of computer literacy has come to be accepted as an essential condition of everyday life, now that the computer has Insinuated Itself Into our Jobs, school and homes. The Research Centre for Education and Labor Market, Masterly, The Netherlands, “we argue that neither the Increase in computer use nor the fact that particularly higher skilled workers use a computer provides evidence that computer skills are valuable. ” This statement tells us that computer skills are indeed very important in the job force.I have a friend, whom is older than l, he is finding now how important it is to have these skills. Faced with a promotion later in life, he is finding that he is in need of these particular skills that to other seem natural and basic; he now has to learn the basic computer skills on top of all his other duties.

Ones computer skills are in direct proportion to the wages earn. In this day and time we must be computer literate. Computer use is mainly associated with skilled, high wage workers. (Leg Boroughs and Bas term Well June 2001 The Centre for Education and Labor Market, Misdirected).

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They go on further to say, “that in the United States computer use at work has more than doubled from 24. 3 percent in 1984 to 52 percent in 1997. ” In the Job market today, one cannot find many jobs that do not require some form of computer skills.

Once again one must be computer literate in order to find a good paying Job in this day and age. I can attest to this. My computer skills are not as good as I want them to be, and I have found that to be a problem when searching for employment. Many employers want one to know Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Outlook.I have knowledge of these programs, but tot a working knowledge of these programs. As an online student, I have found that the computer skills I learned earlier in life have been Invaluable.

I have found the university of Phoenix offers workshops on different computer skills, which I Intend on taking full advantage of but, I would Like to see a full course for computer skill offered. Whether on takes a course for computer skills or do It on your own, computer skills are very Important. When I discuss computer skills I am not Just speaking of using certain computer programs but knowing how to use a computer In general,There are many people whom I know of that do not know how to even turn “on” a computer. Of course there are many computer skills that one must know to even start a Journey with computer skills.

One must know how to Meltzer screens, and how to navigate from one page to another. Knowing just the basics will start one on ones Journey. I en one wall need to Know more on ten computer programs . Molester Word has been a skill that I have used with my previous employers, but recently I have found depth in this program that I was not aware of previously.

For example thePAP Pearl program which uses Microsoft Word has given me extra knowledge of the program. I have learned that there are other tasks that can be accomplished with Microsoft Word, other than writing letters to friends and family. Upon exploring Microsoft word on my own, I have found other uses for the program. Yes, I can explore these programs but, I cannot pretend that I know how to use them efficiently. There are also programs such as Excel and Powering which I have access to, but do not know how to use correctly. From this perspective I would urge people from all walks of life to hone their computer skills.

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