The Internet are the ones regarding the victims’

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Last updated: April 13, 2019

The direct andmost typical impacts of the Internet are the ones regarding the victims’psychology. Recent researches have exposed the link between online bullying andthe Internet. Cyberbullying is an aggressive behavior using electronic means. Such behaviors can makeyoung people feel lonely, unhappy, frightened, hopeless, worthless, and insecureand think that something is wrong. They lose confidence in their selves and maynot want to go back to school or try to find ways to be isolated from theirfriends. Furthermore, in extreme cases, continuous, persistent and intensebullying has led to terrible consequences such as suicide intent. According tothe Cyberbullying Research Center(2016), which had been survevyed 5700 studentsbetween the ages of 12 and 17 in the US, approximately 34% of the students in thesample report experiencing cyberbullying in their lifetimes. When asked aboutspecific types of cyberbullying experienced in the previous 30 days, mean orhurtful comments (22.

5%) and rumor spread (20.1%) online continue to be amongthe most commonly-cited. Harassment among children and adolescents may occur invery different forms not only manifested through roughhouse and aggression, butalso through different types of intimidation that leaves the victim exposed. Inaddition, cyberbullying can exert drastic effects on the victims’ physicalhealth.

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In his article, Duverge(2015) mentioned that drug and alcohol abuse canbe caused when young people were bullied and agree that online bullying hasincreased the risk of subtance use at an early age among the victims. Anotherdisastrous impact influenced by the Internet is Cybersuicide. Cybersuicide hascaught the attention of the scientific community from the time that therecorded incidents of suicide are growing over the Internet. People who do notknow each other come together, meet online and then they are gathered in acertain place in order to commit suicide together.

For example, one of the mostpopular online games called “The Blue Whale” which encourages people to killthemselves. According to The Sun- a popular newspaper in the UK, at least 130teen deaths across Russia link to this game. Once engaged, the players willhave no way back.

The Blue Whale chanllenge sets out series of different tasksfor players ranging from using knives or blades to create whale-likesilhonettes on their wrists or watching horror films day and night. On the lastday of the trial, by suicide, the players wil be admitted as a winner.

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