The Importance of Using Good Grammar

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Last updated: May 4, 2019

First impressions are everything for interaction. Whether you have bad grammar or excellent grammar. It is one of the first things someone may notice about the person whilst having a conversation.

With the right grammar skills in your writing it helps clarify the meaning. As a person you have full control over how you use your grammar skills, and if you chose to use them correctly. Grammar is essential in our everyday life. Grammar is the foundation of our communication today.

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When writing a paper, it is important to use the proper grammar skills. Mainly because when your grammar is used incorrectly it diminishes the point you are trying to make. “Improper grammar can likewise affect the meaning and clarity of an intended message” (Johnson). For instance, if someone is writing an essay they want their thoughts to be clear to the reader. With grammar used correctly the reader will read it once and understand the point trying to be made. With grammar used incorrectly the reader will keep reading it over and over trying to find the point of the essay.

In the business world grammar is also crucial. When it comes to typing a resume, writing a cover letter, and also talking in an interview it is very important to have punctual grammar skills. When applying for a job, bosses look for someone who has excellent communication skills, and along with communication skills comes grammar skills. It is important to have solid grammar skills when it comes to work. Simply because whilst in a meeting it isn’t professional if one says “if you wanna we can call a meeting in the boardroom.” By having excellent grammar skills, it will open many doors in your career from promotions to raises.

Most people think grammar is not a necessity in life. Walking around talking grammatically incorrect thinking it is perfectly fine, but really inside someone’s head they are thinking “goodness who let this person out of school?” With a first impressio…

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