The increase in coming years for the industry.

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Last updated: March 22, 2019

The core product of Getzee is Video onDemand (VOD). The IMC plan would focus on the online streaming product line.There are many factors that wouldeither positively or adversely affect Getzee.

The major five environmentalfactors affecting would be economic, social cultural, technological, politicaland legal factors. • Economic factor: Consumer spending is likely to increase in coming years for the industry. Thisindustry is affected by changes in consumer spending, which can be influencedby changes in the rate of employment growth, interest rates and tax rates. Whenspending rises, consumers will be more likely to buy subscriptions.• Social Factors:People with increased leisure time availability are more likely to watch moviesand TV shows and video games from companies in this industry.

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As unemploymentgradually falls, people will be more likely to opt for less time-consumingrental options like streaming.• Technological Factors:Increased use of smartphones, tablets and computers has also worked in favor ofthis online video streaming industry. • Political Factors:Network neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers andgovernments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminatingor charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, typeof attached equipment, and modes of communication.

• Legal factors:Due to extensive use of licenses for contents and contracts with contentproviders also customer privacy issues there is a potential for a lot of legalactions against companies in this industry. Company Analysis:• Company Mission:The company mission sates, “We are built to provide you the most expansiveselection of what you want to choose to watch.”• Corporate Goal:To become the gold standard of content while continuing to lead instreaming technology and combine great story telling with great technologicalaspects.• Budget for IMC:Product Analysis:Strength:- Personalised Recommendation Systemand large selection pf content.-  ability to adopt to various platformslike TVs, game consoles, smart phones, tables and computers as well asflexibility to different internet speedsWeakness:- Moderate Brand Recognition- No production of original content yet and hence brand equity and brandloyalty is low.

–  contracts with the content providersrestricting its flexibility on expansion of the market and the content.Opportunities:- Product Line Expansion of original shows may have a favorable effect tosubscriber base, profits and brand equity- More expansion in International marketThreats:-  agreements with content providersmay effect availability of movies for streaming- Limits on Bandwidth usage from internet providers- Movie & TV industry less willing to make exclusive deals with onlinevideo services.- Increasing in cost for content licenses and increase in cyber-crimes are someof the other stumbling blocksAudience Analysis:Getzee targets a mass market aiming atacquiring as many subscribers of all ages and preferences. The customer base isextremely diverse to be able to achieve any meaningful segmentation. Thepotential market includes people of ages from 5 (kids), 18 to approximately 59years and beyond and they are located mostly in India and neighbouringcountries. Customers are highly diverse in theirwatching preferences, ages, income, technological advancement and in many otheraspects with the only common factor uniting them being access to internet andinterest in video content.

Most are accustomed to free/ad based content and theblack market. With these options available, prices are driven down as consumershave high bargaining power.To be able to understand and servethis kind of extremely diverse customer base we collect and retain the followinginformation about their subscribers in order to understand individualpreferences and be able to serve every one of their customers individually. Theinformation is collected from the website by keeping track of subscribers’interaction with them; Email addresses, names, age, credit card information andother basic information, title selections, reviews, ratings, payment history,correspondence, internet service providers, Internet protocol addresses,devices and software data (such as type, configuration and unique identifiers),instant-watching hours/movies, TV shows and related activities.

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