The Influence of the Internet on our younger Generation

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Last updated: August 3, 2019

The Influence of the Internet on our younger Generation BY lara72122 The Influence of the Internet on our younger Generation Mass media in general but especially todays Internet plays a big role in our society. Our global communication is functioning based on the Internet as it transmits all kinds of information. The American Academy of Pediatrics shows that according to a study, teenagers spend in average up to 11 hours a day with variety of different media. For up to 1.

hours from this time, they are sitting in front of a computer, hich seams not so much. However, in the last few years Internet became more popular and there are different opportunities to use it, because of the progress in technology. Except of using the computer, teenagers have access to Internet on smartphones and tablets. Even though there are positive aspects, the Internet has a bad influence to teenagers’ lives in different ways. On one side, the Internet gives new opportunities and it is probably the greatest invention in the 20th Century.Teenager, which the biggest part are students, are able to gather more detailed information for school or the private life, because of the quick access to information and knowledge online. Furthermore a lot of colleges offer to their students online classes, which requires an access to Internet.

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As a reason of the Internet invention, communication did a huge step forward. Teenagers are able to use e-mail, Skype or other social networks to communicate with friends all over the world.In connection ith that, the Internet has a negative impact on the social life of teenagers. The way teenager communicate has totally changed.

According to Brent Staples, “… the heavy use of the Net actually isolates younger socially connected people who are unwittingly allowing time online to replace face-to-face interaction with their families and friends”.

This causes not Just problems in the social live, but it also discourage teenager to be physically active, which affects in a bad influence to the health. ich means that the Internet is often saying what is right or wrong. Positiv: online shopping Negative: Violence, major source for entertainment, websites that contain violent, porn, and other inappropriate information.

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