The importance to parliament broadcast. Moreover, Beckett (lse

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Last updated: September 26, 2019

The development of social media andtechnological devices broadened political journalists’ possibilities to reachand to engage audiences. However, Jon Snow (mc taggertlecture, august 2017) stated that “Never have been more accessible tothe public nor in some ways more disconnected from the lives of others”.

Infact, we will argue that this disconnection is an important challenge toovercome for political journalism.     First, the failures of political journalism to predict results in the2016 US election and in Brexit referendum are symptomatic of misrepresentationof voices and failure in reporting. For instance, Trump had a strong base ofsupporters and political journalists mainly showed the outspoken racist ones,while not considering that many other supporters had highly different innermotives. Thus, they seemed out of touch because they did not efficiently coveroutlying part of the countries, and did not clearly perceive the so-calledphenomenon of silent majority (Elisabeth Noelle-Neuann,date). This misrepresentation might be linked with the decrease ofinputs of local journalists.      Additionaly,during the UK 2017 General Election, newspapers were really partisans whenoverly stating that Corbyn will be greatly defeated. This example is symbolicof some failures in reporting, and the fact that political journalists canappear as losing power.    Then, following a normative theory of democracy, we argue that politicaljournalism is essential as a public service, because it has the power to reporton grassroots’ issues and to frame them correctly.

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Thus, there is a need tohighly details politicians’ policies and to allow greater importance toparliament broadcast.Moreover, Beckett (lseblog, how we report) argues that issues such as foreign policy, climatechange or poverty failed to get an airing. Also, we argue that reporting aboutpoliticians’ internal conflicts over Brexit undermine real issues of thecountry, such as housing supply.

Beckett (livre, année)argues that most of the information displayed from mainstream mediagenerally target at the politically engaged elite. Hence, political journalistsmust render politics more relevant to audiences that are disillusioned by thecomplexities of the political agenda. Political shows where the public in thestudio interact directly with politicians should be the most preferred formats.    Finally, Beckett (année, livre) argues that many citizens perceivedsocial media as enhancing democratic discourse. In fact, citizens mightbelieve that their voices can only be reflected on social media. While social media have democratized the actof political participation, we will argue that they also embody pervasiveeffects because they reinforce filter bubbles and citizens’ polarization.

However,some mainstream political journalism’s practices may have strongly participatedin citizens’ polarization. 

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